‘Private players’ entry is good for competition’

Power Grid, the central transmission utility, has enhanced its transmission capacities, besides aggressively expanding financially, technically and geographically. Chairman & Managing Director SK Chaturvedi spoke to Gaurav Jha. Excerpts...

business Updated: Feb 02, 2009 14:26 IST
Hindustan Times

What are the major achievements of Power Grid in calendar year 2007-08?

Our biggest achievement is that we have enhanced inter-regional transmission capacity from 17,000 MW to 18,700 MW. We have completed adding three new sub-stations. We have commissioned additional link for east-west region from Ranchi to Sipat. Also, we have achieved our MoU target for transmission lines.

You have recently completed project in Afghanistan. What are the other countries that you are looking at?

We are trying to have a strong presence in consultancy in Dubai. We are also trying to have additional jobs in Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Oman and also in central Asian countries like Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Besides, we are in the process of having additional transmission work in Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Nepal.

Does opening up of transmission sector to private players worry you?

No. We are not worried with the entry of private players in this sector. We feel that their entry is good for competition and it will encourage fund flow in transmission for availability of power. In fact, we have already formed six joint ventures to take up different schemes with Reliance Power, Torrent, IL&FS, Teesta Urja, Jaypee and Tata.

Do you have any plans of venturing into the power generation segment?

No. As a central transmission utility, we cannot generate power.

What is happening with your telecom plans?

We already have 20,000 kilometres of telecom network. All metros are connected. Almost in all corners of country, we have presence and this year we will reach break-even point, which is two year ahead of our envisaged plans.

What are your financial plans for this year?

We are commissioned to 55 thousand crore in the eleventh five year plan. This year our budget was Rs. 7,600 crore. We are confident of exceeding it.

First Published: Feb 02, 2009 14:22 IST