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You DON'T have to do these things before 30

You’ve read blog posts and Facebook notes. The world is teeming with lists that tell you what you ought to do before you turn 25, before you get married and before you die. Our list however, is a bit different! We tell you what you don’t need to do before a certain milestone.

brunch Updated: Jun 22, 2013 17:36 IST
Shreya Sethuraman
Shreya Sethuraman
Hindustan Times
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You’ve read blog posts and Facebook notes. Your friends (and sometimes family) keep talking about them. The world is teeming with lists that tell you what you ought to do before you turn 25, before you get married and before you die. Our list however, is a bit different! We tell you what you don’t need to do before a certain milestone. Read on...

Find true love

Thirty is too soon to find ‘true love’. When you’re a twenty-something, you’re a typically over-the-top-whine-on-loop character. You believe every love is true love. Wrong. Besides, true love is a highly overrated term. Life is too short to wait for the ‘one’ to drop into your life when you were too busy waiting for the bus! Vidya Balan, Shilpa Shetty, Aishwarya Rai... Not only did they marry after they turned 30, we believe they found true love too!

Write a book

Today, that’ll probably be a mashup of how you fell in (and out) of love, your solo hike to a remote village off the map… or worse, a compilation of your tweets and Facebook updates. You can’t write if you haven’t lived. Take a cue from Chetan Bhagat or Amish Tripathi. Both have penned bestsellers, published only after they crossed the big three-oh.

Go to Paris

What IS with Paris and its alleged irreplaceable charm? Go to Coorg. It’s much cheaper, as romantic (perhaps even more), and the lush coffee plantations with their quaint cottages are a perfect recipe for romance and finding your very own je ne sais quoi! Simplicity beckons!

Get a tattoo

You can get inked at any point of your adult life. So why jump the gun when you’re too young to appreciate the meaning of permanence? Che Guevara’s face, Tinker Bell, the Chinese symbol for peace or that one-line tagline you got from Game Of Thrones: they won’t be cool forever. But tattooed on your arm, they’ll never leave. Plus, why undergo all that pain? The removal process is even worse. Wait till you’re 30, after all the poseurs have got their motifs inked, then find something better, get your tattoo and show it off. to cook

Yes, yes, we know just how therapeutic cooking is. You can give the inner chef in you wings. Chicken wings. But it’s not what you need to learn before you turn 30. Snip, pour and heat can get you far. Besides, eating Chinese out of the box is much more fun than toiling in the kitchen all day! It’s 2013. Everybody delivers. Not knowing how to cook is not a recipe for disaster!

Get married

So your best friend got hitched at 22 to the guy she was seeing since she was 11? Good for her, but it doesn’t mean you should too. Keep your 20s to yourself. Shake a leg, figure out your belief systems, your politics, your style, your poison. Have fun, do crazy things you’ll want to tell your future children about before you zero in on ‘the one’ and take the plunge.

Marrying later means you’re in a better place in your career, have a bigger nest egg and more confidence in yourself. Look at George Clooney or Milind Soman. They’re single, eligible and don’t seem to want to settle anytime soon! Oh, and if you pine for someone younger, we recommend Ranbir Kapoor. He’s just 30! to drive

With such excellent public transport systems in your city, why add to Earth’s carbon footprint by driving a car (if you drive a bus for a living, you’re not included). The Metro or the local train, and the bus are often a faster means of getting somewhere and are cheaper too. Sure, having a car is a status symbol, but who needs that when friendly people offer you fresh grapes or jackfruit on the train? Now how can you refuse that? Hop on!

Learn to make an exotic cocktail

Really? Exotic? Because it has kiwis or curacao or something else that is commonly available? Cocktails are for wimps. Your guests are better off trying things neat. Why nullify the taste of a good alcoholic nectar by concocting some punch? If they don’t care much for adventure, serving some strong beer should do the trick. Leave muddling and blending to the experts. You don’t need these skills.

See the Seven Wonders of the World

If you really want to see the wonders of the world, catch a sunrise, watch a pup being licked clean by its mother, eat chocolate ice cream on a full moon night… Make your own highlights, chase your own rainbows. That’s what life (and Facebook albums) are all about.

Take perfect photos

In the time of smartphones and photo apps like Instagram and PicsArt, that’s enough for you to know. Poster-ise your photographs, make a comic strip of them. World-renowned photographer Ansel Adams published his finest work titled Rose and Driftwood, at the age of 31. Or perhaps learn from Armenian-Canadian Yousuf Karsh, a portrait photographer who famously shot Winston Churchill in 1941. He was 33.

From HT Brunch, June 23

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First Published: Jun 22, 2013 16:47 IST