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Budget grows on TV, beats World Cup

In a cricket-crazy nation, the World Cup match between India and Bangladesh drew less eyeballs than budget day news. Anita Sharan reports.
Hindustan Times | By Anita Sharan, Mumbai
UPDATED ON MAR 02, 2011 09:22 PM IST

In a cricket-crazy nation, the World Cup match between India and Bangladesh drew less eyeballs than budget day news. While budget day saw almost 3.8 crore people tuning into news channels through the day, India's first match in the World Cup was watched by 3.5 crore people in India, according to television viewership research agency aMap.

The budget day viewership this year also surpassed the last two years, with a combined news channel viewership jump of 32% over 2010 and a steep 45% compard to 2009.

"The business news genre has specifically grown over the last two budget days, to almost double of 2009's figure. Viewership of business news channels rose 44% this budget day over 2010. Besides, English news channels have grown at a higher pace," said Jniti Shah, vice-president, aMap. "English news channels have been the preferred choice for budget day and analysis. This year's viewership growth has been 80% over the last two budgets and 65% over 2010."

The huge growth in budget news viewership this year has also been because of the expansion of the conventional budget-viewing TV audience. The core target group for budget viewership is the cable and satellite, 25-years + males from SECs (socio-economic category based on a combination of income and educational levels) A and B, who mostly watch business news channels.

Surprisingly, this year's budget day saw a lot of interest from SECs C, D and E viewers, recording a growth of 38% on all news channels and a whopping 84% over business news channels as compared to 2010's budget day viewership.

The other unusual boost came from women catching up on budget day news this year. The cable & satellite 15-years-plus women viewership grew by 25% across news channels and 46% across business news channels over 2010. The jump over 2009 in this viewership genre was 38% across news channels and 123% on business news channels.

Housewives watching budget news swelled by 23% across all news channels and 26% on business news channels over 2010. Compared to 2009, the respective jumps were 35% and 81%.

With inflation at a worrisome high and probably the hope of a commoner-friendly budget, this year's budget day drew in newer audience genres.

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