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Motorists take down jersey barriers at Narsinghpur pedestrian bridge

By Rohit David
PUBLISHED ON NOV 28, 2019 07:45 PM IST

Gurugram A week on since the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) had placed jersey barriers in front of pedestrian bridges on the Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway to prevent the entry of two-wheelers, the jersey barriers have been removed by motorists at Narsinghpur, according to the operator of the expressway.

The operator, Skylark, has alleged that the jersey barriers were removed by locals who wanted free passage of motorcyclists on the foot overbridge (FOB).

Officials of Skylark said that on Wednesday, locals on motorcycles pulled down the jersey barriers with ropes. A marshal of the expressway tried to intervene, but the commuters didn’t pay heed.

Subhash Yadav, the general manager of Skylark, said, “Motorcyclists had got ropes that they tied it to the jersey barriers and pulled them down at Narsinghpur FOB. All this was spotted by the marshal of the expressway stationed near the FOB.”

The jersey barriers were put up on the night of November 17, to stop motorcyclists from using the FOBs, as it posed a threat to pedestrians. The expressway operator had said that on November 18, they would be putting up two more jersey barriers alongside those already in place at the entry point, but failed to do so.

“We were supposed to put two more jersey barriers at each FOB to stop any miscreant from moving them, but we were not able to do it,” said Yadav.

The expressway operator said that now they will speak with motorists and marshals will be deployed right at the entrance of Narsinghpur FOB to stop motorcyclists from using them. “Our marshals will be stationed right in front of the Narsinghpur FOB so that no one removes the jersey barriers. We will put up four jersey barriers instead of the two, which will surely prevent anyone from removing them,” said Yadav.

The marshals will also educate motorists not to use the FOBs. “The jersey barriers have not been removed by us, I don’t know what the expressway operator has said,” said Sonu Yadav, resident, Kherki Daula village.

Motorists who were using the Narsinghpur FOB said that this is the only way they can take a U-turn, failing which they will have to go all the way to Kherki Daula toll plaza.

Sanjay Singh, a Narsinghpur resident, said, “If jersey barriers are placed at this FOB, how will we cross to the other side? The sole U-turn is at Kherki Daula or on the other side of the expressway at Hero Honda Chowk. The NHAI should provide a U-turn near Narsinghpur and we’ll stop using this FOB.”

Meanwhile, NHAI officials said that no U-turn can be set up on the expressway. The Narsinghpur crossing happens to be the second-most deadliest spot in the city after Khandsa. According to Gurugram police data, 19 accidents took place at Narsinghpur crossing in the last three years, resulting in 19 fatalities. “People need to follow rules to avert accidents, especially at Narsinghpur,” a senior NHAI official said.

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