DC vs SRH Highlights, IPL 2020 Match Today: Sunrisers beat Capitals by 15 runs

Updated on Sep 29, 2020 11:31 PM IST

IPL 2020 Highlights, Delhi Capitals (DC) vs Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH): Delhi Capitals have lost their first game of the season. Sunrisers Hyderabad win the first match of the season. SRH beat DC by 15 runs. Natarajan trapped the dangerous Marcus Stoinis after Rashid Khan dismissed the dynamic Rishabh Pant. Bhuvneshwar Kumar got the wicket of Shimron Hetmyer just when the West Indies batsman was starting to fire. Rashid also dismissed Delh Capitals opener Shikhar Dhawan and captain Shreyas Iyer. DC had lost Prithvi Shaw early in 163-run chase. Sunrisers Hyderabad posted 162/4 in 20 overs. Kane Williamson was dismissed by Kagiso Rabada in the final over. Jonny Bairstow skied a delivery from Rabada to Anrich Nortje and was dismissed for 5. Amit Mishra dismissed David Warner and Manish Pandey. DC captain Shreyas Iyer elected to bowl first after winning the toss against SRH captain David Warner.Follow Highlights of IPL 2020, DC vs SRH match:

DC vs SRH Highlights, IPL 2020 Match Today(IPL/Twitter)
DC vs SRH Highlights, IPL 2020 Match Today(IPL/Twitter)
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23:18 hrs IST

SRH win by 15 runs

Delhi Capitals have lost their first game of the season. Sunrisers Hyderabad win their first match of the season. SRH beat DC by 15 runs.

23:18 hrs IST

Delhi need 28 to win in final over

Delhi Capitals need 28 runs to win in final over.

23:11 hrs IST

Natarajan strikes!

Marcus Stoinis has been trapped by Natarajan. He calls for a review but this seems to be hitting middle and leg. GONE! Review wasted. SRH 126/6

23:08 hrs IST

Rashid Khan on fire!

3/14 is now BBI for Rashid Khan in IPL

23:02 hrs IST

Rashid Khan to Rishabh Pant - GONE!

A fuller delivery from Rashid Khan to Rishabh Pant, the batsman got under it, and slog sweeped it straight to Priyam Garg. DC 117/5

23:00 hrs IST

Rashid Khan final over

49 runs needed to win in 24 overs. Marcus Stoinis and Rishabh Pant in action for Delhi Capitals. Rashid Khan needs to get a wicket here.

22:52 hrs IST

IPL 2020, DC vs SRH: Hetmyer is GONE!

GONE! Shimron Hetmyer tried to flick one over covers, but it found Manish Pandey. Bhuvneshwar Kumar gets a wicket on the first ball of his return.

22:47 hrs IST

Khaleel to Hetmyer - SIX! SIX!

SIX! A yorker from Khaleel Ahmed to Shimron Hetmyer and he has just launched it for the maximum towards the long-on. He follows it up for another six towards midwicket.

22:43 hrs IST

Rishabh Pant key in Delhi chase

Delhi Capitals need 76 runs to win in 37 balls and Rishabh Pant will be the key for DC. This is a difficult surface to bat on, but only Pant can hit sixes on any pitch. He needs to get going.

22:38 hrs IST

Rishabh Pant gets going

SIX! SIX! Abhishek Sharma gets hit for two back-to-back sixes by Rishabh Pant. This is Delhi’s chance of getting back into the contest.

22:32 hrs IST


Shikhar Dhawan is caught behind. The decision was referred upstairs and the replays showed there was a nick off the bat. Big blow to DC’s hopes. DC 62/3

22:20 hrs IST

Rashid Khan key for SRH

Rashid Khan will be key in the attack for Sunrisers Hyderabad. This pitch is slow and is getting turned. This pitch is tailor made for Rashid.

22:12 hr IST

Rashid Khan strikes!

GONE! Shreyas Iyer plays it inside out on a wider and fuller one from Rashid Khan. He gets caught by a running Samad. DC 42/2

22:07 hrs IST

Abhishek Sharma into the attack

Abhishek Sharma has been brought into the attack for Delhi Capitals. Can he break this partnership between Shikhar Dhawan and Shreyas Iyer.

22:03 hrs IST

Shreyas Iyer hits a boundary!

FOUR! Natarajan pitches it fuller to Shreyas Iyer and the Delhi Capitan just pushes it for a boundary towards long-off. What a gorgeous loooking shot.

22:01 hrs IST

Khaleel to Shreyas - FOUR!

Khaleel Ahmed pitches it onside off the stump, and Shreyas Iyer just flicked it towards backward square leg and this one will race to the boundary. The fourth man is inside the circle. No chance to save this one.

21:58 hrs IST

IPL 2020, DC vs SRH: Khaleel to Dhawan - FOUR!

FOUR! Khaleel Ahmed pitched it fuller to Shikhar Dhawan and the batsman slammed it for a boundary towards midwicket. Shikhar Dhawan is the key for DC.

21:57 hrs IST

Natarajan to Shikhar Dhawan: FOUR!

FOUR! Short and wide and Shikhar Dhawan pounced on it in style. This one will race to the boundary. This would certainly release some pressure off Delhi.

21:55 hrs IST

DC vs SRH Live: Natarajan into the attack

This is a good start from Sunrisers Hyderabad bowlers. Pressure is building on Shreyas Iyer and Shikhar Dhawan. Natarajan is into the attack.

21:50 hrs IST

Dhawan hits a boundary

Shikhar Dhawan charged down the crease and smashed the ball straight over the umpire

21: 47 hrs IST

3 runs off the second over

Khaleel Ahmed gave away just 3 runs in his over. Shreyas Iyer had to play with precaution as Khaleel used the left-hander angle well.

21:42 hrs IST

Shaw departs

Prithvi Shaw again went fishing outside off-stumps but edged it straight to the Bairstow. Bhuvneshwar picks up a wicket in his very first over.

21:41 hrs IST

2 runs for Shaw

He chipped the ball over mid-on and both Dhawan and Shaw completed a double easily.

21:39 hrs IST

Shaw blocks the first ball

Bhuvneshwar Kumar comes into bowl the first over for SRH. He kept the first ball on good length and Prithvi Shaw chose to defend it.

21:34 hrs IST

Impressive death bowling

Rabada and Co. restricted SRH to an average score due to a disciplined effort at the end. They conceded only 22 runs off the last 18 deliveries.

21:28 hrs IST

DC bowlers impress

It looked like SRH will get a big score today with David Warner and Jonny Bairstow on the crease after the 7th over. But the DC bowlers pegged back into the match with Amit Mishra and Kagiso Rabada picking up the wickets.

21:22 hrs IST

End of innings

SRH post 162/4 in 20 overs. Abdul Samad tried to go for a double, but it was one short run declared by umpire. DC need 163 to win.

21:19 hrs IST

Kane departs

A fuller one from Kagiso Rabada and it has been flicked by Kane Williamson to Axar Patel to midwicket. SRH 160/4

21:16 hrs IST

DC vs SRH Live Score: Samad gets going!

FOUR! A short from Anrich Nortje and Abdul Samad stepped inside his crease and took a swing off the bat. Got the top edge and it goes to a boundary. The next ball, he skies a fuller one to long-on for the maximum.

21:15 hrs IST

Abdul Samad in the middle

SRH’s J&K batsman Abdul Samad is in the middle. Can he get going here?

21:09 hrs IST

Kagiso Rabada to Jonny Bairstow: OUT!

GONE! Jonny Bairstow tried to go for a slog hit, but mistimed it. Got the elevation, but not the distance. Anrich Nortje takes an easy catch. SRH 144/3

21:06 hrs IST

Bairstow gets to his FIFTY!

FIFTY! Jonny Bairsotw brings up his half century.

4th half century in IPL

2nd of IPL 2020

1st against DC in IPL

21:03 hrs IST

Kane unleashes hell

Kane has unleashed hell on Sunrisers Hyderabad bowlers. Back to back boundaries in last over, back to back boundaries in this over. He is on fire.

21:01 hrs IST

Marcus Stoinis into the attack

Delhi Capitals bowler Marcus Stoinis into the attack and he is bowling to Kane Williamson. This will be an interesting contest. SIX! Fuller from Stoinis and it has been flicked towards square leg.

20:57 hrs IST

Nortje to Kane - FOUR! FOUR!

Kane Williamson hammers Anrich Nortje for back-to-back boundaries. Too much width, missed his length and Williamson will not let these go.

20:55 hrs IST

Amit Mishra stats

6 balls out of the total 24 balls bowled by A Mishra were dot balls.

He finished his spell with bowling figures of 2/35

20:52 hrs IST

IPL 2020 Live Score: 15 overs gone

Kagiso Rabada finishes his over quickly, gives just 8 runs in his over. Superb fielding on the final ball, SRH 117/2 after 15 overs

20:45 hrs IST

Amit Mishra to Kane Williamson - FOUR!

Amit Mishra pitches it fuller and Kane Williamson gave himself some room and then played it inside out for a boundary. Great shot, this one. SRH 106/2

20:40 hrs IST

DC vs SRH Live: Amit Mishra stat

Amit Mishra has taken 2 wickets in his innings today, If he takes one more wicket today he will complete 100 wickets for DC in IPL. He will become First bowler to take 100 wickets for DC in IPL

20:35 hrs IST

Axar Patel to Jonny Bairstow - FOUR!

Axar Patel bowls a fuller one to Jonny Bairstow and the SRH batsman has just slog sweeped it for another boundart. Bairstow taking charge now.

20:31 hrs IST

Manish Pandey is out to bat

Manish Pandye has been sent out at no. 3 to bat instead of Kane Williamson. Good call, Pandey has shown he can play at no. 3.

20:28 hrs IST

Amit Mishra to David Warner: Caught behind appeal

David Warner tries to reverse sweep, and the ball goes to wicketkeeper. Huge caught behind appeal from Rishabh Pant and Amit Mishra. Umpire not interested. DRS has been called. Review shows just a small kick of the glove and it has been given an out. Warner is not pleased. SRH 77/1

20:25 hrs IST

DC vs SRH, IPL 2020 Live Score: Mishra returns

Amit Mishar was proven to be expensive giving away 14 runs in his over. He has been brought back and still no Axar Patel. This is an interesting choice from Shreyas Iyer. First ball - FOUR!

20:21 hrs IST

Ishant Sharma to David Warner - SIX!

SIX! Fuller from Ishant Sharma and David Warner showcases his strength as he hammers it straight for a flat six. Big one.

20:20 hrs IST

Ishant Sharma - two wides

Ishant Sharma has given away two wides in this over. With David Warner and Jonny Bairstow running quickly. this is only building pressure on Ishant.

20:15 hrs IST

Sense of emergency: Warner and Bairstow

David Warner and Jonny Bairstow are showing a sense of urgency. Running between the wickets and trying to convert 1s to 2s and 2s to 3s. Good stuff, this is.

20:12 hrs IST

SRH starting to break free

A good over in which there were a six and a four, and SRH are starting to break free from the shackles. The thing with Warner and Baristow is that they can turn the game around at any stage.

20:05 hrs IST

Amit Mishra to Jonny Bairstow - SIX!

SIX! Fuller from Amit Mishra and Jonny Bairstow slog sweeps it for a six at long-on. Flat and unmoved. So good, this batsman.

20:05 hrs IST

IPL 2020: Amit Mishra into the attack

Delhi Capitals bring in a spinner. Amit Mishra is into the attack. Can he get a wicket here?

20:02 hrs IST

Anrich Nortje to David Warner: FOUR!

FOUR! An inswinger from Anrich Nortje to David Warner, and it struck his bat, and goes to boundary ropes. The fourth man was inside the circle, and it went over him. Welcome runs for SRH.

20:01 hrs IST

David Warner hits a SIX!

SIX! Anrich Nortje misses his length by a fraction, David Warner gave himself some room and smashed it inside out into the stands for the first maximum of the day. SRH need more of these.

19:59 hrs IST

Shreyas Iyer makes a dive!

CHANCE! Shreyas Iyer makes a long dive in front of him after Jonny Bairstow tried to sky it over the in-circle fielder. The surface is slow and the ball did not carry at all. Tremendous effort but no result.

19:57 hrs IST

DC vs SRH Live: Delhi use DRS

A feeble LBW appeal from Marcus Stoinis after he trapped Jonny Bairstow on the pads. The umpires were not interested but DC captain Shreyas Iyer was convinced into taking the DRS. It goes to Umpires’ Call. The decision stays, but DRS retain review.

19:55 hrs IST

Abdul Samad makes SRH Debut

The Sunrisers Hyderabad give an opportunity to a Jammu and Kashmir youngster who has been impressive in the domestic circle. Abdul Samad is the third player from J&K to get a chance to play in IPL. Best wishes from someone special.


19:52 hrs IST

Bound in shackles: Warner and Bairstow

David Warner and Jonny Bairstow are bound in shackles at the moment and are unable to get going. Here comes another change for DC - Marcus Stoinis replaces Ishant Sharma into the attack.

19:47 hrs IST

DC vs SRH, IPL 2020 LIVE SCORE: First change for Delhi

Here comes the first change for Delhi Capitals. Anrich Nortje replaces his Proteas teammate Kagiso Rabada.

19:46 hrs IST


The run rate has really slowed down as both Jonny Bairstow and David Warner are unable to get going. The pressure will start building now. 3 overs gone, SRH 17/0

19:43 hrs IST

David Warner vs Kagiso Rabada

43 balls

48 runs

Three dismissals

SR 111.63

19:40 hrs IST

IPL 2020: OUCHIE! Bairstow gets hit

A slow full toss from Kagiso Rabada lands on the danger area of Jonny Bairstow. OUCH! Rabada gives a wry smile but he can feel it. He can feel the pain.

19:38 hrs IST

Rabada to Warner - FOUR!

FOUR! David Warner got hold of a fuller one from Kagiso Rabada. He flies it over the fielder at mid-on for a boundary. First boundary in the match and it comes form Warner’s bat. Many more to come?

19:35 hrs IST

Good start from Ishant Sharma

Ishant Sharma had a decent start giving 9 runs his first over. Some good fielding efforts on the outfield also prevented boundaries. Kagiso Rabada bowls from the other end.

19:32 hrs IST

David Warner - 50th match as IPL captain

David Warner is playing his 50th IPL match as captain. Overall, he is the 3rd foreigner to reach the mark and the 9th overall captain.

19:30 hrs IST

IPL 2020, DC vs SRH Live: Action begins!

David Warner out to bat with Jonny Baristow for Sunrisers Hyderabad. Ishant Sharma starts the attack for Delhi Capitals. HERE WE GO!

19:24 hrs IST

DC vs SRH, IPL 2020: Action begins in 5 minutes

All the action between DC and SRH will begin in about 5 minutes. Pressure on David Warner to take SRH to winning ways.

19:18 hrs IST

IPL 2020 Live: Jonny Bairstow speaks on Star Sports

:It’s good, obviously 5-6 years with the English set-up (about coach David Bayliss). Hopefully, he will bring his experience into play and get us back on track. It’s great that we have been playing some cricket, having spent 3-4 months in a bubble, in a hotel room, unable to see your family, it’s fantastic to be here in the UAE and to be with the family. Knowing that you have a partner (talking about David Warner) who thinks similarly like you, someone having played a lot of cricket. Last year, we had a great understanding between ourselves and enjoyed batting together,” says Sunrisers Hyderabad batsman Jonny Bairstow to Star Sports.

19:15 hrs IST

DC vs SRH, IPL 2020: Stats update

• 40%: SRH’s win % against DC in IPL, only against KXIP they have a worse record.

• 4-Axar Patel has an economy of just 4., the best by a bowler in IPL 2020.

• 5: Harshal Patel needs 5 more wickets to reach 100 T20 wickets.

• 12: Ajinkya Rahane needs 12 more runs to reach 5000 runs in T20s. He will be the 10th Indian to the milestone

• 4: Jagadeesha Suchith is 4 wickets away from reaching 50 wickets in T20s.

• 3,6: Shikhar Dhawan and Rishabh Pant are 3 and 6 more sixes away respectively to complete 100 sixes in the IPL.

• 3: Amit Mishra needs 3 more wickets to complete 100 wickets for Delhi Capitals in the IPL.

• 43: Bhuvi averages 43 against DC, his worst against any current IPL team.

• 36.13: Ravi Ashwin averages 36.13 against SRH, his worst against any current IPL team.

• 35.75: Iyers average against SRH, his best against any current IPL team.

• 12: Dhawan averages 12 against SRH, his worst against any current IPL team.

• 46.86: Rishabh Pant has scored 328 runs against SRH at an average of 46.86, the most he has scored against any opponent in IPL.

19:09 hrs IST

Kane is back!

Kane Williamson is back in action for SRH in this match. The New Zealand captain will be eager to showcase why sitting him out early on was a huge error by SRH.

19:08 hrs IST

Captains speak at toss

David Warner: Not too disappointed with that, we fell short by 20-30 runs, we now have the bowling to defend scores. Two changes for us - KW comes in for Nabi, Samad for Saha. We have our plans for the bowling group, just need to stick to it

Shreyas Iyer: We will bowl first, the dew might play a role in the second innings. Our preparations and training has been on point, the frame of mind is good. One change for us - Ishant comes in for Avesh Khan. Each one know their roles in the team well, they have stood up for the cause.

19:07 hrs IST

IPL 2020, DC vs SRH: Playing XI


Sunrisers Hyderabad (Playing XI): David Warner(c), Jonny Bairstow(w), Kane Williamson, Manish Pandey, Abdul Samad, Abhishek Sharma, Priyam Garg, Rashid Khan, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, K Khaleel Ahmed, T Natarajan

Delhi Capitals (Playing XI): Prithvi Shaw, Shikhar Dhawan, Rishabh Pant(w), Shreyas Iyer(c), Shimron Hetmyer, Marcus Stoinis, Axar Patel, Amit Mishra, Kagiso Rabada, Ishant Sharma, Anrich Nortje

19:06 hrs IST


Delhi Capitals win toss, elect to bowl first against Sunrisers Hyderabad in Abu Dhabi.

18:58 hrs IST

Warner, Iyer out for toss

David Warner, Shreyas Iyer out for toss! What will they choose?

18:53 hrs IST

IPL 2020, DC vs SRH: Pitch Report

“This is a used pitch, there could be a bit of wear and tear, but on the whole, it looks like a good batting track,” reckons Kevin Pietersen on Star Sports.

18:50 hrs IST

Styris advice for SRH

Speaking on Star Sports show “Cricket Live” Styris said: “It’s a tough one for David Warner, but you got to think over in the last 3 or 4 seasons what has been their ammo? What has been their method of success? For me, it’s been their opening partnership which is terrific.”

“Nothing changes with Warner and Bairstow. But the bowling has been the key, they have defended small totals they have kept the opposition to small totals so that their top order particularly their openers can break the back of the chase,” he added.

18:45 hrs IST

Rishabh Pant vs Rashid Khan

Rishbah Pant is in dangerous form with the bat, but he struggles against slow bowlers. His battle against Rashid Khan will be a crucial one this match.

18:37 hrs IST

Aakash Chopra on DC, SRH chances

“Delhi Capitals is not taking the name of losing, the best team in the tournament while the Sunrisers Hyderabad is not taking the name of winning, their sunrise is not happening,” former India cricketer Aakash Chopra said on his Youtube video.

“Sunrisers Hyderabad’s morale seems to be down because the team is not looking good. It is because they have problems in their batting. They should play Kane Williamson, I think he is fit and available,” he further added.

18:30 hrs IST

TOSS In 30 minutes

TOSS! The two captains Shreyas Iyer for Delhi Capitals and David Warner for Sunrisers Hyderabad will come out for toss in 30 minutes.

18:25 hrs IST

Delhi Capitals or Sunrisers Hyderabad - What do the numbers tell

Stats and Trivia:

Amit Mishra needs 3 more wickets to complete 100 wickets for DC.

SRH’s Bhuvneshwar Kumar has an 43 against DC, his worst against any current IPL franchise.

Ajinkya Rahane needs 12 more runs to reach 5000 runs in T20s. He will be the 10th Indian to the milestone

18:11 hrs IST

Will Kane Williamson return for SRH?

Kane Williamson is likely to make a return for Sunrisers Hyderabad this season and he will be eager to make an impression. Williamson will provide much-needed stability in SRH’s middle-order.

18:05 hrs IST

Will Ajinkya Rahane make debut for DC?

Ajinkya Rahane made a move for Rajasthan Royals to Delhi Capitals this season, but has been benched so far. Will he make his debut for DC? The fans would certainly hope so. He could provide much stability in the middle-order which DC really need.

18:00 hrs IST

IPL: SRH Predicted XI against DC

SRH Predicted XI against DC: David Warner, Jonny Bairstow, Manish Pandey, Kane Williamson/Mohammad Nabi, Wriddhiman Saha, Priyam Garg, Abhishek Sharma, Rashid Khan, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Siddharth Kaul/Basil Thampi, T Natarajan

17:55 hrs IST

DC Predicted XI against SRH

DC Predicted XI against SRH: Shikhar Dhawan, Prithvi Shaw, Shreyas Iyer, Rishabh Pant, Shimron Hetmyer, Marcus Stoinis, Axar Patel, Kagiso Rabada, Anrich Nortje, Amit Mishra, Ishant Sharma

17:48 hrs IST

Amit Mishra on his Indian team run

“I don’t know if I am underrated. I used to think too much earlier, so mind used to get diverted, now I just focus on my job,” he said in an online press conference ahead of the clash against Sunrisers Hyderabad here on Tuesday.

“To be honest, I didn’t get what I should have but it’s okay. People know who is Amit Mishra. That’s is enough for me. I have to focus on my cricket and bowling so that is what I do,” he conceded, touching upon the disappointment of not turning up more for India.” READ MORE

17:42 hrs IST

DC vs SRH - Some more head to head stats

Matches won by DC: 6

Matches won by SRH: 9

Matched played in India: 14 (DC 6, SRH 8)

Matches played in UAE: 1 (DC 0, SRH 1)

DC average score against SRH: 154

SRH average score against DC: 146

Most runs for DC: 328 (Rishabh Pant)

Most runs for SRH: 329 (David Warner)

Most wickets for DC: 6 (Amit Mishra)

Most wickets for SRH: 11 (Bhuveshwar Kumar)

Most catches for DC: 5 (Shreyas Iyer)

Most catches for SRH: 6 (David Warner)

17:35 hrs IST

Will Sandeep Lamichhane be in action tonight?

Sandeep Lamichhane has a huge following on social media. Will he be in action tonight for Delhi Capitals?


17:31 hrs IST

Amit Mishra on DC coach Ricky Ponting

“If a player is getting overconfident, Ricky would remind them to not be so and if a player is low, Ponting would make sure he boosts them up and he knows exactly what to say. The best thing about him is he is a positive speaker, never heard him saying a single negative thing. Hence, the team atmosphere has had a positive impact because of him” - Amit Mishra, DC spinner, is impressed with Ricky Ponting’s man-management skills.”

17:29 hrs IST

Interesting stats - DC vs SRH

1) SRH are on a five-match losing streak

2) Rishabh Pant has a strike-rate of 250 against Bhuvneshwar Kumar

3) Rishabh Pant has been dismissed by Bhuvneshwar Kumara only once

17:26 hrs IST

Delhi Capitals vs Sunrisers Hyderabad - Squads

Delhi Capitals Squad: Prithvi Shaw, Shikhar Dhawan, Rishabh Pant(w), Shreyas Iyer(c), Shimron Hetmyer, Marcus Stoinis, Axar Patel, Amit Mishra, Kagiso Rabada, Anrich Nortje, Avesh Khan, Mohit Sharma, Keemo Paul, Harshal Patel, Ajinkya Rahane, Tushar Deshpande, Ishant Sharma, Daniel Sams, Alex Carey, Ravichandran Ashwin, Sandeep Lamichhane, Lalit Yadav

Sunrisers Hyderabad Squad: David Warner(c), Jonny Bairstow, Manish Pandey, Wriddhiman Saha(w), Mohammad Nabi, Abhishek Sharma, Priyam Garg, Rashid Khan, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, K Khaleel Ahmed, T Natarajan, Shreevats Goswami, Siddarth Kaul, Shahbaz Nadeem, Kane Williamson, Vijay Shankar, Jason Holder, Basil Thampi, Sandeep Sharma, Bavanaka Sandeep, Billy Stanlake, Fabian Allen, Virat Singh, Sanjay Yadav, Abdul Samad

17:22 hrs IST

DC vs SRH: Head to head

Delhi Capitals vs SunRisers Hyderabad

Matches: 15

SRH Won: 9

DC Won: 6

17:15 hrs IST

IPL 2020, DC vs SRH: Live Score and Updates

Hello and welcome to our live blog on Delhi Capitals vs Sunrisers Hyderabad in Indian Premier League. This is a contest between a Delhi Capitals team that is looking really good at the moment - with two wins in two matches. And a Sunrisers Hyderabad team that appears to be struggling with two defeats in the first two games. DC’s biggest strength is their strong middle-order, and co-incidentally, this is precisely what is SRH’s weakness. Interesting contest in store.

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