India vs England, Vizag Test, Day 1: Virat Kohli, Cheteshwar Pujara slam 100s

Virat Kohli notched up his fourth score of 150-plus in Tests as he shared a 226-run stand with Cheteshwar Pujara, who slammed his 10th Test century. England were made to toil on the opening day of the Vizag Test and they face an uphill battle. Relive all the highlights of India vs England day one here.

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Siddharth Vishwanathan
Siddharth Vishwanathan
Hindustan Times
Virat Kohli notched up his 14th Test century as his 226-run stand with Cheteshwar Pujara helped India to 317/4 at the end of day one.(BCCI)

Virat Kohli was the star on day one of the Vizag Test as he notched up his 14th Test century to put India on top. He was given wonderful company by Cheteshwar Pujara, who continued his purple patch with his third consecutive century. India are 317/4 and in a good position after the end of day one. Relive all the highlights on day one of the Vizag Test between India vs England here. (SCORECARD | NEWS)

16:58 hrs IST: Pujara: The hundred at Rajkot was special. I want to maintain the form. We needed to build a partnership after losing a couple of early wickets. The way Virat batted, we were able to build a big partnership. We rotated the strike and he was timing the ball very well. I was confident because I had a hundred in my last game

16:52 hrs IST: That is stumps on day one and India have finished on 317/4, with Virat Kohli unbeaten on 151. It has been a day dominated by India, with Kohli and Cheteshwar Pujara’s century the highlights. For England, it was an abysmal day.

16:49 hrs IST: Stuart Broad will bowl the final over of the day.

16:44 hrs IST: The new ball has done the trick. James Anderson once again.

Good length ball and it nips away sharply outside off, Rahane is uncertain whether to play at it, limply hangs his bat out and pokes it to the keeper. His scratchy knock has come to an end.

Ajinkya Rahane c Jonny Bairstow b James Anderson 23 (61), India 316/4

16:42 hrs IST: England take the second new ball. With only two overs to go, seems a good move.

16:38 hrs IST: The records continue for Kohli. Fourth 150-plus score in Tests, his second at home. Virat Kohli, captain Marvellous!

16:29 hrs IST: Virat Kohli comes closer to his 150. Meanwhile, Rahane gains in confidence as he pulls Adil Rashid to the boundary to move to 21.

16:23 hrs IST: The star of the day in Vizag was not Virat Kohli, nor Cheteshwar Pujara. It was a dog, who managed to do something no one has ever done in 140 years of Test cricket.

16:21 hrs IST: Zafar Ansari and Adil Rashid are just running through the overs. It looks like England are content on keeping the runs down and not take any wickets fort the day.

Virat Kohli neared 150 as India dominated England in the second Test in Vizag. (BCCI)

16:13 hrs IST: Time for the new ball but England will not take it. Catch live scores here

16:12 hrs IST: England opt for a review against Virat Kohli as he misses a reverse sweep. The original decision is not out. There is no bat involved but the ball is clipping leg stump, the original decision will stay. Must say, this umpire’s call is very convoluted. If it is hitting the stumps, common sense dictates that it should be out!

16:07 hrs IST: Only 11 overs remain in the day. India will be aiming to get near to 350. However, this day has belonged to Virat Kohli and Cheteshwar Pujara.

15:59 hrs IST: Ajinkya Rahane looks shaky as he moves to 12. However, at the other end, Kohli continues his dominance.

15:51 hrs IST: 15 overs to go in the day. India have played brilliantly after losing two wickets early and with the pitch assisting the spinners, Virat Kohli must be really happy with his decision of batting first.

15:43 hrs IST: 73 overs gone, India are 264 for the loss of 3 wickets.

15:36 hrs IST: The ‘Virat Kohli’ show continues as the Indian skipper moves to 121 with a brilliant boundary.

15:30 hrs IST: It has been a dominant display by the batsmen, but the turn in the pitch will be good news for the Indian bowlers.

15:24 hrs IST: 68 overs gone. India are 251 for the loss of 3 wickets with Virat Kohli going strong. (LIVE SCORE)

15:18 hrs IST: WICKET! Finally a breakthrough for England as James Anderson dismisses Cheteshwar Pujara for 119.

15:11 hrs IST:Virat Kohli became finally broke the sixth Indian to score a century in his 50th Test match.

Virat Kohli celebrates after scoring his century. (REUTERS)

15:00 hrs IST: Brilliant! Sublime! Fantastic. Kohli pushes Anderson to cover for a couple and brings up century number 14 and second versus England. Brilliant stuff from this maestro. Salute to Virat!

14:54 hrs IST: The wait for Kohli’s ton continues

14:48 hrs IST: This is Pujara’s third consecutive century, having scored in the Indore Test against New Zealand, followed up with the Rajkot ton and the Vizag century. He is in prime form.

14:47 hrs IST: MILESTONE! What a moment for Pujara as he launches Rashid into the stands at deep mid wicket to bring up his 10th hundred and fourth against England. Take a bow, Che. The crowd in Vizag are delirious.

India's Cheteshwar Pujara celebrates after scoring his century. (REUTERS)

14:44 hrs IST: Short ball from Broad but down the leg side, Kohli helps it to the fine leg fence to move to 98. Who will get to his hundred first?

14:39 hrs IST: Oh dear, Zafar Ansari copped a nasty blow in the unmentionables. He is down but not out. Play will resume.

14:35 hrs IST: Pujara moves to 98 with a quick single. Can Kohli keep calm? So far, since the two top-edged pulls, he has not played a false stroke. Catch live scores here

A dog stopped play and forced an early Tea on the first day of the Vizag Test between India and England. (BCCI)

14:30 hrs IST: Welcome back for the final session. All eyes on Pujara and Kohli. Will they get to their tons?

14:25 hrs IST: Vizag witnessed a sight where a dog stopped play. Think this is rare? Here are other instances in sports. It is amusing.

14:16 hrs IST: It was the Pujara and Kohli show as England wilted. There is more pain in store for them in the final session.

14:12 hrs IST: Unbelievable! Because the dog has refused to leave the field after being chased for three minutes, the umpires have decided to take Tea. It is indeed a Dog’s life!

14:11 hrs IST: Play halted because of a dog on the field. He is just not wanting to go. However, the guards manage to chase it out but it is one stubborn dog. He refuses to go away. That has gotten the crowd going.

14:03 hrs IST: Another boundary from Pujara and he inches closer. Broad simply has no answer as to what line and length to bowl. Both batsmen are in their comfort zone at the moment.

13:58 hrs IST: Pujara enters the 90’s now. He has gone past Kohli. Tossed up delivery from Rashid and Pujara jumps down the track to lace the drive past wide mid-off for a boundary . Catch live scores here

13:55 hrs IST: Pujara gets closer to Kohli’s score with a drilling straight drive off Broad. This session has hurt England immensely and it is tough to see how they can fight back from this.

13:49 hrs IST: Pujara joins the party. Tossed up from Moeen and Pujara dances down the track to whip it past Cook at mid on for a boundary.

13:47 hrs IST: Kohli and Pujara are playing a game of catch-up. Kohli enters into the 80’s with a sublime drive through cover for a boundary. Next ball, he uses his deft touch and runs a flatter delivery to third man for another boundary.

13:41 hrs IST: The pitch is starting to misbehave. Moeen lands the delivery on off stump and it shoots through low, Kohli gets some bat on it and the ball goes off the inside edge to the fine leg fence. The 150-run partnership is also up

13:39 hrs IST: Brilliant batting from Pujara. Ansari drags it short on middle, Pujara rocks back and pulls it into the stands at deep mid wicket for a six and the next ball, he follows it up by stepping out to a full toss and thumping it down the ground for a boundary.

13:34 hrs IST: Both Kohli and Pujara are now settling in for the long haul. England are trying hard to break this stand but it looks like a long day is in store for them.

13:28 hrs IST: The short ball battle has defined the second session. Stokes has troubled Kohli and Pujara but both batsmen have managed to come out on top.

Virat Kohli and Cheteshwar Pujara helped India get into a strong position against England in the Vizag Test. (BCCI)

13:21 hrs IST: Stokes is changing the angles and trying the short-ball barrage but Kohli and Pujara are unflustered, especially Pujara

13:18 hrs IST: Moeen Ali is also leaking runs. The situation is worsening for England, with both Pujara and Kohli looking in ominous touch. In fact, Pujara has even outscored Kohli.

13:12 hrs IST: Frustrating end to Stokes’ over. After being dropped and a wide signalled, Kohli rubs salt into his wounds by pulling the ball to the fine leg fence for a boundary, what is worse, Rashid who dropped the catch earlier, misfields.

13:09 hrs IST: DROPPED! Oh dear, this will hurt England. Short ball from Stokes and Kohli top edges the hook to fine leg, Adil Rashid is late in spotting it and he lunges forward to catch it but the ball does not stick, Alastair Cook and Stokes are distraught.

13:04 hrs IST: First use of the DRS in this Test. Moeen gets this delivery to break back in and Pujara plays inside the line of the delivery, the ball thuds onto the front pad but the umpire is unmoved, England review but the impact was outside the line of off stump and hence, the decision remans not out. Pujara survives.

Cheteshwar Pujara notched up his 11th fifty and his second against England. (BCCI)

13:00 hrs IST: Stokes is maintaining a short-pitched barrage at Pujara but it is all going down the leg side. This is only making it easier for the batsmen.

12:57 hrs IST: The partnership between Pujara and Kohli has also gone past 100. Things not looking good for England in this session.

12:56 hrs IST: Pujara also joins in the party. 11th Test fifty with a magnificent drive off Stokes. His second against England. He continues to enjoy facing the Poms in home conditions.

12:52 hrs IST: Stokes is touching close to 90 mph but both Kohli and Pujara are playing with calmness.

12:45 hrs IST: Apart from some streaky shots and a top-edged pull in Anderson’s bowling, Kohli has looked very assured. He is leaving balls outside off the off stump with bit more authority.

Virat Kohli notched up his 13th Test fifty while Cheteshwar Pujara also scored a fifty. (BCCI)

12:41 hrs IST: No, they can’t. 13th fifty for Kohli and his first against England. It has been a very solid knock under some disciplined bowling.

12:39 hrs IST: Ben Stokes is into the attack now. Can England prevent Kohli from getting to his fifty?

12:35 hrs IST: Kohli is in no hurry to get to the landmark as he calmly plays out Anderson. So far, in this battle, Anderson has had moments but Kohli has come out on top.

12:31 hrs IST: Kohli is nearing his fifty while Pujara’s defence is becoming stronger with every passing over.

12:26 hrs IST: Loud appeal for an LBW but not given. Good length ball just outside off stump, Pujara defends with bat and pad close and the ball hits the pad, Anderson appeals but umpire Dharmasena does not give it, maybe impact outside off stump.

12:22 hrs IST: Kohli nears his fifty! Flighted ball from Rashid , Kohli opens up and creams the drive past extra cover for a boundary. The wristwork was simply sublime.

12:17 hrs IST: England have not been too consistent with their lines and lengths. They need one bowler to dry up the runs at the other end.

12:13 hrs IST: Decent over from Broad. He gets some extra movement from the deck but the line does not bother Kohli.

12:10 hrs IST: Welcome back for the second session. Virat Kohli and Cheteshwar Pujara will be aiming to blunt the England attack. Stuart Broad will start off this session.

Virat Kohli and Cheteshwar Pujara shared a good stand before lunch. (BCCI)

11:30 hrs IST: The Virat Kohli-Cheteshwar Pujara stand has steadied India after the fall of Murali Vijay and KL Rahul. While Pujara looked assured and survived some anxious moments, Kohli was aggressive and played some streaky strokes. At lunch, India are 92/2 and in a fairly good position . Catch live scores here

11:27 hrs IST: Poor shot selection from Kohli. Broad gets this shortish length ball to kick up outside off and it nips away, Kohli wafts at it and the ball beats the outside edge.

11:21 hrs IST: In the 24th over of the innings, Pujara survived an LBW appeal in Rashid’s over. Although England did not take the review, replays showed that it was umpire’s call despite the ball hitting leg stump. This umpire’s call is a major contentious issue, in my opinion.

11:12 hrs IST: Meanwhile, some worrying news from Australia. Adam Voges was struck on the helmet and retired hurt during a Sheffield Shield game between Western Australia and Tasmania. He has been diagnosed with a concussion and has been ruled out of the match. We wish him a speedy recovery.

11:10 hrs IST: Stuart Broad is back into the attack. England will be aiming to get a wicket before lunch.

11:01 hrs IST: Pujara and Kohli continue to accumulate boundaries. England are struggling to break this stand.

10:56 hrs IST: Kohli has decided to go for the attack. Steps out and launches Ansari to the long on fence for a boundary. The partnership has crossed 50.

10:51 hrs IST: Pujara survives a run-out! Kohli wanted to take the second and he sends Pujara back, the batsman turns back and just makes it with the full length dive. The crowd cheer.

10:45 hrs IST: Adil Rashid is into the attack. He was impressive in the Rajkot Test. He should get a bit more purchase from this wicket.

Cheteshwar Pujara shared a solid stand with Virat Kohli as India staged a revival against England in Vizag. (BCCI)

10:42 hrs IST: Pujara and Kohli’s partnership is reviving India after the dismissals of Vijay and Rahul.

10:39 hrs IST: Couple of boundaries in Stokes’ over from Pujara and the bowler is showing signs of frustration.

10:36 hrs IST: Pujara is playing the patience game brilliantly. He is not bothered about the good balls but once there is a loose ball on offer, he capitalises on it.

10:33 hrs IST: Drinks on the first day. England will be slightly happy but Kohli and Pujara are making good progress. This partnership is vital for the course of the match.

10:27 hrs IST: Kohli continues to make streaky progress. Full ball and swinging away, Kohli goes for the drive and the outside edge flies past gully for a boundary.

James Anderson and Stuart Broad produced the early breakthroughs for England in the Rajkot Test. (BCCI)

10:21 hrs IST: Ben Stokes is bowling in the right areas and giving nothing away. However, change of bowling at the other end. Zafar Ansari replaces Anderson.

10:16 hrs IST: Round two of this battle is even-stevens. Kohli got a couple of boundaries but Anderson would not be too displeased. Catch live scores here

10:14 hrs IST: Another boundary. The short ball this time from Anderson on middle stump, Kohli goes for the pull but gets a top edge and it lands safely at fine leg. The bowler is not amused.

10:13 hrs IST: Anderson vs Kohli battle resumes and the batsman comes out on top this time. Full ball with a touch of away swing, Kohli presses forward and drives it past point for a boundary. However, Anderson should not be too discouraged.

Cheteshwar Pujara held firm as he went past 3000 runs during the Vizag Test against England. (BCCI)

10:10 hrs IST: During the sixth over, Pujara had also joined Vijay in the 3000-run club, making him the fourth fastest Indian batsmen to get to the landmark. He is the key for India now.

10:09 hrs IST: Ben Stokes is into the attack. Will England continue to build pressure on India?

10:07 hrs IST: Kohli watchfully plays Anderson. However, the line and lengths were perfect. Full around the off stump and not giving anything away to Kohli.

10:05 hrs IST: Right, here is the battle royale. Rumble in the Andhra Mountains. James Anderson vs Virat Kohli. Remember, Anderson has dismissed Kohli the most number of times in Tests with 5. In 2014, he had absolutely shredded Kohli’s technique in England.

10:03 hrs IST: Meanwhile, it was a proud moment for Jayant Yadav, who made his Test debut, only a month after he made his ODI debut at the same venue.

10:01 hrs IST: Broad again errs in his length and Pujara glances this full delivery to the fine leg fence. Next ball, the line is again on the pads and Pujara works him to deep mid wicket for a couple. For your information, Vijay went past 3000 Test runs before he was dismissed.

10:00 hrs IST: Broad bowls a short ball and it hits Pujara on the shoulder. Remember, Che took a fair amount of blows in Rajkot from Chris Woakes.

James Anderson got the wicket of Murali Vijay as England made some early breakthroughs in the Vizag Test against India. (BCCI)

09:57 hrs IST: James Anderson joins in the fun. Excellent ball and Vijay, who looked in good touch, is a goner!

Short ball and on the middle and leg line, it rears up sharply from the deck and Vijay tries to drop his wrists, but the ball thuds into the glove and lobs to gully. Great bowling from the England swing maestro

Murali Vijay c Ben Stokes b James Anderson 20 (21), India 22/2 vs England.

09:52 hrs IST: Vijay is looking in great touch as he creams a couple of boundaries off Stuart Broad. India are making good progress. Catch live scores here.

09:45 hrs IST: Once again, it is the Cheteshwar Pujara and Murali Vijay stand that will be called upon to rescue India.

09:40 hrs IST: WICKET! Stuart Broad strikes and it is not a happy comeback for KL Rahul.

Stuart Broad got the early breakthrough for England in the Vizag Test. (BCCI)

Great line and length from Broad. Good length delivery in the corridor outside off, it straightens and bounces a touch more as Rahul pokes at it, the edge flies to third slip where Ben Stokes holds on to the catch.

Stuart Broad c Ben Stokes b Stuart Broad 0 (5), India 6/1 vs England.

09:36 hrs IST: Not such a good start for Anderson. His line was mostly on leg stump and he did not generate that much of swing. Early days still.

09:32 hrs IST: Great start for Vijay. Anderson strays onto the pads and the batsman neatly tucks it to the fine leg fence for a boundary. Rusty start for Anderson so far. And as usual, after a boundary is hit, issues with the sightscreen.

09:30 hrs IST: James Anderson will open the bowling. Murali Vijay will be on strike. Three slips and a gully in place.

09:28 hrs IST: Before the match starts, here is some food for thought regarding Gautam Gambhir’s omission.

09:27 hrs IST: The national anthems of both teams have been done. Time for the action to begin.

09:21 hrs IST: While England will be welcoming back James Anderson, there will also be some concern about his rustiness. He has not bowled since August and he has had to race against time to be fit for the Vizag Test after missing the Bangladesh series due to a shoulder injury.

09:15 hrs IST: In Jayant Yadav’s first ODI against New Zealand, his figures were 4-0-8-1 as India dismissed New Zealand for 79 to clinch the ODI series 3-2. Yadav’s wicket-to-wicket bowling will be essential on this deck.

Jayant Yadav was handed a Test debut on the same ground where he made his ODI debut against New Zealand. (BCCI)

09:09 hrs IST: This is a great toss to win for India. With the pitch so dry, Ashwin and Jadeja will have more purchase on this wicket than Rajkot. This is what the doctor ordered for Team India, as Ravi Shastri would say.

09:01 hrs IST: India have won the toss and this time they will bat. Great toss to win on a pitch. KL Rahul has replaced Gautam Gambhir while for England, James Anderson is back, replacing Chris Woakes. This will boost England as he can reverse swing the ball as well.

Playing XIs

India: Murali Vijay, Lokesh Rahul, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli(c), Ajinkya Rahane, Ravichandran Ashwin, Wriddhiman Saha(w), Ravindra Jadeja, Jayant Yadav, Umesh Yadav, Mohammed Shami

England: Alastair Cook(c), Haseeb Hameed, Joe Root, Ben Duckett, Moeen Ali, Ben Stokes, Jonny Bairstow(w), Zafar Ansari, Adil Rashid, Stuart Broad, James Anderson

08:58 hrs IST: The pitch is dry and there are some cracks. The spinners will expect generous turn and purchase from day one.

08:57 hrs IST: Jayant Yadav has been given his Test cap, so he will make his debut in Vizag. Incidentally, it is on this same ground that Yadav made his ODI debut against New Zealand.

08:53 hrs IST: Meanwhile, in other cricket news, the first day of the first Test between New Zealand and Pakistan has been abandoned at the Hagley Oval due to rain.

08:52 hrs IST: It is a special day for both Virat Kohli and Joe Root as they play their 50th Test match. It will be an interesting battle between two great batsmen of their respective teams.

08:50 hrs IST: A warm welcome to the second Test between India and England from Vizag. Alastair Cook’s team held their own in the Rajkot Test as they tackled the conditions admirably.

India’s spinners will look to redeem themselves on what is widely expected to be a turning track in Visakhapatnam. On a placid track in Rajkot, India’s lead spinner Ravichandran Ashwin bled for runs – 220 runs for three wickets, perhaps his worst in a Test match.

That script could change in Vizag, hosting its first Test match. The Andhra Cricket Association may not be as gracious as its counterparts from Saurashtra. Andhra will certainly want Kohli to return a happy man in a landmark game but India will have to field better.

But England have the ability to look India’s spinners in the eye. Adil Rashid (leg-spin), Moeen Ali (off-spin) and Zafar Ansari (left-arm spin) were quite impressive in Rajkot.

England’s biggest selection dilemma will be on Chris Woakes, who could make way for a fit-again James Anderson. The veteran pacer has not played since August due to a shoulder problem and may not be risked.

India will welcome fit-again opener Lokesh Rahul in the second Test with Gautam Gambhir, who made 29 and zero in Rajkot, set to sit out.

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