Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal. (HT file photo)
Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal. (HT file photo)

Covid-19: Kejriwal launches scheme to provide relief to families who lost kin

Under the scheme, the government will offer a one-time compensation of 50,000 to their kin. Monthly 2,500 will be given to families who have lost their earning members
UPDATED ON JUL 06, 2021 04:36 PM IST

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday launched the Mukhyamantri Covid-19 Pariwar Aarthik Sahayata Yojana for financial assistance to the families of those who died of Covid-19. Under the scheme, the government will offer a one-time compensation of 50,000 to their kin. Monthly 2,500 will be given to families who have lost their earning members. Children, who have lost their parents to Covid-19, will be provided a monthly allowance of 2,500 till they turn 25. These benefits will be in addition to the ongoing social welfare scheme of the Delhi government such as old-age and widow pensions.

Kejriwal urged officials to be empathetic towards the families during their visits to check the eligibility of the applicants for the scheme. He stressed that the families, at no point, should feel harassed during the entire process. Kejriwal added in the cases, where the required documents are unavailable with applicants, it will be the responsibility of the officers to get them completed for the application process.

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“Please do not put the families under stress because of any missing papers. If you do so, it will be like adding salt to their wounds. They are already going through a lot and are bereaved. It is our duty to help them in such tough times. We have to make sure that these families receive their dues swiftly as they will be intently relying on it since there is no one to look after them right now. Reassure the families, be empathetic, tell them we have been personally sent by the chief minister. Build a relationship with them and expedite the process so that the cheques reach them at the earliest,” Kejriwal said while launching the scheme.

The scheme can be availed either by applying for it on or through direct identification by the government representatives, who are expected to visit such families based on the database provided by the state health department.

Kejriwal said the fourth wave of Covid-19 in Delhi was the most brutal of all. “The entire country may have seen two waves, but for Delhi, this was the fourth wave. Last year in June, we saw the first wave, in September, the second wave, in November, the third wave, and now the fourth wave. This fourth wave was very severe, widespread and almost every family was affected by it. It was also very lethal. We lost a lot of lives because a lot of children became orphans, a lot of families lost their breadwinners. There is no one to look after them now, which is why the Delhi government has come up with this scheme.”

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The scheme was notified on June 22. Those who have died, and their dependents should be from the national capital to avail benefits under it. Also, the dependents can get the benefits only if the deaths of their kin are certified to have been because of Covid as per the data with the Union home ministry or the death should have happened within one month of testing Covid-19 positive. The state health department will also verify such deaths as Covid fatalities.

If a family is survived by only minor children, then the applicant or beneficiary will be the foster parent or guardian declared fit under the provisions of the Juvenile Justice Act by the Child Welfare Committee. The financial assistance shall be transferred to the joint bank account in the name of the minor child and the foster parent or guardian.

According to a Delhi Commission For Protection of Child Rights survey, over 2,000 children in the national capital have lost either one or both their parents to Covid-19. As many as 67 of them lost both their parents since the pandemic hit in March last year. At least, 651 children have lost their mothers and 1,311 children their fathers.

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