Scripting success stories, Palamu boys helping transform region

cities Updated: Jun 02, 2017 16:04 IST

DALTONGANJ: Young boys in Maoist-hit Palamu are scripting new success stories, erasing a tainted past that had been inflicted with Maoist violence, feudalism and bonded labour. The recent achievements of local boys in various examinations are bound to give Palamu a makeover from being a hot-bed of Maoist activity to a fertile conducive to talented young men.

Another boy from this red soil of Palamu, known for all wrong regions, has cracked this year’s Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination to become an Indian Civil Service (IAS) officer. Earlier, Rachit Raj and Shantanu Sharma from Palamu had secured IAS in 2104 and 2015 respectively.

Nitish Kumar Singh hailing from Neemachak Pathra village in Panki, secured 23rd rank in the civil services results declared on Tuesday. Youngest among five siblings, Nitish remained connected to his roots even though he mostly studied outside Palamu.

Unlike Nitish, Shantanu, who secured 89th rank in 2015, had mostly stayed back at his home town of Daltonganj to prepare for the prestigious examination, except for a brief stint in Delhi to have a feel of what was going around.

After his astounding success, Nitish told local reporters that he firmly believed that youths in Palamu were greatly talented and could do wonders if they persevered. “Challenges galore here but the good thing about Palamu is that young men have dreams. They have got talent and only if they work hard, can they realize their goals. Nothing is beyond their reach,” Nitish said.

He further said, “The negative image about Palamu is bound to change soon. The recent success stories are a step in this direction.”

Shivshankar Prasad, a noted social activist from Daltonganj said, “Even though Maoism a reaction to large scale atrocities by feudal lords swayed Palamu in the last three decades, the rich tradition in art, culture, literature and education never withered. Results of this can be seen in recent success stories. Despite disturbances, good private educational institutions have come up even in remote areas.”

Prasad further said, “Besides cracking civil service examination, youths from this region are also becoming doctors, engineers and joining other government and private jobs.”

“Young IAS officers from this region can further fuel this fire to excel. They can become icons for local youths who are trying really hard to transform the region,” pointed Prasad out.

Palamu, considered one of the most backward districts of the country, has a violent past and known for feudal atrocities, casteism, bonded-labour and large scale migration. 160 km west off the state capital; Palamu is also one of the worst Maoist affected districts of the state.

First Published: Jun 02, 2017 16:01 IST