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Six people still under quarantine at RML hospital, reports awaited

PUBLISHED ON JAN 31, 2020 08:25 PM IST

New Delhi

Five more people suspected to have the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) were admitted to the isolation ward of the city’s Dr Ram Manohar Lohia hospital Thursday night.

So far, Delhi has reported nine suspected cases, all of whom have been admitted to RML hospital.

Of the nine, three were discharged on Thursday after their reports came back negative.

The samples of the other patients have also been sent to the National Institute of Virology, Pune, and the results are awaited.

“Yesterday, the first three patients who had been brought to the hospital were discharged after their reports came back negative. The result of another patient who had been admitted to the hospital the same night is still awaited. Five more people were admitted to the hospital last night,” said Smriti Tiwari, the spokesperson for the hospital.

NIV-Pune had tested 49 samples tested and 11 more were under investigation as of Thursday.

India reported its first positive case of coronavirus on Thursday. Arrangements have been made to evacuate 300 Indians from Wuhan and surrounding provinces. The army has set up an isolation ward in Manesar to quarantine those returning.

Three of the five patients admitted to the hospital on Thursday had been living in China for four to 10 years. The other two had gone for a two-week and two-month trip to the country. All the five patients – one woman and four men – had not shown any symptoms on return from China.

“They had gone back to their homes and came to the hospital only after they started showing symptoms such as cough and fever,” Tiwari said.

The hospital has set up an eight-bed isolation ward with ventilators.

“We have an isolation ward ready, with ICU facility in case needed. Staff to handle this ward has been assigned. We have ensured there is enough personal protective equipment for the staff and all infection-control measures are followed. Basically, similar to what we do for H1N1,” Dr Minakshi Bharadwaj, medical superintendent of RML hospital, had said.

“The isolation ward can be quickly expanded to a 34-bed facility if there is a need,” said Tiwari.

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