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Why This? Why Now?

Yashica Dutt says coz' there ain't no dirt, like the black Hollywood dirt and the Hollywood dirt don't dry!

brunch Updated: Mar 25, 2012 14:30 IST
Yashica Dutt
Yashica Dutt
Hindustan Times
Marilyn Monroe,Mad Men,Rakhi Sawant

If you are not already making a mental picture of red lipped, platinum haired, Marilyn Monroe curled in spotless white fur, laughing away beside a Champaign float at a Mad Men style '60s do, then you can get your paint brushes right here. We'll be discussing fashion, style (they are not the same BTW, you'll see) and the hilariously self-absorbed celebrity pop culture of Hollywood. But why should you care about something that's so 'Not Indian' and 'a big threat to our gloriously ancient culture'? So, the next time you pretend to 'read' the showbiz pages in a tabloid, filled with mindlessly semi-naked pictures of Hollywood bombshells, you actually understand what they're talking about. even though you didn't think it was possible, but the stars have even bigger heads and ginormously sized, err, egos than their Bollywood counterparts. They constantly get themselves into sillier-than-thou situations that even a show-monkey in public glare wouldn't dream of, have entire careers based on 'leaked' sex tapes and think the American National Anthem is the abatement for all sins. So, if you thought Rakhi Sawant was the last word in Entertainment. Entertainment. Entertainment, then the Kardashian family will raise the power to infinity. Would Rakhi ever have a flour bomb thrown on her because of a sham marriage that fetched her millions and then some,because she wore fur and answer: I wanted more powder and that's a whole lot of translucent powder right there? Or get sloshed before the sun turn bright, trip multiple times on the beach, get dragged by her roommates and eventually get arrested while dropping F-bombs at the cops the pint-sized Snooki in Jersey Shore? Duh, no! Then she would have actually gone through with her sham marriage and her most obnoxious offering wouldn't have just been a terrible copy of The Jerry Springer Show.

Clearly in the Royal Battle of Obnoxiousness, we still have a thing or two to learn from Hollywood. So while our local stars are just about beginning to get efffed-up nose jobs and abusing people right before a big release, don't wait for them to catch up. Wait for this column next time!

First Published: Mar 25, 2012 14:23 IST