IPL 2020 KKR vs MI Highlights: Mumbai Indians beat Kolkata Knight Riders by 49 runs

IPL 2020, KKR vs MI Highlights: Shivam Mavi was stumped on the final ball and KKR could only score 146/9 in 20 overs losing the match by 49 runs. Pat Cummins came to an end as he was caught by Hardik Pandya in James Pattinson’s over. Nikhil Naik was dismissed by Trent Boult. Jasprit Bumrah cleaned up Andre Russell and also dismissed Eoin Morgan in the same over. This is all but over for Kolkata Knight Riders at Abu Dhabu. Kieron Pollard got the big wicket of Nitish Rana who was starting to look dangerous. A good catch in the deep by Hardik Pandya. Kolkata Knight Riders captain Dinesh Karthik was trapped by Rahul Chahar. Sunil Narine was dismissed earlier after he edged one from James Pattinson to Quinton de Kock behind the stumps. Shubman Gill was dismissed as well as he tried to go for a big one as the pressure was building, but he could not get the connection and gave it straight to Kieron Pollard. 

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IPL 2020 KKR vs MI Live Score(Mumbai Indians/Twitter)
IPL 2020 KKR vs MI Live Score(Mumbai Indians/Twitter)
Updated on Sep 23, 2020 11:46 PM IST
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23:40 hrs IST

Mumbai Indians win by runs

GONE! Shivam Mavi is stumped on the final all. Kolkata Knight Riders could only score 146/9 in 20 overs. Mumbai Indians win the match by 49 runs.

23:33 hrs IST

Cummins departs

Pat Cummins departs after scoring 33 in 12 balls. James Pattinson gets a wicket. KKR 141/8

23:30 hrs IST

Good cameo

Pat Cummins has hammered four sixes off Jasprit Bumrah. He is certainly closing some gap here and in style. Cummins has hammered 33 runs in 11 balls.

23:23 hrs IST


Nikhil Naik slices it straight to the fielder. KKR are falling down like a pack of cards. KKR 107/7

23:18 hrs IST

Bumrah to Morgan: OUT

Jasprit Bumrah manages to force a leading edge off Eoin Morgan’s bat. He is caught behind. KKR are 101/6.

23:13 hrs IST

Bumrah to Russell: BOWLED!

OUT! Jasprit Bumrah cleans up Andre Russell and this is Game. Set. Match. for Mumbai Indians. KKR 100/6.

23:12 hrs IST

IPL 2020, KKR vs MI Live: 5 overs left

Two fours in the previous over but it is not enough for. KKR need 96 off 5 overs - which is over 19 runs per over. Jasprit Bumrah into the attack with Andre Russell and Eoin Morgan in the middle.

23:08 hrs IST

Boult to Morgan

Jasprit Bumrah is into the attack as KKR neeed over 100 runs in 5 overs. This is impossible target now for any team to chase - be it the two most dangerous batsmen in the world.

23:05 hrs IST

IPL 2020, KKR vs MI: Morgan hits a six

Eoin Morgan hammers a fuller one from Pattinson for a six - a much needed one for KKR. Is that the start of the Morgan and Andre show at Abu Dhabi?

23:03 hrs IST

James Pattinson into the attack

James Pattinson is into the attack as Andre Russell and Eoin Morgan are still unable to get going. The Required run rate is climbing higher and higher and is now over 16 runs per over.

22:57 hrs IST

Required run rate

Kolkata Knight Riders need 117 runs in 47 balls. Andre Russell is in the middle with Eoin Morgan. Is it possible?

22:54 hrs IST

Pollard gets Nitish Rana

GONE! Kieron Pollard gets his first wicket since IPL 2015 as Nitish Rana slices one outside off stump, but Hardik Pandya caught it in the deep.

22:51 hrs IST

Morgan gets away with a boundary

FOUR! Eoin Morgan gets his first boundary away off Kieron Pollard. It was a soft hit and it still managed to clear the boundary ropes. KKR need more of these.

22:45 hrs IST

Rahul Chahar dismisses Dinesh Karthik

GONE! Rahul Chahar traps Dinesh Karthik. A slow one, and Karthik was trying to hit it for a slow sweep. But mistimed it. Big wicket. KKR 71/3

22:40 hrs IST

Kieron Pollard into the attack

Dinesh Karthik and Nitish Rana have done good to bring KKR back into the contest. It is still a difficult task with the required run rate of 12, but they are puttong on a good fight.

22:35 hrs IST

KKR vs MI Live Score: Nitish Rana hits a boundary

FOUR! Krunal Pandya pitched it outside off stump to Nitish Rana and he slammed it towards midwicket for another boundary. KKR are 64/2

22:33 hrs IST

Krunal to Karthik - FOUR!

A little bit of width on offer from Krunal and Dinesh Karthik pounced on it and hammered it for another boundary. Fantastic shot this from the KKR skipper.

22:30 hrs IST

Rahul Chahar to Nitish Rana - FOUR!

FOUR! Nitish Rana plays a reversee sweep for a boundary. Smart batting from the batsman. KKR cross 50-run mark.

22:28 hrs IST

Rahul Chahar to Dinesh Karthik - FOUR!

FOUR! Fuller, outside off stump from the spinner, Dinesh Karthik plays it inside out over the fielder at short mid wicket for a boundary. How good is Karthik!

22:25 hrs IST

IPL 2020, KKR vs MI score: Karthik hits a FOUR!

CHANCE! Karthik scoops up in the air, but it does not matter. It goes past the fielder for a boundary. That is all what matters for KKR.

22:23 hrs IST

End of powerplay

6 overs gone, Kolkata Knight Riders are 34/2. Rohit Sharma appeared to have pulled his hamstring while fielding in the last over. He stays on in the middle. Hope it is not something too serious.

22:20 hrs IST

Chahar to Rana - SIX!

Rahul Chahar overpitches to Nitish Rana, who launches it over mid-on for the maximum. KKR need more of these to get a chance to fight back.

22:15 hrs IST

Sunil Narine is gone!

GONE! Sunil Narine tries to hit a big shot, but gets caught behind by Quinton de Kock. He jumps up in the air and grabs it mid-air by one hand. KKR in a spot of bother. KKR 24/2

22:13 hrs IST

Pattinson to Dinesh Karthik - FOUR!

A short one from Dinesh Karthik from James Pattinson and he hammers it for a boundary. KKR need more of these.

22:09 hrs IST

Run out chance!

Sunil Narine wanted a single but he would be glad now he did not go through with it. It would have been a run out. This is a slow start for KKR and pressure is building now. 4 overs gone, KKR 19/1

22:05 hrs IST

Boult to Karthik - FOUR!

Great shot from Dinesh Karthik. Pitched it full and outside off stump, Karthik opened the face of the bat and glides it smoothly for a boundary. 3 overs gone, KKR are 18/1

22:02 hrs IST

Boult to Gill - FOUR! OUT!

Shubman Gill hammers a boundary off Trent Boult, but pressure was building and then tried to go for another big one, but Kieron Pollard grabs an easy one. KKR 14/1

21:59 hrs IST

IPL 2020, KKR vs MI: Narine hits a six!

First six of the Kolkata Knight Riders innings and it comes from Sunil Narine’s bat. Fuller from Pattinson, and Narine picks it u p and slogs it towards mid wicket. 2 overs gone, KKR 8/0

21:56 hrs IST

James Pattinson on the other end

James Pattinson is on the other end. Sunil Narine tried to hit a boundary on a wider one but Hardik Pandya pounced on it and stopped the ball. KKR finally off the mark after 9 balls.

21:55 hrs IST

KKR vs MI: Good first over for Mumbai Indians

A maiden! Superb start by Trent Boult. Shubman Gill did not look in trouble but Boult gave him nothing to free his arms. Just the start MI wanted.

21:52 hrs IST

Rohit Sharma not in the field

Deep Dasgupta says MI captain Rohit Sharma is not the field. Anukul Roy is in as the substitute fielder. Kieron Pollard leading MI then? It has to be him in Rohit’s absence.

21:51 hrs IST

Narine and Gill to open for KKR

Sunil Narine and Shubman Gill walk out to open the batting for KKR. A lot has been said about Gill being the next big thing, he has a chance to back that up and Narine only knows one way to play. Exciting powerplay coming up folks. It should be Trent Boult with the new ball for MI. And yes, it is Boult

21:49 hrs IST

KKR chase coming up

With dew to help the powerpacked KKR batting line-up, we can bank them to chase this down. But MI won’t make it easy for sure.

21:39 hrs IST

IPL 2020, MI vs KKR Live: KKR need 196 to chase

Kolkata Knight Riders need 196 runs to chase in 20 overs. This is a huge task especially with a dangerous Jasprit Bumrah breathing fire down the KKR openers. We will be back for the chase. Stay tuned.

21:32 hr IST

DRS wasted!

KKR have wasted their DRS but it does not really matter with just four balls remaining. But it is a wide ball and an extra run for Mumbai Indians. Mavi to KP - four balls left.

21:30 hrs IST

DRS call from KKR - Is that out!???

KKR captain Dinesh Karthik has called for a DRS review for a caught behind appeal. The ball appeared to have missed the bat and was going outside the wide mark. THe umpire gave it wide, a feeble appeal from Mavi and DK called for a review - What will happen here!?

21:24 hrs IST

Hit wicket!

Hardik Pandya leaves a wide one from Andre Russell, but the top of his his bat clips off one tiny bail and he has to walk back. He walks back with a wry smile. MI 180/5

21:22 hrs IST

Andre Russell in the attack

This is an interesting equation - KKR’s most dangerous batsman is now bowling to Mumbai Indians’ two most dangerous batsmen. What will happen here?

21:17 hrs IST

IPL 2020 Live Score: Mavi to Rohit Sharma - GONE!

A low full toss from Shivam Mavi - Mavi tried to go for a slow yorker. Rohit Sharma played it full toss, but could not get the connection he wanted. Caught by Pat Cummins in the deep.

21:14 hrs IST

Shivam Mavi to Rohit Sharma - FOUR!

FOUR! Again a short delivery from Shivam Mavi, and Rohit Sharma goes back inside his crease and launches it into the air. One bounce and four more!

21:11 hrs IST

Can Cummins find a way back against Pandya?

NO! A short delivery again and this time Hardik Pandya has pulled this one to midwicket for the maximum! Cummins now has given 49 runs in 3 overs.

21:08 hrs IST

Cummins to Pandya - FOUR! FOUR!

Sensational timings from Hardik Pandya as he hammers Pat Cummins for two boundaries. Pandya has joined the party. Can he be stopped?

21:05 hrs IST

Pat Cummins into the attack

Pat Cummins is facing off against Hardik Pandya now. Rohit Sharma tried to go for a big one, but mistimed it. Luckily, it landed in no man land.

21:03 hrs IST

IPL 2020 Live Score: Stats attack!

Worst ER in death overs (16-20) in IPL 2019

11.34 RR

11.25 KKR *

11.23 RCB

10.48 KXIP

KKR picked the fewest wicket also in this phase - 20.

21:02 hrs IST

MI vs KKR - Live!

Hardik Pandya has arrived to the middle. Kieron Pollard will be next. Only four overs gone, this will be a difficult phase for KKR to contain the run flow.

20:57 hrs IST

MI vs KKR Live Score: Narine gets a wicket

GONE! Sunil Narine plays a slow one and Saurabh Tiwary tries to go for the big one. Did not get the connection he wanted. Flies straight into Pat Cummins’ hands. MI 147/3

20:56 hrs IST

Pat Cummins proving to be expensive

KKR seamer Pat Cummins has been hit for 30 runs in 2 overs. Not the best of starts for the seamer. 15 overs gone, MI 147/2. Here comes Sunill Narine into the attack, his final over.

20:53 hrs IST

MI vs KKR Live: Pat Cummins to Saurabh Tiwary - SIX!

SIX! Welcome back to the Indian Premier League Pat Cummins. Fuller from Cummins and Tiwary plays it inside out towards long on for the maximum!

20:50 hrs IST

Pat Cummins is back

Pat Cummins was hammered for 15 runs in his first over. He needs to come back much strong. What happens in this first over? FOUR! Saurabh Tiwary hits him straight for a boundary.

20:47 hrs IST

Rohit Sharma: Stats attack

Rohit Sharma has currently hit 6 sixes in his innings todat. Doing so, completes 200 sixes in IPL and becomes the 4th player to do so in IPL.

Chris Gayle: 326

AB de Villiers: 214

MS Dhoni: 212

Rohit Sharma: 200*

20:45 hrs IST

Rohit Sharma vs Kuldeep Yadav: SIX!

Kuldeep Yadav bowls a slow andn short one and that was right in Rohit Sharma’s area. He waited and then pulled it miles into the stands. 84 m. 5 sixes now. Needs one more to join 200 sixes club.

20:43 hrs IST

MI vs KKR Live: Things are starting to slow down

Mumbai Indians are seeing things slow down for them in the past five overs. Kuldeep Yadav and Sunil Narine have done a good job in tying the shackles. 13 overs gone, MI are 115/2.

20:37 hrs IST

MI vs KKR Live Score: Sandeep Warrier into the attack

Sandeep Warrier has come into the attack again. Can he get a wicket here? TOO WIDE AND BANG! FOUR MORE! Rohit Sharma is on strike and you just cannot bowl that wide.

20:32 hrs IST

100 up for Mumbai Indians

Mumbai Indians have crossed the 100-run mark. Saurabh Tiwary is in the middle instead of Hardik Pandya. That is a strange call. MI are slowing down, and someone like Pandya or Pollard could have set them up for big nine overs.

20:28 hrs IST

That’s a RUN OUT!

GONE! Suryakmar Yadav tried to complete the second run after Rohit Sharma pushed for a double. But he failed to make the run. Fantastic throw from Eoin Morgan. Big, big wicket! SK yadav departs for 47. MI 99/1

20:25 hrs IST

MI vs KKR Live: 10 overs gone

10 overs gone, and Mumbai Indians are starting to slow down now. Only 11 runs in the past two overs from Sunil Narine and Kuldeep Yadav. Is this the silence before the storm?

20:20 hrs IST

IPL 2020 Live Score: Good over for KKR

KKR vs MI Live Score: Finally, a good over for Kolkata Knight Riders. Sunil Narine gives away just 5 runs after the Strategic Time out. Here comes Kuldeep into the attack.

20:17 hrs IST

Sunil Narine into the attack

Sunil Narine replaces Andre Russell into the attack. He will now bowl from the other end. Can he get the break through here after the break?

20:11 hrs IST

MI vs KKR Live: Suryakumar Yadav goes for a six!

Kuldeep Yadav bowls a fuller one and Suryakumar Yadav hits it for the maximum. Inside out, and it travels miles into the stands. Difficult shot but it pays off.

20:09 hrs IST

Another change for KKR - Kuldeep replaces Narine

Kuldeep Yadav has been brought into the attack. He replaces Sunil Narine who was hit for two boundaries in his first over. Good change, this one.

20:06 hrs IST

Rohit Sharma vs Andre Russell - FOUR and SIX!

Andre Russell bowls the same line to Rohit Sharma where he has already struck two sixes. The Kolkata Knight Riders bowlers are not learning from each other. Rohit Sharma is on absolute fire.

20:05 hrs IST

IPL 2020 Live Cricket Score: Andre Russell replaces Pat Cummins

This is a dangerous sign for Dinesh Karthik about how expensive Pat Cummins was in his first over. Andre Russell is into the attack.

20:02 hrs IST

Rohit Sharma vs Sunil Narine - FOUR!

There has been a lot of chatter about how many times has Sunil Narine dismissed Rohit Sharma. But the Mumbai Indians captain has really improved in the last three years. He showcases this as he hammers a boundary towards the leg side

20:00 hrs IST

KKR vs MI: Sunil Narine into the attack

FOUR! Welcome back, Sunil Narine! Suryakumar Yadav steps back into his crease and hammers it over the fielders at circle for a boundary. MI cross the 50-run mark in just the 6th over.

19:57 hrs IST

Rohit Sharma vs Pat Cummins - SIX AGAIN!

Another fuller one from Pat Cummins and Rohit Sharma skies it off in style 74 metres into the stands. Expensive start for Pat Cummins. He gives away 15 runs in his first over.

19:54 hrs IST

IPL 2020 KKR vs MI Live: Rohit Sharma vs Pat Cummins - SIX!

Fuller delivery from Pat Cummins, angling at Rohit Sharma, and the Mumbai Indians captain has hammered it for the maximum at long-on. That is not the right line to bowl to Rohit.

19:51 hrs IST

IPL 2020, KKR vs MI: 4 overs gone

It has been a good start for Mumbai Indians, reaching 37/1 in 4 overs. Despite losing Quinton de Kock early Mumbai are looking strong. First change for KKR - Pat Cummins into the attack.

19:48 hrs IST

Rohit Sharma becomes highest run-scorer against KKR

Rohit Sharma was five runs away from becoming the highest run-scorer against KKR. He is now at 10, and surpasses David Warner to reach the record.

19:44 hrs IST

Suryakumar Yadav on fire!

FOUR! FOUR! FOUR! Fuller from Warrier, Suryakumar Yadav goes square and it races to the boundary. Two balls later, SK fires a wide one for a boundary. Next ball, fuller, and the batsman drifts it on to the on-side for the third boundary of the over.

19:42 hrs IST

MI vs KKR: Suryakumar Yadav gets lucky!

FOUR! Short and wide from Sandeep Warrier, Suryakyumar Yadav gets his bat on it. Leading edge, and it just goes over the stumps for a boundary.

19:41 hrs IST

What a start for Shivam Mavi

Shivam Mavi’s first over for Kolkata Knight Riders against Mumbai Indians turned out to be a maiden wicket over. Quinton de Kock had to go back. Good start for KKR.

19:37 hrs IST

Quinton de Kock is OUT!

GONE! Shivam Mavi has knocked down the big fish. Lovely seam position, bowls it short and on an angle, de Kock top edges it miles into the air. Lands straight into Nikhil Naik’s hands. First blow for Mumbai, MI 8/1.

19:34 hrs IST


Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma hits first six of the match to end Sandeep Warrier’s over. That’s what happens. Good over, then a wide ball, concentration loses, and bang! Wide and full, Rohit slammed that one for the maximum. Shivam Mavi into the attack on the other end.

19:32 hrs IST

MI vs KKR Live Score: Good start for KKR against MI

Sandeep Warrier starts strong as he has tied Rohit Sharma into shackles. He is finding it hard to get going at the moment. Only one run given away so far. Can he finish strong here?

19:30 hrs IST

IPL 2020, KKR vs MI: HERE WE GO!

IPL 2020, KKR vs MI: Rohit Sharma and Quinton de Kock out to bat for Mumbai Indians. Sandeep Warrier starts the attack for Kolkata Knight Riders.

19:27 hrs IST

The players are stepping down to field

KKR vs MI: The players for both the teams are stepping down to the middle and it will be interesting to see who starts the attack for Kolkata - Russell or Cummins. Last three seasons, Rohit Sharma has averaged 25 in the IPL.

19:24 hrs IST

Shah Rukh Khan pays tributes to KKR fans

The Badshah of Bollywood and Kolkata Knight Riders co-owner Shah Rukh Khan sends an emotional message for all KKR fans. It is a must watch! 

19:22 hrs IST

Andre Russell speaks to the broadcasters

KKR allrounder Andre Russell: It’s good with some games under my belt before the IPL in the CPL. Not the performances that I wanted but some match practice at least. Hope I go well today. We have to wait and see what’s happening. We can’t say anything as yet and hope we can start with a win as well.

19:18 hrs IST

IPL 2020, KKR vs MI: Some interesting stats

• 7/7: KKR have won all their last 7 opening matches of IPL, starting from 2013.

• 76%: MI have 76% wins against KKR in IPL — the highest by any team against an opponent in IPL. o MI have won 19 out of 25 encounters against KKR in IPL and lost 6.

• 1/10: KKR have won only 1 out of their last 10 encounter against Mumbai Indians in IPL. • 150: This could be Kieron Pollard’s 150th match for Mumbai Indians in IPL.

• 3: Pat Cummins is 3 wickets away from completing 100 wickets in T20s. o He will become the 14th Australian with 100+ wickets in each of the three professional formats of the cricket — FC, List A and T20s.

• 3: Lockie Ferguson is also 3 wickets away from completing 50 wickets in T20s.

• 6: times S Narine has dismissed in R Sharma in IPL and is joint most dismissals of Sharma along with A Mishra and Vinay Kumar.

• 6: Eoin Morgan is 6 sixes away from completing 300 sixes in T20s. o He will become the 1st English cricketer to achieve this feat.

• 8: Morgan is also 8 fours behind reaching 500 fours in T20s. o He will become the 10th English cricketer with 500 fours in T20s.

• 6: Andre Russell is 6 wickets away from completing 300 wickets in T20s. o He can become the 9th bowler overall, 4th pacer and 3rd Caribbean to reach this landmark in T20s.

• 4: Sandeep Warrier is 4 wickets away from 50 wickets in T20s.

• 90: Rohit Sharma is 90 runs away from completing 5,000 runs in IPL. o He can become the 3rd player after Virat Kohli and Suresh Raina.

• 6: Rohit Sharma is 6 sixes away from completing 200 sixes in IPL. o He can become the 4th player in IPL after Chris Gayle, AB de Villiers, and MS Dhoni.

• 100 & 50: Saurabh Tiwary is 4 fours and 4 sixes away from completing 100 fours and 50 sixes in IPL respectively

• 50: Suryakumar Yadav is 3 sixes away from completing 50 sixes in IPL.

• 1000: Suryakumar Yadav and Krunal Pandya are 47 & 106 runs away respectively from completing 1,000 runs for Mumbai Indians in IPL. o Either of them can become the 7th player to reach this landmark for Mumbai Indians in IPL.

• 150: Dhawal Kulkarni is also 3 wickets short of completing 150 wickets in T20s.

• 2: Chris Lynn is 2 sixes away from completing 300 sixes in T20s. o He can become the 3rd Australian to achieve this feat after Watson and Finch.

• 2: With 83 catches currently, Rohit Sharma is 2 catches away from surpassing AB de Villiers and become the outfielder with 2nd most catches in IPL after Suresh Raina (102).

• 41.72: Dinesh Karthik has the best average in KKR among the batters with 10+ innings in IPL for KKR.

• 188.74: Andre Russell has the best SR in KKR among the batters with 125+ balls faced in IPL for KKR.

• 23.31: Sunil Narine has the 2nd best bowling average in KKR among the bowlers with 250+ balls bowled in IPL for KKR after Chris Woakes (22.70).

• 6.67: Sunil Narine has the 3rd best bowling economy in KKR among the bowlers with 250+ balls bowled in IPL for KKR after Murali Karthik (6.62) and Iqbal Abdulla (6.58).

• 9.32 & 45.50: Prasidh Krishna has the worst economy and average for KKR among the bowlers with 250+ balls bowled in IPL for KKR.

• 16.6: Andre Russell has the 2nd best bowling SR for KKR among the bowlers with 250+ balls bowled in IPL for KKR after Chris Woakes (15.5).

• 824: Rohit Sharma is the 2nd highest run-getter against KKR in IPL after David Warner (829).

19:15 hrs IST

KKR in their season openers since 2013

2013: Beat DD by six wkts

2014: Beat MI by 41 runs

2015: Beat MI by seven wkts

2016: Beat DD by nine wkts

2017: Beat GL by ten wkts

2018: Beat RCB by four wkts

2019: Beat SRH by six wkts

19:13 hrs IST

Rohit Sharma vs Sunil Narine

6 times Sunil Narine has dismissed Rohit Sharma in the IPL and is the joint most dismissals of Sharma along with Amit Mishra and Vinay Kumar. Can Narine make it the 7th time?

19:09 hrs IST

KKR Playing XI

Kolkata Knight Riders, as expected, are playing Andre Russell, Eoin Morgan, Sunil Narine and Pat Cummins as their four foreign players.

Kolkata Knight Riders (Playing XI): Sunil Narine, Shubman Gill, Nitish Rana, Eoin Morgan, Andre Russell, Dinesh Karthik(w/c), Nikhil Naik, Pat Cummins, Kuldeep Yadav, Sandeep Warrier, Shivam Mavi

19:06 hrs IST

Mumbai Indians Playing XI

Mumbai Indians have made no changes to the Playing XI they played against Chennai Super Kings. Rohit Sharma will open the innings with Quinton de Kock here.

Mumbai Indians (Playing XI): Rohit Sharma(c), Quinton de Kock(w), Suryakumar Yadav, Saurabh Tiwary, Hardik Pandya, Kieron Pollard, Krunal Pandya, James Pattinson, Rahul Chahar, Trent Boult, Jasprit Bumrah

19:05 hrs IST

Rohit Sharma speaks at the toss

MI captain Rohit Sharma: “What happened in the past it’s past. There are some areas where we need to rectify. Hopefully we don’t make those mistakes. We are playing with the same XI. Having someone like Pollard in the squad is always nice. He is a massive player for us, hopefully he’ll come out and enjoy his game, like he always goes. Malinga like Pollard, has been a massive player for us. It was unfortunate that he couldn’t make it due to personal reasons. That gives an opportunity to others. We need to enjoy our cricket as a squad.”

19:03 hrs IST

Dinesh Karthik at the toss

KKR captain Dinesh Karthik: “We will bowl first. We saw the first game, there was some dew, so we want to make use of it. Really proud to start the tournament today. We got Morgan, Cummins, Russell and Narine. I think they’re really looking forward to this. We are looking forward to the young guys.”

19:00 hrs IST


Dinesh Karthik’s KKR elect to bowl against Rohit Sharma’s MI.

18:55 hrs IST

IPL 2020, KKR vs MI: Toss in 5 minutes

The toss at Abu Dhabi will take place in 5 minutes. Are you ready for the action to begin? What do you think the captains should choose after winning the toss?

18:50 hrs IST

150th appearance for Kieron Pollard for Mumbai Indians

Allrounder Kieron Pollard makes his 150th appearance for Mumbai Indians against Kolkata Knight Riders. He was given the jersey before the toss by Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma.


18:46 hrs IST


PITCH REPORT: “Square of the wicket - 73 m. 76 down the ground. The wicket has a nice grass covering, so you can expect some good amount of runs scored here. The boundaries are much bigger and with the wind factor coming into play, you wouldn’t expect as many sixes. Last night there were 33 sixes hit, I guess. So a lot lesser today as compared to that.”

18:42 hrs IST

Andre Russell smashes camera with a thunderous shot - WATCH

Kolkata Knight Riders’s star batsman Andre Russell showcased why he is such a dangerous batsman all over the world as he smashed a camera with a thunderous shot at practice.


18:39 hrs IST

Eoin Morgan stats

Eoin Morgan has scored 771 runs in 22 T20 games since IPL 2019. He also led England to the World Cup title in the same period of time. Talk about an impact player!

18:35 hrs IST

Pre-match talk: KKR vs MI, IPL 2020

“It’s good that we are playing them early in the tournament. They are solid side and we are very aware of that. Every year is a fresh year with two good teams and I feel it’s going to be a good game tomorrow. They have a very strong team and it’s two good teams. We’ve prepared well as well” - Dinesh Karthik, KKR captain

It’s very early in the tournament. Three exciting games to begin the tournament. I presume the wicket is going to change, not drastically. They all deteriorate over the months. It’s very hot here. The day games are going to be interesting to follow. With the heat and the humidity, a bit can happen under lights. Whatever we do first, we need to do it well. Obviously, from my point of view, I need to take wickets” - Trent Boult, MI fast bowler

18:27 hrs IST

Key players for Mumbai Indian vs Kolkata Knight Riders

The key players for Mumbai Indians have to be Rohit Sharma and Hardik Pandya. While Rohit Sharma can put pressure on KKR bowling line-up of Pat Cummins, Andre Russell and Sunil Narine pressure early on, Hardik Pandya can do a lot of damage lower down the order. Pandya can also be equally dangerous with the ball.

18:25 hrs IST

Key players for KKR against MI

The key players for Kolkata Knight Riders against Mumbai Indians have to be the very dangerous Andre Russell and Eoin Morgan. Russell does not need time to settle down the middle and he can hit big sixes from the get go. Eoin Morgan, apart from being an explosive batsman is also an equally good leader with a great understanding of the game.

18:21 hrs IST

Jasprit Bumrah form a worry for Mumbai Indians?

Jasprit Bumrah had an insipid performance against Chennai Super Kings as he gave away 43 runs in 4 overs and could only get a wicket. Bumrah has not had best in 2020, and his form could signal some worries for Mumbai. Here is former India cricketer Aakash Chopra on Bumrah’s form:

“Andre Russell vs Jasprit Bumrah is the player battle to watch out for, can there be a player battle better than this. Bumrah is not in great form right now but for good players form is temporary and class in permanent,” Chopra said on his Youtube channel. “Bumrah needs to back himself because till now we have seen that he is not bowling many bouncers or yorkers. Speed has not reduced but the main weapons he has, he seems to be lacking the confidence to use them currently.”

18:12 hrs IST

Burj Khalifa lights up for KKR!

The Burj Khalifa lighted up as Shah Rukh Khan’s Kolkata Knight Riders get ready to begin their campaign against Mumbai Indians. “Before the fireworks tomorrow, here’s the curtain-raiser! We won’t stop, on our way to the Top with upwards arrow above. Thank you @BurjKhalifa for lighting up in #KKR colours. What a welcome to the UAE tonight,” KKR tweeted. READ MORE

18:07 hrs IST

KKR vs MI Predicted XI: Who will play and who will sit out?

IPL 2020, KKR vs MI Predicted XI: We hope you have all your fantasy teams sorted out because this is a contest that will see plenty of interesting player battles. Here is our pick for probable playing XI for both teams today:

KKR Predicted Playing XI: Sunil Narine, Shubman Gill, Nitish Rana, Eoin Morgan, Andre Russell, Dinesh Karthik (c,wk), Pat Cummins, Kuldeep Yadav, Kamlesh Nagarkoti, Shivam Mavi, Prasidh Krishna

MI Predicted Playing XI: Rohit Sharma (c), Quinton de Kock (wk), Suryakumar Yadav, Saurabh Tiwary, Hardik Pandya, Kieron Pollard, Krunal Pandya, Mitchell McClenaghan, Rahul Chahar, Trent Boult, Jasprit Bumrah

18:00 hrs IST

MI vs KKR: A blockbuster in store?

Kolkata Knight Riders are two-time champions and are vying to go for their third title this year. Mumbai Indians have won four titles so far, and are looking to become only the five-time champions. This contest always see much of Bollywood flair, especially with KKR being Shah Rukh Khan’s cricketing home, and Mumbai being SRK’s actual home.

17:54 hrs IST

What are Rohit Sharma and Dinesh Karthik talking about here?

Can you guess what are the two captains from KKR and MI - Dinesh Karthik and Rohit Sharma talking about here in this photo? 

17:47 hrs IST

Can KKR beat MI? Dean Jones has this to say

Former Australia cricketer Dean Jones believes that KKR have a really good squad but coach Brendon McCullum will have to balance his aggressiveness with discipline to give KKR a good chance.

“He (McCullum) is going to be nervous. TKR has been amazing and unbeaten at CPL but most players coach the same way they play, and Brendon just goes after and smash every ball and he might coach this team in the same way and might work for them,” Jones said on Star Sports’ Game Play.

“But history shows, with Gautam Gambhir, he led the team that was structured and disciplined and everybody knew what their role is so we need to see how he goes, like just go and hit every ball, sometimes it works but most of the time it doesn’t but when you are giving freedom you need to have discipline and you don’t want freedom without discipline because it brings chaos,” he added. READ MORE

17:40 hrs IST

Mumbai Indians have arrived to the ground

The players of Mumbai Indians campaign including Kieron Pollard who will be a key player this match have arrived to the ground. Watch video below: 

17:35 hrs IST

KKR vs MI: Some interesting stats

IPL 2020, KKR vs MI: Here are some noteworthy stats from Kolkata Knight Riders and Mumbai Indians’ matches so far.

Matches won by KKR: 6

Matches won by MI: 19

Matched played in India: 22 (KKR 5, MI 17)

Matches played in UAE: 1 (KKR 1, MI 0)

KKR average score against MI: 148

MI average score against KKR: 157

Most runs for KKR: 151 (Andre Russell)

Most runs for MI: 708 (Rohit Sharma)

Most wickets for KKR: 21 (Sunil Narine)

Most wickets for MI: 11 (Hardik Pandya)

Most catches for KKR: 4 (Dinesh Karthik and Andre Russell)

Most catches for MI: 9 (Rohit Sharma and Kieron Pollard)

17:30 hrs IST

IPL 2020, KKR vs MI: Who’s our pick?

Karan Prashant Saxena: Ever since the first season, I have been a Kolkata Knight Riders fan, so my heart wants KKR to win. Although, I feel a lot has been spoken about strained relationship between Andre Russell and captain Dinesh Karthik. So, I am interested to see if there is some fire to the smoke here. Mumbai Indians have to worry about Jasprit Bumrah’s form. If he clicks today, KKR are gone.

Aritra Mukherjee: Yeah, surprisingly, I agree with you, Karan. Bumrah will be the key player for Mumbai Indians and he certainly has a larger role to play in Jasprit Bumrah’s absence. But KKR have a solid batting line-up and if MI miss the mark with the bowling, phew, Lord save them.

17:25 hrs IST

KKR vs MI: Head to Head

Who has had a better record between Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders over the years in Indian Premier League?

Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) vs Mumbai Indians (MI)

Matches: 25

Mumbai Indians Won: 19

KKR Won: 6

17:20 hrs IST

IPL 2020, MI vs KKR: Hello and welcome

Hello and Welcome to our live blog on Mumbai Indians vs Kolkata Knight Riders which will take place at the Abu Dhabi. Mumbai Indians have a lot to prove after losing to Chennai Super Kings in the inaugural game of the season. So, KKR can expect a time fight from Rohit Sharma & co. MI, though, should be wary of Andre Russell, who can take the game away in just one breath.

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