Damaged electrical wires near Ludhiana Club Road following heavy rain and gusty winds on Thursday night (Gurpreet Singh/HT)
Damaged electrical wires near Ludhiana Club Road following heavy rain and gusty winds on Thursday night (Gurpreet Singh/HT)

Fallen electricity poles lead to power disruptions across Ludhiana

In many areas, there was no power through the night and supply resumed only in the wee hours; residents say PSPCL’s helpline was also not reachable
By Deepa Sharma Sood, Ludhiana
PUBLISHED ON JUN 12, 2021 01:43 AM IST

Heavy rains accompanied by gusty winds, late on Thursday evening, uprooted electricity poles and trees in many areas of the city causing major power disruptions.

The affected areas are Shastri Nagar, Ghumar Mandi, Guru Arjun Dev Nagar, Focal Point and Sector-32, Chandigarh Road. Electricity poles at Focal Point and Sunder Nagar were broken and scores of power conductors were snapped. Many KV feeders were down due to the falling of trees.

Electricity department teams worked the entire night in areas like Sundar Nagar, Focal Point, Chander Nagar and near Guru Nanak Stadium to restore the electricity. Many wires and transformers were damaged and workers, executive engineers and SDOs were engaged in the restoration process for over six hours.

Residents of Guru Arjun Dev Nagar and Sector 32, Chandigarh Road, had to spend the entire night without electricity and the power came back at 6am in the morning. Many of them complained that when they called the PSPCL helpline number, noone responded.

Lovel Jalota, a resident of Guru Arjun Dev Nagar said, “The power went off at 7pm. We called the helpline number, 1912, at 11.30pm, but it was not functional. There are six members in the family, and we stayed without power all night. I thought it would be restored in an hour or two, but it came back at 6 am.”

Another resident, Sushil Kumar of Chandigarh Road, said, “My son online classes from 8pm to 11pm, but the power went off at 7pm. Due to fluctuation, his laptop charger was damaged and the wifi also stopped working, due to which he was not able to attend any class last night. I contacted the PSPCL helpline number and after trying for one hour, was able to register a complaint. The power was restored at 5.30 am in our area.”

As per sources, there are 1,862 feeders in the district, out of which at 343 are still being repaired while the electricity has been restored at the others. At Focal Point, there are 165 non-AP feeders, out of which 29 stopped working. In Sunder Nagar, 24 out of 70 feeders were damaged and took six hours to repair.

PSPCL chief engineer, distribution (central), Bhupinder Singh Khosla, said, “Electricity poles at Focal Point and Sunder Nagar have been repaired and electricity has been restored in these areas. The agriculture (AP) Feeders with fault will take two days for repair as the workers have first restored the power of non-AC feeders today.”

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