Guest column: Unlockdown tales or emerging from hibernation

From track suits and flip flops to elaborate party wear with golden masks, it has not been easy waking up from the long slumber
It’s all about dealing with loneliness, crazy hair and getting more than comfortable with track pants.(Shutterstock)
It’s all about dealing with loneliness, crazy hair and getting more than comfortable with track pants.(Shutterstock)
Updated on Oct 04, 2020 08:22 PM IST
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ByAlka Kashyap

This year has seen all the twists and turns of a spine-chilling potboiler, with no one able to predict the story or its end.

We were made to hibernate this year, much like the grizzly of the tundra region, the only difference being that we did it in the peak of summer, some of us looking like bears with our self-trimmed coiffures and capacious midriffs. Technically, we were not sleeping, but our minds had definitely gone numb to the happenings of the outside world.

The partial opening of the world, heralded the end of our confinement. Hence, we needed another bust of energy to get going. While it was difficult to stay put in our shells, it was equally cumbersome to come out of that sluggish mould.

My lazy bones had got accustomed to the comfortable environs of slumber land, and I started finding every excuse to stick to my pad. The online portals sounded more feasible, than my earlier rushed trips to the market for every little pick. My limbs craved cardio exercises and the digestive system growled due to its acidic rise, but I would not budge.

It took me sometime to shake off that inertia, and finally, one day, I stepped out of the house. The road outside the gate looked wider and deserted. Many new plants had cropped up along the pathway. As I walked around my block, a sense of freedom engulfed me. Going a step further, I came across many familiar faces, in the park. I may have appeared a little uncivilised staring at their masks and trying to recollect their names. I had forgotten some, but that did not dampen my enthusiasm to wave out to them, like long lost friends.

Switching on the ignition of my car gave me a few moments of anxiety when it failed to start. It too was taking its time to wriggle out of its languor. Once it started, I felt as if I had forgotten the finer nuances of driving. I had to furtively look around, hoping that nobody had noticed the shoddy job I had done while reversing the vehicle.

Then came the wedding of a dear one and I was among the lucky 50 invited. The tagline at the end of the e-invite left me doubting my luck as all women attendees were requested to wear golden masks. I was wondering whether they were celebrating the wedding or the virus. For someone whose new best friends were track suits and flip flops, the thought of wearing a heavy dress and make-up was already loathsome, and now a new accessory had been added to my wardrobe.

The fact that merely six months ago I would be strutting around in high heels attending three weddings a week, seemed a far-fetched story now.

However, for slow movers like me, the norm of social distancing is being followed vigorously while my struggle to overcome my inner indolence still has a long way to go

The writer is a Chandigarh-based lawyer

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