Shubh Vats of Vibgyor School NIBM finds his middle stump uprooted during the Pune District Cricket Association u-14 inter-school tournament played against Symbiosis High School ‘B’ at Fergusson college ground on Thursday.(MILIND SAURKAR/HT)
Shubh Vats of Vibgyor School NIBM finds his middle stump uprooted during the Pune District Cricket Association u-14 inter-school tournament played against Symbiosis High School ‘B’ at Fergusson college ground on Thursday.(MILIND SAURKAR/HT)

PDCA cricket: Symbiosis school clinch 10-wicket victory

Vibgyor School NIBM set a target of just 73 runs.
By Oumar Aga
UPDATED ON FEB 21, 2020 05:05 PM IST

Pune: Chasing down a mere target of 73 set by Vibgyor School NIBM, Symbiosis High School ‘B’ nabbed a comfortable victory in the first match of Group E in the U-14 Kohinoor Pune District Cricket Association (PDCA) cricket tournament at the Ferguson College Ground on Thursday.

Symbiosis ‘B’, who finished runners-up last year, stamped their authority on the group with a flawless 10-wicket victory over Vibgyor to place themselves at the top of their group.

Impressive bowling from Symbiosis bowlers disallowed Vibgyor to maintain a decent run-rate. Ruchir Deshpande left the field with three wickets in his pocket, while Ved Kulkarni and Sushrut Sawant notched two each to dismantle their opponents. Astoundingly, the highest scorer for Vibgyor, Laksh Ranglani, could only manage to score 19 runs off 21 deliveries. Scoring just 3.96 runs per over, Vibgyor were bowled out in the 18th over after setting a target of 73.

A confident innings from Symbiosis openers Rohit Kamble and Arya Panse helped their side reach the small target in just 8.5 overs. Kamble scored 41 off 33 balls, while Panse added 17 off 20 balls as both the openers stayed at the crease till the end and chased down the target themselves. Vibgyor also presented easy runs to their opponents as they pitched 15 wide deliveries in 8 overs to further boost Symbiosis.

The success track


In the first over, one wide delivery denied Symbiosis pacer Ayush Chavan a maiden over. In the following over, Nihar Kudale bowled four wide balls as the batsmen were still waiting to get off the mark. At the start of the third over, after facing 7 dot balls, Shubh Vats saw the middle stump behind him fly off as Chavan earned his first and only wicket of the match. The batsmen were still hesitant to take a run as another wide delivery denied Chavan a maiden yet again.


At the end of the sixth over, Vibgyor were already struggling at the crease as their run-rate dropped to 1.83 RPO. In the following over, Shivarth Amrale gifted easy runs as he started his over with three wide deliveries. However, he sent Aryaman Singh back to the pavilion after the batsman’s shot flew straight into the safe hands of Arya Panse. Singh, who had come in at number three, got dismissed after making a single run off 19 deliveries.


Pruthviraj Bhangire and Laksh Ranglani tried to be the steady pillars to support their team. The first boundary of the match came in the 8th over when Ranglani smashed Arjun Kulkarni’s delivery towards the leg-side. Depending mainly on singles, the duo added a few runs to their team’s total tally. Spinner Ruchir Deshpande got off to an abysmal start as both Bhangire and Ranglani smashed a boundary each in his first over. However, after putting quite a few runs on the board, the partnership was ended by Ved Kulkarni when Bhangire struck the ball straight into Arya Panse’s hand, replicating the previous dismissal.


After the end of a promising partnership, the run rate started crashing yet again. New batsman Ved Karamchandani failed to get off the mark and was dismissed by Ruchir Deshpande shortly after the player had just arrived at the crease. After facing 6 dot balls, Karmachandani was caught completely off-guard with Deshpande’s tricky off-spin. The ball hit the batsman’s pad right in front of the wicket as the umpire raised his finger without any hesitation.


After nabbing his first wicket of the day, it did not take Deshpande a long time to double that number. After dismissing Karmachandani for a duck, Deshpande bowled his replacement Arsh Arora in the same over. Like Karmachandani, Arora misjudged the spin on the ball and took an offensive approach. The ball swayed past his bat and made a mess of the stumps at the end of the 12th over.


Towards the end of the 13th over, which was being bowled by Ved Kulkarni, Ranglani managed to place his shot brilliantly towards long-on to score a much-needed boundary for himself as well as for the team. The youngster, however, got carried away after playing a magnificent stroke as his innings came to an end on the following delivery of the over when a change of pace caught him by surprise as Kulkarni made a mess of the stumps to send another good batsman back to the pavilion.


Panicky Vibgyor were losing their grip on the game as the wickets were coming thick and fast. After picking up two wickets in his previous over, Deshpande returned for more in the 14th over. Deshpande claimed his third and final wicket of the day after hitting the stumps behind Mednesh Patel, as he dismissed yet another player for a duck. After facing four deliveries, Patel did not help in increasing the run rate which was stagnant at the 3-run-per-over mark.


In the following overs, Kulkarni and Deshpande could not pick up any wickets but just gave away 2 runs in each over to keep Vibgyor under massive pressure. Pacer Sushrut Sawant took over the bowling responsibility in the 17th over. After giving away a cheeky single to Krishna Fernandes on the first ball, Sawant dismantled the wickets behind Aryan Khanderia as Symbiosis edged closer to ending the Vibgyor innings before the 20-over mark.


Under immense pressure, Vibgyor opted to attempt risky running between the wickets. As Kulkarni was handed the bowling responsibility again, he started off with a wide. A single and a boundary on the following deliveries added some more runs to the board as Vibgyor were desperate to reach a respectable total. However, Sawant struck again and this time as a fielder. In an attempt to take a quick run, Dhruv Kiyawat was miles away from the crease when Sawant hit the stumps with a throw to send another batsman packing.


The tantalising inning for Vibgyor finally ended in the 19th over. As their coach instructed the final few players to play the overs out and not drop all the wickets, Sawant replaced Deshpande in bowling and it was extremely effective as Sawant ended the inning in the first ball of his second over after Krishna Fernandes was clean bowled by the young pacer. Fernandes scored 11 runs off 12 balls to make his contribution to the team which ended up posting a target of just 73 runs.

“My bowling was really good today and after dismissing all their players, our opening batsmen did a fabulous job to earn a 10-wicket victory. Our fielding was amazing. The way we restricted them from scoring singles was the highlight of the match. There could have been multiple maiden overs too, but unfortunately, we gave away a lot of extras. However, at this age it is quite normal to give away so many extras because it is difficult to understand the line and length of the pitch,” said Ruchir Deshpande, HT Player of the Match, Symbiosis High School ‘B’

“We still have a long way to go, but this is the best way to start a tournament. We finished second last year in the tournament and the boys are hungry for the top spot this time. A 10-wicket victory today has boosted their confidence and morale. Mentally, we are well prepared this season. We have a complete team and they just showcased what they are capable of doing so we have a really good chance of nicking the title this year,” said Ramesh Bamne, Coach, Symbiosis High School ‘B’

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