India vs Australia, 3rd Test Day 4 in Melbourne, Highlights: As It Happened

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Dec 29, 2018 04:11 PM IST

Highlights: Pat Cummins and Nathan Lyon have kept the Indian bowlers at bay and the match will now be completed in the final day of the Test. India need two wickets to win while Australia need 141 more. Moreover, rain is also predicted on Sunday at the venue. (Full scorecard) Follow India-Australia highlights:

13:00 hrs IST


India vs Australia LIVE Score, 3rd Test, Day 4 in Melbourne(AP)
India vs Australia LIVE Score, 3rd Test, Day 4 in Melbourne(AP)

That’s it folks, Pat Cummins and Nathan Lyon have kept the Indian bowlers at bay and the match will now be completed in the final day of the Test. India need two wickets to win while Australia need 141 more. Moreover, rain is also predicted on Sunday at the venue. Let’s see which way this fascinating match moves towards in the final day of the Test.

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12:50 hrs IST

Stat attack

This is Cummins’ second half-century of his career and he has scored both of them this year itself.·Cummins now has two 50+ scores by a tail-ender (batting position 8 to 11) which is also the joint 2nd highest along with Tim Southee this year

12:45 hrs IST

Two glorious drives from Cummins

Pat Cummins is now celebrating his fifty by hitting some glorious shots off the bowling of Ishant Sharma. First, he played a cover drive to bring up his first four of the over. And then, he hits the perfect straight drive for a boundary. Sunil Gavaskar after that shot: “Virat Kohli would have been proud of that shot”

12:40 hrs IST

Half-century for Cummins

This has been a great innings from Cummins as he completes his half-century off 86 deliveries. He has been one of the big reasons why India have not won the match so far. After putting on a great batting effort with the ball, Cummins is now doing well with the bat as well.

12:35 hrs IST

Second new ball taken

India have opted to take the second new ball and Jasprit Bumrah will bowl the first over with it. India will hope that the second cherry help them win the match today itself.

12:29 hrs IST

Lyon giving Cummins able support

The two batsmen have put 15 runs off 44 deliveries but more importantly, the duo have played 100 balls thus far. Cummins has been batting really well while Lyon has been simply defending the ball. A great battle going on in the middle.

12:23 hrs IST

Bonus overs

India have opted to take the extra half an hour and we will now have eight more overs in the day to dismiss the final two Aussie batsmen. The new ball will be due shortly for the Indian team as well.

12:16 hrs IST

Frustrating times for India

So near yet to far — this age-old adage fits perfectly to the visitors at the moment as they can see the win on the horizon but they are not able to reach it. Cummins and Lyon are keeping them at bay.

12:10 hrs IST

India’s fight against time

Only three designated overs remain in the day but the match will go on at least till 12:30 which is the official end time of the day. But the match can be stretched till 1 pm. It depends on the officials.

12:02 hrs IST

Cummins fighting lone battle for AUS

Pat Cummins continues to defy the Indian bowlers as his partners are changing on the other end. Meanwhile, things are getting darker by the minute at the venue as lights are turned on. It will be interesting to see what happens when the designated overs are done in the day. Will umpires allow India to bowl for an extra half an hour?

11:54 hrs IST

Shami strikes

Mohammed Shami has broken this partnership as he gets rid of Mitchell Starc for 18. Starc completely missed the ball and it crashed into his stumps. India two wickets away from win now.

11:51 hrs IST

Another boundary, crowd getting involved now

Shami now produces an edge off Starc but it flies for a boundary past the gully fielder. The crowd is now starting to cheer every Aussie run as Indian players are starting to get frustrated by this partnership with every passing over.

11:45 hrs IST

Bowling change

Mohammed Shami is making things happen in his over after replacing Jasprit Bumrah into the attack. Coming from around the wicket, Shami first took produced an edge off Starc and the ball just evaded Vihari at forwards short leg. And then, Cummins slashed hard and the ball went between Kohli and Rahane in the slip for a boundary.

11:38 hrs IST

Australia cross 200

Cummins is on fire at the moment as he hits a six and a four in a span of just two overs. Cummins hit Jadeja for a huge six down the ground and then in the next over, he cut the ball past the point fielder for a boundary. Australia cross 200-run mark now.

11:32 hrs IST


Starc hit a boundary on the up towards long on against Bumrah on the first ball of the over. Bumrah then banged the ball short and it took an edge and almost reached the fielder at forward short leg. Starc survives a brutal delivery from Bumrah.

11:25 hrs IST

Cummins the crucial batsman for Aus

The hosts will be looking to delay the inevitable and at the heart of it will be Pat Cummins now. Mitchell Starc can hit the ball but one cannot put money on him keeping the Indian bowlers at bay. Cummins’ wicket will certainly boost India’s chances of a win today itself.

11:19 hrs IST

Stat attack

Australian skipper departs for 26 (67). 5th caught dismissal for him in this series, out of which 4 times Rishabh Pant has taken his catch. 1st time dismissed by a spinner in this series, also the first time in his last 7 innings. The Aussie skipper now has failed to score a 50+ score in his last 8 innings. 3rd wicket for Jadeja in this innings

11:12 hrs IST

Jadeja strikes, Paine departs

Ravindra Jadeja has done the trick for the visitors as he gets rid of Tim Paine. The ball takes a faint edge off the bat of Paine and wicket-keeper Pant takes a good catch. The hosts are seven down now and India are inching close to win.

11:03 hrs IST

Part-time spinner keeping things tight

Hanuma Vihari is doing a good job with the ball at the moment as he is keeping things simple. The good thing about Vihari’s bowling is that it helps Kohli give Jadeja some rest. A spinner is needed on this track to pile on the pressure and Vihari has already shown in the series that he can bowl.

10:55 hrs IST

Bumrah returns into the attack

Skipper Virat Kohli has handed the ball to his premier pacer Jasprit Bumrah as the visitors look to break this budding partnership between Cummins and Paine. The two Australian batters are playing sensible cricket at the moment and Indian bowlers need to be patient.

10:49 hrs IST

Paine holding one end

Skipper Tim Paine is providing good resistance and is holding the innings from one end. He has played 45 deliveries so far and scored 17 runs. But more importantly, he is not throwing away his wicket by coming under the scoreboard pressure.

10:42 hrs IST

Stat attack

Back to back bowled dismissal for Travis Head in Test cricket.This was the 3rd highest balls faced by Travis Head in his 10 innings in Tests. Third time Ishant Sharma has taken Travis Head’s wicket. Ishant Sharma now has taken at least 1 wicket in his last 6 innings

10:36 hrs IST

Cummins can bat!

Pat Cummins has shown multiple times in the series that he can bat. In the first Test, he was one of the tail-ender who frustrated the Indian bowlers. He can do the same today and can build a good partnership with skipper Paine.

10:30 hrs IST

Breakthrough for India

Ishant Sharma has managed to provide the breakthrough for India as he gets rid of Travis Head for 34. The ball takes an inside edge and crashes into his stumps. India get their sixth wicket of the day and they are inching close to a win now.

10:22 hrs IST

Aus building a partnership

Travis Head and Tim Paine have put together 20 runs so far but more importantly, they are holding their own against the in-form Indian bowlers. It will be interesting to see for how long these two can keep the bowlers at bay. So far so good for the hosts.

10:15 hrs IST

Two edges and two boundaries

Mohammed Shami managed to produce egde of the bat of Paine on two occasion in one over but twice the ball went past the slip fielders for boundaries. Frustrating for the visitors as Shami bowled a good over but conceded two boundaries.

10:10 hrs IST

Jadeja bowling well

India have used spinner Ravindra Jadeja well and he has kept things tight from one end. Jadeja now bowls his third maiden over of the innings to Travis Head. The all-rounder has scalped two wickets so far and India will hope he manages to break this partnership between Head and Paine soon.

10:05 hrs IST

Boundary to start proceedings

A loosener from Shami to start the final session of the day and Paine flicks it for a boundary towards fine leg. India are five wickets away from a famous win and will look to pile on the pressure in the third session of the day.

9:42 hrs IST


India’s session. Australia have fought hard, but India kept chipping away at the wickets and have Australia half down. The battle will resume post tea. It might well be over today!

Stay tuned...

9:34 hrs IST

Pant goes after Paine

Boy this is intense stuff from Pant. After the Hobart jibe, Pant has copped an earful from Rishabh Pant.

“We have got a special guest today. Have you ever heard the word ‘temporary captain?’ You don’t need anything to get him out.”

9:30 hrs IST

Oh dear, Mitch

Very soft dismissal. That big front foot stride, smacks Jadeja but finds Kohli perfectly at cover. Australia lose half their side. India rocking along. 10 minutes to go for Tea.

9:24 hrs IST

Pant shells one

Jadeja was brought back into the attack, gets the outside edge and Rishabh Pant grasses it behind. Head’s lucky day continues. Mitchell Marsh then slogs one deep into the stands

9:20 hrs IST

Keeping his Head

Good ball from Shami, angled in, Head tries to drive, inside edge and then the pads save him. He has been quite positive today and needs this element of luck

9:09 hrs IST

Bumrah is right on top

Bumrah goes past Kapil Dev and Ajit Agarkar to the top of that table for best match figures for Indian quicks in Australia. He still has fuel left in his tank

8:59 hrs IST

Bumrah strikes

That man again. Jasprit Bumrah angles the ball in, Shaun Marsh misses with his flick, hits the pads and the umpire says Yep. Review taken, but to no avail. India get the prized scalp

8:52 hrs IST

Marsh looking solid

He is the big wicket for India and he is looking extremely solid at the moment. Absolute delightful batting against seam and Ravindra Jadeja. Languid drives, these are so aesthetic to watch

8:42 hrs IST


Bumrah has looked the most threatening bowler today. The conditions are gloomy, but the ball is old and soft and as such, there is not enough bite. Imperative that Marsh and Head stick it out till Tea. India will keep coming at them all day

8:24 hrs IST

Marsh is the big wicket for India

8:22 hrs IST

Marsh wants to attack Jadeja

Neither Kohli, nor Jadeja will be too unhappy with this approach. This one is too risky, taking the ball out of the rough. Head has started well at the other end, Jadeja is leaking runs

8:14 hrs IST

Shami strikes

What a peach from Shami. Pitches on a length and seams away to hit Khawaja on the pads. He is gone, takes the review with him

7:58 hrs IST

Very positive from the batsmen

There seems to be a concerted effort to put pressure on the bowlers and so far, the batsmen have been successful. This positive approach can be very discouraging for the bowlers

7:50 hrs IST

Mayank cops one in the neck

Mayank Agarwal is heading off the field with the physio after being struck in the neck at bat-pad. KL Rahul replaces him

7:46 hrs IST

Rollicking start

3 boundaries in the very first over. Australia have come out all guns blazing. This promises to be really entertaining. Kohli and India cannot afford to get impatient

7:43 hrs IST

Yes, we are back

After the brief scare, we are back after Lunch. Shami angles on into Marsh and it has been clipped past Pant for a boundary to get things rolling in this session

7:37 hrs IST

It has started to rain

Music for Australia, worry for India as the covers have made their way to the centre at the MCG. Well, well...

7:03 hrs IST


Aussies two wickets down and 355 more runs to get

Khawaja 26* and SMarsh 2*: and fighting hard. India look to be in command

6:47 hrs IST

Jadeja explodes

Jadeja fires on into the rough, Harris pokes, edges it to Mayank Agarwal who takes a sharp catch at short leg. This is going to be tough for the lefties

6:34 hrs IST

Review wasted

Khawaja was down the track, Jadeja shortened his length , he thrust his pad and the ball lobbed to Rahane at slip. Umpire Gould says not out, Kohli sends it upstairs. No bat involved at all and India lose their review very early.

6:31 hrs IST

Jadeja introduced

There is a significant patch of rough outside the left-hander’s off-stump and it will pose problems. Khawaja is down and he has whacked the first ball over mid off. He wants to play a stroke every ball it seems

6:24 hrs IST

The struggles of Finch

6:20 hrs IST

Harris looking positive

The left-hander has looked good all series, he needs to convert a start into something substantial. India will keep coming at him all day today

6:11 hrs IST

Bumrah, the man

Length ball on off, it was rising too, Finch just guides it to second slip, Kohli accepts the catch with glee. India off and running. Nightmare for the hosts

6:03 hrs IST

All set for the chase

The openers are out. Ishant ready with the new nut. It is gloomy, umpires yelp play. Good shape from the first ball. The beauty of Test cricket

5:59 hrs IST

Optimism creeping in

5:56 hrs IST

Pant departs, Kohli declares

Six and out. Pant tries a funky stroke and feathers it to Paine. Kohli has seen enough, he calls his boys in. Australia need 399, India need 10 wickets. How will the weather behave?

What a day in store for us!

5:48 hrs IST

Cummins refuses to go away

Another banged in ball, rises up steeply, Jadeja fends, takes the glove through to gully. 6th wicket for him. He has been relentless, the big quick from New South Wales. India’s lead creeping towards 400

5:36 hrs IST

Memorable debut for Mayank

5:26 hrs IST

Bowled him

Full ball, Mayank was on the backfoot, the ball did not bounce, takes the inside edge and then dislodges the stumps. Not a good sign for the batsmen, great if you are the bowler

Well deserved 5-wicket haul for Pat Cummins

5:22 hrs IST

Vagaries of the pitch

5:20 hrs IST

Mayank is on the move

2 sixes hit and Nathan Lyon is already bowling flat and fast. Mayank wants to take on Cummins as well. And the pitch is doing all sorts, the ball hitting the cracks and going bonkers. Declare Kohli.....

5:07 hrs IST

Cummins is on the money

He was on fire yesterday and has already started the day bang on the spot. India are watchful at the moment, they need to go after the bowlers. The forecast is not entirely good

5:00 hrs IST

Nathan Lyon begins

Tossed up ball, driven down to mid on by Mayank. India get rolling. There is the threat of rain, how will India approach this?

4:36 hrs IST

Was Kohli right in not enforcing the follow on?

With a 292-run first innings advantage, India skipper Virat Kohli could have enforced the follow-on but instead opted to turn the screws and add to the imposing total. Former Australia skipper Alan Border was quite surprised by Kohli’s decision to not enforce the follow-on and he said that ‘they could have had the game just about done today’.

4:19 hrs IST

Clap, clap

4:06 hrs IST

Ooops... the covers are back on

3:59 hrs IST

Kohli missed out on a number of records

Virat Kohli has been a force to be reckoned with in 2018 but the India skipper’s year came to an anticlimatic end when was dismissed by Pat Cummins for a duck on Day 3 of the third Test match against Australia in Melbourne.

These are the number of records he missed out on.

3:49 hrs IST

Weather update

Melbourne received early showers today, but the covers are being dragged off which is great news for India.

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