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After Khoda and Loni, administration mulling plans to deal with rising cases in Vaishali

PUBLISHED ON MAY 30, 2020 11:04 PM IST

Ghaziabad: The prime locality of Vaishali is now under scanner of the district officials after a surge in the number of coronavirus (Covid-19) disease positive cases. According to records of the health department, Vaishali at present has about 30 of the total of 276 coronavirus positive cases reported till Friday night. The district officials said that they are mulling plans if the sector scheme can be implemented for Vaishali.

The concept of sector scheme, akin to sealing, is already in place in Khoda and Loni, which have also witnessed the majority of cases in Ghaziabad. Under the sector scheme concept, teams of police, magistrates and health department officials take over an area for strict surveillance, sampling and contact tracing while ensuring restriction on movement of residents.

“We are concerned about the number of cases emerging from Vaishali and are holding meetings with police officers and officials of other departments. The sector scheme, in the form of sealing, was put in place in Khoda and Loni and is not likely to be lifted soon till the number of cases comes down. Similar plans can be implemented for Vaishali,” said Ajay Shankar Pandey, district magistrate.

According to figures by the health department, most of the cases in Vaishali have surfaced from sectors 1, 3, 4 and 5.

“There is already restriction on movement at the bordering areas at UP Gate, Loni and others. The restrictions will continue till further orders,” Pandey added.

According to health department officials, most Vaishali residents are those who work in Delhi and regularly have to cross the border.

“According to our estimates, there are about 100 cases out of the 276 which are a result of cross border movement and majority of people have acquired it (Covid-19) from Delhi. There are other cases which have resulted from hospitals in Delhi. About 75% of 115 patients tested so far through private labs have tested positive and their source is primarily hospitals,” said Dr NK Gupta, chief medical officer.

“Since number of cases in Vaishali is on the rise, it is our recommendation for implementation of the sector scheme to check rising cases. In Vaishali, the areas from where cases have emerged were sealed but cases continue to come,” he added.

The officials said that Covid-19 positive cases in Khoda, Loni and Vaishali account for about 36% of the total cases in Ghaziabad. Vaishali is home to about 20-25 highrise projects and plotted development areas with an estimated population of about 1.5 lakh.

In the meantime, Sahibabad MLA Sunil Sharma has written to the district magistrate and sought relaxation in sealing in Khoda in those places from there are no cases, and seal only those cases from where cases have emerged.

“Cases in trans-Hindon areas are on rise and majority of those are due to infections from hospitals or cross-border movement. I have written to the district magistrate to seal only those areas where cases have emerged in Khoda. Otherwise, the rest of the population will suffer. Vaishali and Jhandapur areas are also cause of concern due to rise in cases. Vaishali is affected as majority of the working population goes to Delhi,” Sharma added.

Residents, meanwhile, said that the administration must think in larger public interest and take appropriate steps.

“Any step taken by the administration must be result oriented. Vaishali shares a border with Delhi and majority of people there travel to Delhi for work. It is also vital that people obey the guidelines of the lockdown and maintain discipline,” said Mohit Sharma, a resident of Sector 1.

The sector scheme in Khoda was initiated on May 10 while it was implemented in Loni on May 27. As of now, it has been continued in both areas.

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