Basket chaat (Deepak Gupta/HT)
Basket chaat (Deepak Gupta/HT)

Food joints back in business, awaiting dine-in nod!

With corona curfew being relaxed on weekdays, Lucknow’s popular chaat, kebab, curry and biryani joints are back in business
By Deep Saxena
PUBLISHED ON JUN 10, 2021 07:56 PM IST

With corona curfew being relaxed on weekdays, Lucknow’s popular chaat, kebab, curry and biryani joints are back in business. Earlier only accepting online deliveries, these joints are finally open for takeaways too. Though the food joints and restaurants are still waiting for dine-in to resume along with the relaxation in closure timings (7 pm) as that is the peak hour of the business.

Some of the joints were operational during the corona curfew for home deliveries and now with markets being functional they are witnessing a swift rise in takeaway numbers.

Popular street food joint Bombay Pav Bhaji saw a takeaway rush and many requesting dine-ins. “We are just offering takeaway to patrons. Many are asking for dine-in and in-car service which is not allowed for now as per the guidelines. We hope soon dine-in starts and 7 pm restriction is relaxed,” said Padmesh Sharma.

Their Soya Chaap joint is yet to open and is operational with restricted menu. He informed that due to heavy losses they had to permanently shut three of their joints in the city.

Delicacies at Moti Mahal and chaat at Royal Café too have started drawing foodies to pick delicacies for takeaway and some were witnessed savouring the chaat sitting at the pavement benches in Hazratganj.

Restauranteur Jatin Ahuja said, “All our restaurants are back in service with takeaways and home delivery. We are making live chaat but only providing takeaways and not allowing people for dine-in. Pandemic is still on, and we need to follow guidelines strictly.”

On a rainy Thursday, Madhurima Restaurant too saw large number of foodies turn out for piping hot food. “Since dine-in is not allowed we are offering good disposable takeaways so that people can enjoy their favourite items siting in their vehicles. Our home delivery was on during the curfew but since Wednesday we have seen a big jump in sales due to takeaway orders for which we have opened our entire menu,” said Srajal Gupta.

All the five restaurants of Dastarkhwan are now open. “The Press Club food hub has started drawing people for takeaway, but biggest hurdle is closure time as night curfew starts at 7 pm,” said Arshi Jamal.

In the food hub of Old City, Tunday Kawabi, Mubeen’s and Raheem’s are back with what do best — dish out authentic Awadhi cuisine. Abu Baker of Idrees Biryani informed that they too will be in action from Monday as they are waiting for their staff to return.

“Our Chowk, Kapoorthala and Aminabad restaurants are providing home delivery and takeaways out of which most of them are of kebab-paratha that people were missing for long time. We are ready to dine-in and as we get orders we will restart it,” said Mohd Usman from Tunday.

Saud Ahmed of Raheem’s informed that two of their three restaurants are not operational, and they hope dine-in starts and night curfew and Saturday-Sunday closure is relaxed. “Bahut loss ho chuka hai, hope life becomes normal soon,” he said.

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