A deserted view of Vijay Chowk during lockdown in New Delhi. (Arvind Yadav/HT Photo)
A deserted view of Vijay Chowk during lockdown in New Delhi. (Arvind Yadav/HT Photo)

Can I walk my pet? Will I be allowed to attend a wedding?Delhi curfew FAQs answered

In the wake of surging coronavirus disease (Covid-19) cases, the Delhi government has imposed a week-long curfew
PUBLISHED ON APR 19, 2021 02:31 PM IST

The Delhi government has announced a week-long curfew from 10pm Monday till early April 26 morning, senior officials privy to the development said. The announcement came in the wake of Delhi recording 25,462 Covid-19 cases and 161 deaths on Sunday, taking the total number of active cases in Delhi to 74,941, as chief minister Arvind Kejriwal appealed to the Centre for more hospital beds, adding that the shortage of oxygen supply in the Capital was now an “emergency”.

What’s the new announcement?

A week-long curfew will be imposed in Delhi starting 10pm on April 19 (Monday), till 5am on April 26 (Monday), wherein only people engaged in essential services will be allowed to commute.

Will I be fined if I don’t follow the order?

In case you violate the instructions, you shall be proceeded against as per the provisions of sections 51 to 60 of the Disaster Management Act, 2005, Section 188 of IPC and other applicable laws.

What essential services will be allowed?

Shops dealing with foods, groceries, fruits and vegetables, dairy and milk booths, meat and fish, animal fodder, pharmaceuticals, medicines and medical equipment; banks, insurance offices and ATMs; print and electronic media; telecommunications, internet services, broadcasting and cable services, IT and IT-enabled services will be open. Delivery of all essential goods including foods, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment through e-commerce is allowed. Those providing essential services will need to produce e-passes upon request. Movement on foot to be allowed for essential services, even without e-pass.

Can I go to a shopping mall/cinema hall/theatre/gym/restaurant?

No. Shopping malls, gyms, spas, auditoriums and dine-in services at restaurants are shut on all days until further notice. Only shops selling essential goods will be open.

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Is my domestic help allowed to come to work?

The order does not explicitly mention domestic help, but just like last year’s national lockdown, they may be stopped because they are not essential workers. They will also not be allowed on public transport.

Am I allowed to travel for non-essential activities within the city?

You are not allowed to travel for non-essential activities within the city.

Will e-passes be needed, or will identity cards work?

Government officials, healthcare and frontline workers, diplomats and journalists will need to produce identity cards; those providing essential services will need to produce e-passes upon request.

If I need an e-pass, where do I get one?

E-passes can be obtained by applying on the website www.delhi.gov.in.

Can I go jogging/walking/cycling on the road/in a park? If I go, will I be fined?

No, you can’t step out, except for essential services.

Can I walk my pet?

Yes, if it is extremely urgent, but only within your residential colony. You may be questioned, though.

Am I allowed to visit a friend?

No. The idea is to keep people indoors and reduce human interaction as much as possible.

Can I drive to friend’s place in a private vehicle?

No. The idea is to keep people indoors and reduce human interaction as much as possible.

If petrol and diesel pumps are operational, can I go to fill fuel?

Only for essential work and medical emergencies, this can be allowed.

Can I order food online or directly from restaurants?


Can I eat at a food stall on the roadside?

No, you can’t.

Can I visit a weekly market?

No, all markets will be shut, except for shops selling essential goods.

If I place an order on an e-commerce website, can it be delivered?

Yes, if the delivery agent has an e-pass, (s)he will be allowed to commute. But most websites are accepting orders only for essential goods.

What if I have to attend a wedding?

For weddings, you will need to provide a soft or hard copy of the invitation, or an e-pass. But only if you are one of the 50 guests invited to the wedding.

Can I call a plumber/carpenter/electrician/cleaner/pest control/repairman?


Can I buy alcohol or tobacco products?


Can I visit monuments or public spaces?

No, public spaces such as parks and tourist spots, including Qutub Minar or India Gate, will be closed.

What if I have to travel to/from the airport or a railway station or an ISBT?

You can commute, but you will need to produce an e-pass or tickets upon request.

Now that vaccination has been opened 24x7, what if I need to get the jab?

You will need an I-Card to travel to the vaccination centre.

What if I need to go to a hospital?

Ambulances can ferry patients; if you are feeling sick, you can travel to meet a doctor, even if you are not carrying a relevant document. You might be questioned. But, if your cause is genuine, you will be allowed.

Can I use public transport?

No, unless you are engaged in an essential service.

What if I need to travel outside Delhi? Can I travel on an interstate bus?

Yes, movement of interstate buses is allowed. However, you will need an e-pass or a valid ticket to travel to the ISBT you are riding your bus from. There is no restriction on interstate movement and transportation of essential and non-essential goods.

Can I get a ride on an app-based cab aggregator?

You can, if you are travelling for an essential service or have arrived in the city via train, airplane, etc. In that case, you need to have a valid e-pass or travel ticket.

Can I hail an auto-rickshaw, e-rickshaw or cycle rickshaw?

You can, if you are commuting via an auto-rickshaw, e-rickshaw or cycle rickshaw for essential services or are going to get vaccinated against Covid-19 (with an e-pass) or for medical treatment.

Can I go to a temple, mosque, church or gurdwara?

No, religious places will be open but no visitors will be allowed.

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