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Turn to technology for the best Diwali gift

Rajiv Makhni offers a few suggestions to help you choose the ultimate Diwali gizmo

brunch Updated: Oct 22, 2016 19:21 IST
Rajiv Makhni
Rajiv Makhni
Hindustan Times

As every double-page ad in the newspapers and every commercial break on TV will remind you, Diwali is the time to splurge and buy gifts for everyone you know, including yourself. And the preferred gift of choice has moved from four-piece ‘pure plastic’ dinner sets and gift hampers filled with obscure imported items from companies based in the

Republic of Bashkortostan to tech!

Here then is a Diwali buying guide like no other. These are the real Diwali bombs of the year.

1. iPhone 7 plus

Let’s face it. It may not have set the market on fire with new innovation, may not have got rave reviews from the media, and may not be setting new records in sales, but nothing beats the feeling of opening a small box to find a big iPhone inside. Best for iOS junkie younger brothers (who’ve lived with a second-hand iPhone 4 from daddy) and boyfriends who need a serious makeover.

2. The Coolpad Note 5

Coolpad’s Note 5 phone isn’t known as the beast for nothing. It’s got serious hardware power mated with some beastly tricks inside (and this Note doesn’t explode either). Looks fabulous and way more expensive than the actual price of about 10K. It’s best gifted to those who don’t know market prices (and don’t go online to check), grandparents (big screen, easy to use, great battery) and a family member who is a power user (but has been using a sad, super economy Android phone due to a paucity of funds).

3. OSIM uInfinity massage chair

It’s the first massage chair that can download massage programs off the Web, play music synced with those oh-so-good kneading movements and can make your body and your wallet feel really, really light. At five lakh rupees and then some, this Diwali bomb is more nuclear than an atomic one. Best for those you want to make a ‘big’ impression on.

4. Google Pixel XL

The Pixel XL has everything you need in a super-premium flagship phone, including a ridiculously high price. Do buy it for all friends who are Google employees across the world, as there are going to be too many unsold Pixel phones and we’ve got to help them keep their jobs.

5. LeEco 65-inch 4K tv

98K for a 65-inch 4K TV. Do I need to explain why this is a great Diwali gift? Have it express delivered, get LeEco to do a priority installation and you’ll come out looking really good. Plus the 4K on this TV is actually good. Apparently LeEco loses money on each TV it sells, so get one for yourself too.

6. Xiaomi air purifier

Almost every city in India has broken every major world record on pollution. And we haven’t even hit that awesome combination of Diwali pollution infused with cold weather trapping it all in. Thus, this app-connected, super smart air purifier, with a built-in air quality sensor, is the best thing since sliced bread. Priced under 10K, buy one for every person and every room.

7. Samsung Edge 7

I can’t do any more hot and explosive jokes on the Note 7. All I can tell you is that millions of people who booked the Note 7 are now buying the phone that is better, and priced lower too. Get it for those who burst into tears because the Note 7 keeps bursting into flames and all those who pester me about which phone to buy now that the Note 7 is too hot to handle.

8. Acer Swift 7

It’s the world’s thinnest laptop, and yet, fully featured with no compromises. The Swift 7 measures in at 9.9mm and looks absolutely stunning. Has the horse power and battery power to take on all its chunky rivals and is perfect for those who have realised that Tablets stink, but don’t want a thick laptop as a replacement. Also great for those who can’t find a cheese slicer when they really need one.

Rajiv Makhni is managing editor, Technology, NDTV, and the anchor of Gadget Guru, Cell Guru and Newsnet 3

From HT Brunch, October 23

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First Published: Oct 22, 2016 18:51 IST