IPL 2020, MI vs SRH Live Score - Mumbai Indians vs Sunrisers Hyderabad, Indian Premier League Match Today in UAE(IPL/Twitter)
IPL 2020, MI vs SRH Live Score - Mumbai Indians vs Sunrisers Hyderabad, Indian Premier League Match Today in UAE(IPL/Twitter)

MI vs SRH Highlights, IPL 2020 Match Today: Clinical Mumbai Indians beat Sunrisers Hyderabad by 34 runs

IPL 2020 Highlights, Mumbai Indians (MI) vs Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH): Fast bowlers Trent Boult, James Pattinson and Jasprit Bumrah picked up two wickets each, helping Mumbai Indians beat Sunrisers Hyderabad by 34 runs in Match No. 17 of the 2020 IPL at the Sharjah Cricket Ground on Sunday. David Warner scored 60 off 44 balls but barring him no other batsmen could cross 30. In the first innings, Krunal Pandya hit an unbeaten 20 off 4 balls, and along with some fireworks from Kieron Pollard, took Mumbai Indians to 208/5 against batting first. MI lost captain Rohit Sharma early. Suryakumar Yadav entertained with 27 off 18 balls but it was the 78-run partnership between Quinton de Kock and Ishan Kishan that brought MI back. De Kock recorded his maiden half-century of the season and top-scored with 65 off 39 balls before SRH dismissed him and Kishan in quick succession, the latter dismissed by a beauty of a catch from Manish Pandey in the deep. However, late fireworks from Pollard, Hardik Pandya and Krunal ensured that MI crossed the 200-run mark.Follow MI vs SRH, IPL 2020 Highlights here:

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19:26 hrs IST

All over! Mumbai Indians win

Defending champions Mumbai Indians have beaten Sunrisers Hyderabad by 34 runs.

19:24 hrs IST

Rashid denies Sandeep singles

Well, Rashid Khan has something in his mind. He’s refused back-to-back singles to Sandeep Sharma. Nothing like getting some good batting practice.

19:21 hrs IST

Bowled him! Second wicket of the over for Bumrah

Full and straight from Bumrah. Abhishek Sharma misses and Bumrah hits. Middle stump goes for a toss. SRH seven down for 172. Bumrah finishes his four overs. 19 gone, SRH need 37 off the last over

19:18 hrs IST

OUT! A top edge and Bumrah gets his revenge

Bowls it quick, over 145 clicks and Abdul Samad holes out to Rohit Sharma at covers. Sunrisers Hyderabad SIX down for 168.

19:15 hrs IST

IPL 2020 Live Score: SIX off first ball!

Bumrah’s first ball of the 18th over gets smashed for six. Length ball and Samad pulls it away for six.

19:13 hrs IST

Fabulous from Trent Boult

The experienced New Zealand quick has mixed it up so well, giving away just 4 from the over. He’s kept it wide, he’s rolled his fingers over the ball, bowled it full. Everything to give Mumbai Indians a strong chance to win this one. SRH 162/5, need 47 runs off 12 balls.

19:10 hrs IST

Is there a chance?

Bumrah gets hit for a SIX and a FOUR off the last two balls of the 17th over. The equation comes down to 51 needed off 18 balls. Sunrisers Hyderabad 158/5.

19:06 hrs IST

MI vs SRH Live Score, IPL 2020: No boundary in more than three overs

The last boundary was hit in the last ball of the 13th over. And that is one thing that’s really hurt the Sunrisers Hyderabad.

19:02 hrs IST

Bumrah back, Sunrisers need 65 off 24

It’s beginning to look difficult for Sunrisers Hyderabad to chase this down. Rohit Sharma is pulling out all the stops, giving the ball to Jasprit Bumrah. Can Abdul Samad and Abhishek Sharma stage a miracle here?

18:58 hrs IST

MI vs SRH Live Score, IPL 2020: GONE! David Warner falls

And Mumbai Indians are over the moon. That was the wicket they needed. A leg cutter from Pattinson and Warner edges it to short third man where Ishan Kishan pulls off the most amazing catch, diving forward. If you thought Manish Pandey’s catch was brilliant, check this out out. None the less... what a blow this is for Sunrisers as a set Warner heads back. 67 needed off 27.

18:55 hrs IST

Five overs remain...

It’s come down to the final five overs of the match. Sunrisers Hyderabad need to knock off 70 runs in these 30 balls. Pattinson into the attack.

18:51 hrs IST

OUT! Priyam Garg out caught in the deep

A fine, fine catch from Rahul Chahar at deep midwicket. It was a full toss but Garg, despite giving it his best, could not timing it as well as he’d have wanted to. Rahul Chahar takes a fine catch diving perilously close to the boundary, but the good thing is that he never touched the ropes.

18:48 hrs IST

Brace up! It’s going to be a humdinger

This game has all the settings for a close finish. MI were pretty much on a similar score but they were helped by Pollard and the Pandya brothers. Who will the Sunrisers turn to?

18:45 hrs IST

IPL 2020 Live Updates: Genius from Pollard, taking the pace off the ball

Kieron Pollard is brining all his experience into use here. He’s bowling it really slow, rolling the off cutters, making connecting the ball just that harder for the batsmen. Just seven off the over. SRH 130/3 in 14 overs.

18:42 hrs IST

Seven overs remain, Asking rate up to over 12 an over

The new batsman is Priyam Garg and along with a set David Warner, Sunrisers Hyderabad will be eyeing for a couple of big overs to get that asking rate under control a little. Kieron Pollard to bowl the 14th over. Could this be the over for SRH?

18:38 hrs IST

OUT! Boult gets Williamson

The softest of dismissals. A slow ball from Boult. Williamson in two minds whether to play or leave and ends up managing the faintest of nicks behind to the keeper. Boult gets his countrymen as SRH lose their third wicket for 117.

18:34 hrs IST

MI vs SRH Live Score: Fifty for Warner

He gets there off 34 balls but it’s been a fine over from Bumrah to give away just six off the over. Just the over Rohit needed, the move has worked. The equation is this: 94 needed off 48 balls. The next three overs are going to be so important.

18: 31 hrs IST

Good move from Rohit

Jasprit Bumrah returns for his second over. Just think what a wicket might do here for Mumbai Indians, especially if it’s of Warner. One of Rohit’s greatest qualities as captain is his bowling changes and you can see why. After a bit of an expensive first over, Bumrah will hope to find his rhythm against Williamson. SRH 115/2 after 12 overs

18:28 hrs IST

100 up for Sunrisers, Warner beginning to look good

The first half of this innings was a struggle for David Warner but the SRH captain is beginning to get his timing back. A six and a four off Krunal Pandya. 15 come off the 11th over. Sunrisers 109/2 in 11 overs. Required rate down to just over 11

18:24 hrs IST

OUT! Pandey holes out

Second wicket down for Sunrisers Hyderabad. Manish Pandey fails to get the timing right on that heave and holes out to Kieron Pollard at long-off. SRH 94/2 in 9.5 overs as out walks Kane Williamson.

18:21 hrs IST

How good was that catch from Manish Pandey? Catch of the tournament so far?


18:18 hrs IST

IPL 2020 Live Score, MI vs SRH: FOUR! Warner cuts Pattinson. SRH inching towards 100

That’s more like it from David Warner. Makes some room for himself and steers the ball between point and short third man. Third boundary for the SRH captain.

18:15 hrs IST

SIX! Warner goes big

Finally, he gets that one alright. Not the best of starts for Rahul Chahar, who now gets hit into the roof. 16 off that over with Sunrisers Hyderabad reaching 86/1. The scoring rate has climbed to over 9.5 an hour as we enter the strategic time out.

18:12 hrs IST

IPL 2020 Live Updates: Rahul Chahar given the ball

And Manish Pandey welcomes him with a maximum. He gets to the pitch of the ball and hammers it out of the ground. It’s probably gone into the highway outside the stadium.

18:10 hrs IST

Eight overs gone, Sunrisers 70/1

It’s been a good start so far for Sunrisers, but Warner will be a bit of a concern. He’s struggling to find the middle of his bat to balls and now the grunts are beginning to emerge as well.

18:06 hrs IST


With the sun in his eyes,Hardik Pandya has put down Manish Pandey at deep point. Pollard dropped it short and Pandey went after it. Hardik running towards the ball seemed to have gotten underneath it but puts down a dolly. He has those shades on though.

18:02 hrs IST

The helmet comes off

David Warner has gotten rid of his helmet, hoping to go after Krunal Pandya, fancying that over the wicket arc. Sunrisers Hyderabad get to 56/1 in the Powerplay, eight more than Mumbai Indians. Krunal Pandya continues to shoot them in.

17:58 hrs IST

IPL 2020, MI vs SRH Live Score: Change in plans

Two consecutive boundaries have forced Bumrah to change his line. He comes round the wicket to Warner. Fifty up for Sunrisers Hyderabad

17:56 hrs IST

Bumrah in, Warner gets back-to-back boundaries

... and the first ball he bowls, Warner carefully guides the ball between point and gully to get his first boundary. Makes it two in a row by crunching the ball through the off side. Warner beginning to find his touch.

17:55 hrs IST

Another four! Pandey positive

Another slower ball, and once again, rightly spotted by Pandey. He smashes the ball for his second boundary. Sunrisers Hyderabad 42/1 after 5 overs. Pretty much neck and neck at this moment.

17:53 hrs IST

Early boundary for Pandey

Just second ball into his innings, Pandey spots the slower ball from Boult and thumps it down the ground for his first boundary. Good positive sing shown by the batsman. He has to make up for that dropped catch of de Kock early in the MI innings.

17:51 hrs IST

OUT! First wicket down for Sunrisers

A slower bouncer from Trent Boult and Bairstow finds the fielder, Hardik Pandya, at third man. Big wicket for Mumbai Indians since Bairstow has started off with some stinging shots. He was foxed by the pace behind that ball as his one hand comes off the bat while he played that shot.

17:48 hrs IST

Fine over from Pattinson...

...Keeps Warner and Bairstow on his toes. Almost had Warner out when he hit the last ball of the over high in the air, but the rub of the green goes the batsman’s way as the ball lands between three fielders converging in the deep. SRH 34/0 after 4 overs

17:46 hrs IST

Warner struggling!

He hasn’t found his timing yet. 24 of the 30 runs have been scored by Bairstow, while Warner is 3 off 8. Pattinson bowling to his Australian teammate. Beats Warner as he comes down the wicket. Still no timing.

17:44 hrs IST

Krunal pitches it short and Bairstow obliges

Marginally short in length and Bairstow latches on the ball to pull it for a six. His second six of the innings. Sunrisers Hyderabad 30/0 after three overs.

17:41 hrs IST

IPL 2020, MI vs SRH Live Score: Krunal Pandya in the attack

Spin introduced early as left-arm spinner Krunal Pandya is given the ball. Jasprit Bumrah will have to wait. He begins with a dot ball to Warner and fires the next ball outside off. No wide. He’s really darting the balls in.

17:39 hrs IST

Bairstow hits back-to-back boundaries

He’s such a fantastic batsman, Jonny Bairstow. Jumps down to James Pattinson and pumps a boundary with a short-arm pull. Next ball, just gets a faint tickle on the ball down his legs. 12 from Pattinson’s first over as Sunrisers Hyderabad get to 20/2 after 2 overs.

17:35 hrs IST

Boult finishes well

After conceding a six, Boult bowls three really good balls to end the over. Sunrisers Hyderabad 8 without loss after the first over. James Pattinson to bowl from the other end.

17:32 hrs IST

SIX! Bairstow is away

Full and wide outside off from Boult and Jonny Bairstow pounces on the opportunity to hit the first six of his and Sunrisers Hyderabad’s innings.

17:25 hrs IST

Out walk Bairstow, Warner

If Sunrisers Hyderabad are to record their highest successful chase in the IPL, a lot will depend on how David Warner and Jonny Bairstow begin. Taken a breath, have you? Well, there’s no time. Action about to resume. Trent Boult to open the bowling for MI.

17:20 hrs IST

Is it enough for Sunrisers Hyderabad

Believe us or not? 209 is going to be the lowest chase at the Sharjah Cricket Ground. When was the last time you thought you’d heard 200 and lowest in the same sentence. Guess that’s the beauty of IPL. Second innings resuming shortly.

17:15 hrs IST

MI vs SRH Live Score, IPL 2020: Krunal Pandya 20* off 4, Mumbai Indians post 208/5

A six to finish things off. Krunal Pandya hammers 20 off 4 balls (2 fours, 2 sixes). 21 runs come off the final over of the innings as Mumbai Indians finish on a strong total of 208/5.

17:13 hrs IST

14 off 3 balls for Krunal Pandya

Fabulous start by Krunal Pandya, smokes the first ball (a slower one) for a six and follows it with back to back boundaries. 200 up for Mumbai Indians

17:10 hrs IST


Full and straight from Sid Kaul and Pandya is clean bowled. No room given whatsoever and the batsmen misses a swipe towards mid wicket. Great start to the over by Kaul, with a single and a wicket.

17:08 hrs IST

Natarajan bowls out

19 overs gone, Mumbai Indians 187/4. 13 runs come off Natarajan’s final over, including a six and four. Last over remains, can MI get to 200, or possibly more? With Pollard and Pandya batting, we say definitely. Sid Kaul to bowl the last over.

17:04 hrs IST

IPL 2020 Live Updates: Third six for Pollard

Nataraj tries to bowl outside off but it ends up being a full toss. The big man gets everything on it and sends the ball screaming over the boundary at long-off. Incredible timing and power!

17:02 hrs IST

Review for an LBW

Pandya misses a swipe on the legside as the ball hits the bottom of his boot. Huge appeal but turned down by the umpire, but Warner and SRH go upstairs. Pitches outside leg, impact outside leg. Pandya survives. MI 174/4. two overs remain

17:01 hrs IST

Another full toss, another SIX

Sharma misses his length again. Bowls another full toss round the wicket and Pollard doesn’t miss it. Second six off the over. Anyone else would have found the fielder but Pollard’s extra power is enough to beat a leaping Rashid Khan at deep square leg boundary.

16:58 hrs IST

Pollard’s first SIX!

The big man couldn’t have asked for a gift sweeter than the low full toss from Sandeep Sharma. Pollard packs a punch behind it and the ball sails over the ropes. Couldn’t quite get that yorker right.

16:56 hrs IST

IPL 2020 OR MI vs SRH Live Score: Four singles to follow

After getting hit for a six off the first ball, Natarajas has come back strong to give away just four singles off the next five balls. Keeps it full and outside off, not allowing either Pandya or Pollard to free the arms.

16:54 hrs IST

Thumping SIX from Pandya!

As expected, Hardik Pandya gets going, welcoming T Natarajan’s new spell by tonking a six. Length ball from the left-armer but Pandya put everything behind that hoick. The ball went sailing into the stands.

16:52 hrs IST

Rashid finishes his four overs

It is safely negotiated from Kieron Pollard and Hardik Pandya, scoring just two off it. Yes, 2 runs off the 16th over, but now that Rashid has bowled out, expect some fireworks from these two batsmen. MI 149/4 in 16

16:48 hrs IST

OUT! What a catch from Manish Pandey

He’s been a little rough on the field, but that’s a thing of the past. Manish Pandey puts a full stretched dive to take a stunning catch, which sends Ishan Kishan back for 31 (23 balls). Could very well be the catch of the tournament so far.

16:46 hrs IST

IPL 2020 OR MI vs SRH Live Score: SIX, FOUR for Pandya

Kung-FU Pandya is on his way. Tonks a length ball from Sandeep Sharma, and the ball goes through a diving David Warner’s hands for a six. Next ball, he crashed the ball through covers.

16:44 hrs IST

Stage set for Hardik Pandya

Pandya has a strike rate of over 150 in the death overs and it’s the perfect time for the all-rounder to get in the scheme of things.

16:40 hrs IST

SIX! Ishan Kishan takes over

Usually, when the wicket of a set batsman falls, the other set batsmen plays cautiously. But not Ishan Kishan, who pulls out a slow sweep and sends the ball flying over mid wicket. Mumbai Indians 134/3, six overs remain.

16:38 hrs IST

OUT! de Kock falls to Rashid

A breakthrough at least. Rashid Khan, bowling his third over, has dismissed Quinton de Kock for 67 (39 balls). It was a wrong one which de Kock failed to read. Top edged the ball in the air and Rashid did a good job to get underneath the ball. It was swirling in the air as it came down by he poised himself to take the catch.

16:35 hrs IST

IPL 2020 Live Score: WHACK! Six more

Classic fro de Kock! Opens his arms and smacks the ball over deepmidwicket. It’s his fourth six of the innings. His partnership with Ishan Kishan has now added 78 off 44 balls. Mumbai Indians on a roll, reaching 126/2 in 13 overs. This has be another 200-plus total from here on.

16:32 IST

De Kock scoops, the de Kock of old emerges

He missed scoring a boundary off free-hit but de Kock scoops a boundary to the right of Jonny Bairstow for a boundary. He’s roared back in form and in some style too. What must Manish Pandey be thinking?

16:30 hrs IST

No-ball, Free-Hit coming up...

The third umpire has called a No-ball. Siddarth Kaul oversteps. Not what he or SRH need at the moment.

16:26 hrs IST

IPL 2020, MI vs SRH Live Score: Williamson back

Fifty for de Kock. Gets there off 32 balls with a six down the wicket off Williamson. Ishan Kishan joins in on the fun too with a six off his own. Williamson’s second over goes for 17. Mumbai Indians 111/2 after 12 overs.

16:22 hrs IST

Rashid bowls a tight over

Just 4 off the over, four singles off Rashid Khan’s second over. 11 overs bowled, Mumbai Indians 94/2. Kishan and de Kock’s partnership has reached 46 off 31 balls.

16:19 hrs IST

Well hello, Kane Williamson has been given the ball

Muttiah Muralitharan says they’ve turned to him because they’re a bowler short. Also infirms that Williamson has been bowling for the last two weeks. How about that? Williamson even starts well, a streaky inside edge that goes through Bairstow’s legs.

16:15 hrs IST

Good over for Mumbai Indians

16 come off Abdul Samad’s second over. A four, a six, a couple of twos to go with two singles. De Kock has raced to 40 off 25 balls. Returns to form in time. MI 83/2 after 9 overs

16:12 hrs IST

SIX! de Kock goes straight off Samad

Right in the slot and de Kock bludgeons the ball down the wicket. Second six for him as the South Africa captain finally seems to be finding back his form. Follows it with another boundary three balls later.

16:10 IST

IPL 2020 Live Score: Rashid Khan into the attack

And after de Kock tool a single off the first ball, Ishan Kishan sweeps the leg-spinner away for a one-bounce four. Early boundary for the young wicketkeeper. Also, nearly a wicket after de Kock plays a reverse sweep. The ball almost rolled back onto the stumps. Eight runs off Rashid’s first over as MI reach 67/2 after 8 overs

16:08 hrs IST

SIX for de Kock

Pulls a short ball from Abdul Samad and Manish Pandey, at deep midwicket parries the ball over the rope after failing to hold on to a catch. Rare blip for Pandey, considered one of the best Indian fielders. MI 59/2 after 7 overs

16:05 hrs IST

Lowest Powerplay score this IPL in Sharjah

Well, believe it or not. Mumbai Indians’ 48 is the lowest ever scored in Powerplay at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium in this edition of the IPL. Lowest in seven innings.

16:01 hrs IST

OUT! Soft dismissal

Sometimes you don’t need a great delivery to get a wicket. That’s what happened. A knuckle ball down the leg. Suryakumar Yadav could have hit it anywhere, but picked out the fielder at short fine leg. Yadav would be kicking himself. He goes for 27 off 18. 10 off the over as Mumbai Indians reach 48/2.

15:59 hrs IST

Four to start an over

First ball of Kaul’s second over and Yadav starts it with a boundary. A below the waist full toss and Yadav just guides it past the fielder at short fine leg. This is his fifth boundary off Kaul’s seven balls.

15:57 hrs IST

Natarajan comes back strong

After conceding a four off the first ball, T Natarajan bowls a fine over, by giving away just two more. Six off the over as MI reach 38/1 after 4 overs.

15:53 hrs IST

Second boundary for de Kock!

Natarajan starts with a full delivery, on de Kock’s middle and leg stump and the wicketkeeper batsman goes down the ground. He moves to 12 off 8.

15:51 hrs IST

FOUR! Yadav on fire

Sandeep Sharma switches ends but starts off with a loose ball to Yadav. He flicks it away for his fourth boundary off 17 balls. A near caught and bowled chance off the last ball but no harm done. MI 32/1 after 4.

15:48 hrs IST

Three fours in a row

Make that three. Straight down the ground, a bullet drive for Suryakumar Yadav makes it three fours in a row for him and Mumbai Indians. After two quiet overs, this was just the over MI needed. 18 runs come off it. MI 25/1 after 3 overs

15:46 hrs IST

Four for Surya!

Full ball, outside off, and Suryakumar Yadav is away. Strikes back-to-back boundaries off Kaul to get going. Off the mark with a four and follows it with another boundary. Sweetly-timed shots, both.

15:44 hrs IST

MI vs SRH Live Score, IPL 2020: Boundary for de Kock!

First bowling change. Siddarth Kaul replaces Sandeep Sharma and de Kock flicks the first ball for a four. The fast bowler follows it with a wide.

15:42 hrs IST

De Kock off the mark

Quinton de Kock is off the mark with a single, before Suryakumar Yadav played out three dot balls to give T Natarajan a good first over. MI 7/1 after 2 overs.

15:39 hrs IST

What a wicket!

L Sivaramakrishnan aptly put it on air: “Sandeep Sharma, Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s replacement, has dismissed Rohit Sharma in the first over of the match. Sandeep, who is playing his second match of the season, went wicketless against Royal Challengers Bangalore.

15:36 hrs IST

SIX and OUT!

WOW! What a wicket to get in the first over. Rohit Sharma chases a wide ball and nicks it to the keeper. It was given a wide but Jonny Bairstow was convinced there was an edge. Warner went upstairs and Bairstow was right. A huge spike as the ball passes the bat. Mumbai Indians 6/1 after the first over.

15:34 hrs IST

SIX! Rohit Sharma is away

Slightly short of length but it’s good enough for Rohit to plunder the first six of the game. What more, it’s the famous Rohit pull that brings Mumbai Indians’ first runs of the match.

15:31 hrs IST

Play and a miss!

Encouraging start for Sandeep Sharma as he beats Rohit Sharma first ball. Follows it up with two more dot balls, inswinging balls that Rohit plays defensively.

15:29 hrs IST

Rohit, de Kock walk out

 Right then. The opening pair of Rohit and de Kock haven’t put the kind of partnerships expected from them at the top. Expect that to change today. The bowler to start proceedings for SRH is Sandeep Sharma.

15:25 hrs IST

One Thousand Three Hundred Thirty One

Yes, that’s the amount of runs the Sharjah Cricket Ground has produced so far in IPL 2020. Mumbai Indians batsmen must be licking their chops. Great opportunity for Quinton de Kock to end his barren run and get a good score here. If not here, where will he?

15:21 hrs IST

IPL 2020 Live Score: After Rohit won the toss, he patted Warner on his shoulder

Explains how important it was to win the toss. David Warner says he would have loved to bat first too. “We have seen some high totals here but it also gives a chance to the bowlers to pinch a couple of wickets. I think Bhuvi is a big loss for us. It is about making sure the bowlers are communicating and bowling in partnerships again. We have to do that well here today,” he said.

15:17 hrs IST

Rohit Sharma explains reason to bat first

“We will bat first. It has been our strength so we are going to back that. It is a good pitch and as long as you play good cricket, the toss doesn’t really matter. Yes, but to be honest the game against KKR was also a perfect game. We put runs on the board and defended really well. We have a quality bowling line up which is why we back ourselves to come out and puts runs on the board. We have seen few games here, you have to believe and trust your instincts when you play in grounds like these. We know it is a small ground but it also gives the bowlers an opportunity knowing that the batsmen are going to come after them. We are playing the same team.”

15:13 hrs IST

Still no Chris Lynn as Mumbai Indians remain unchanged

1 Quinton de Kock (Wicketkeeper), 2 Rohit Sharma (Captain), 3 Suryakumar Yadav, 4 Ishan Kishan, 5 Kieron Pollard, 6 Hardik Pandya, 7 Krunal Pandya, 8 James Pattinson, 9 Rahul Chahar, 10 Trent Boult, 11 Jasprit Bumrah

15:09 hrs IST

Here’s what Sunrisers Hyderabad’s Playing XI looks like

1 David Warner (Captain), 2 Jonny Bairstow (Wicketkeeper), 3 Manish Pandey, 4 Kane Williamson, 5 Priyam Garg, 6 Abhishek Sharma, 7 Abdul Samad, 8 Rashid Khan, 9 Sandeep Sharma, 10 Siddarth Kaul, 11 T Natarajan

15:05 hrs IST

Mumbai Indians unchanged, Sunrisers Hyderabad make 2 changes

Fast bowlers Sandeep Sharma and Siddarth Kaul are in. Out go Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Khaleel Ahmed, who has done some damage to his groin.

15:01 hrs IST

TOSS: Mumbai Indians bat after Rohit Sharma wins toss

Rohit Sharma calls it right at the toss and pat comes his reply: “We’ll bat first, buddy”

14:56 hrs IST

IPL 2020 Live Score, MI vs SRH: Pitch Report

Simon Doull calls it a bowler’s graveyard. As he and Murali Kartik analyse the surface that will be used for play today, they can’t believe how flat it is. Kartik says there will be no spin for spinners, no movement for bowlers. It has a “Six-Fest” written all over it. Win the toss and opt to bat, Doull reckons.

14:50 hrs IST

Mumbai Indians: Explosive at the death

The Mumbai Indians batsmen have had a terrific outing when it comes to batting in the death overs. Between over 16 and 20, MI have hit the most number of boundaries - 33, among all eight franchises of the IPL 2020 so far.

14:43 hrs IST

Live Score, MI vs SRH IPL 2020: A match full of big hitters!

The Sunrisers Hyderabad-Mumbai Indians game is filled with stars. Rohit Sharma, David Warner, Jonny Bairstow, Kane Williamson, Kieron Pollard, Hardik Pandya, Mohammad Nabi. It’s a long list. The small boundaries of Sharjah is just what these big hitters will look to conquer. In three matches at this venue, a total of 90 sixes have already been hit.

14:36 hrs IST

The Pandya, Pollard power for Mumbai Indians

In this interesting nugget, Hardik Pandya has a strike rate of 240 in the death overs while Pollard’s read 260. Still surprised why MI sent Pollard and Pandya in the Super Over?

14:29 hrs IST

Rahul Chahar ahead of Yuzvendra Chahal, Rashid Khan

Mumbai Indians leg-spinner Rahul Chahar has bagged six wickets from four games, which is one more than the likes of Yuzvendra Chahal, Piyush Chawla, Rashid Khan, Rahul Tewatia and Murugan Ashwin, making him the leading wicket-taker by a spinner in IPL 2020.

14:22 hrs IST

Injury concerns for SRH

Besides Bhuvneshwar, questions also prevail over the availability of all-rounder Vijay Shankar. Provided neither is considered fit for today’s game, will Siddharth Kaul get to play his first game of the season?

14:15 hrs IST

Clash of two openers!

When you think of two of the most solid limited-overs openers of today’s generations, the names Rohit Sharma and David Warner come to mind. The two opening batsmen have come a long way since their verbal altercation in an ODI in Australia in 2015. Warner has mellowed since his 12-month ban, but his bat hasn’t. During the lockdown, the two openers even did a friendly Instagram Live chat. The one thing common between Warner and Rohit, besides being world-class openers is that Sunrisers Hyderabad and Mumbai Indians chances of winning shoot up when they score big.

14:08 hrs IST

IPL 2020 Live Score: MI vs SRH: Less than an hour to go for toss!


14:01 hrs IST

Will Warner go big today?

With scores of 36, 45 and 28, it’s not as if David Warner has not gotten starts in the IPL, barring the first match where he was run out backing too far up at the non-striker’s end. The scenario couldn’t be better for Warner to strike big. He should fancy those small Sharjah boundaries.

13:54 hrs IST

IPL 2020 Live Score: Rahul Chahar threat for Warner?

So far, David Warner has been dismissed three times by a leg-spinner in IPL 2020. He was out to Piyush Chawla against CSK, Amit Mishra against Delhi Capitals and Varun Chakravarthy’s leg-break against KKR. Mumbai Indians have Rahul Chahar up their ranks and the management would be aware of Warner’s struggles against leg-spin.

13:47 hrs IST

Some interesting facts and trivia:

- Manish Pandey is 40 away from completing 3000 runs in IPL.

- Trent Boult is in line to play his 100th T20 match today.

- Rohit Sharma will join Suresh Raina as the second-most capped IPL player in history with 193 matches.

13:40 hrs IST

Will Chris Lynn replace Quinton de Kock?

In four matches, Quinton de Kock has had scores of 33, 1, 14 and 0, and it is likely that Mumbai Indians rest him to give Chris Lynn an opportunity at the top. Lynn was sold to MI for Rs 2 crore at the IPL auction last year and given his successful record for Kolkata Knight Riders, do not count out the possibility of seeing a new opening pair walking out today.

13:33 hrs IST

MI vs SRH, Live Score IPL 2020: A close look at Rashid Khan’s training regimen


13:26 hrs IST

What is Sunrisers’ Playing XI expected to look like?

Despite registering consecutive wins, it is likely that David Warner will not field the same XI that won Sunrisers Hyderabad the game against Chennai Super Kings. Against a strong unit like Mumbai Indians, Warner may alter the Playing XI, with a couple of tactical changes. What could they be. Click here to find out our Predicted XI for the 2016 champions.

13:19 hrs IST

Rohit’s no so encouraging record against SRH

Rohit Sharma has starred with the bat in both the matches that Mumbai Indians have won. However, ahead of the SRH clash, a trivia might worry Rohit and his team, which is the skipper’s underwhelming record against the Sunrisers. Rohit has scored 217 runs at an average of 19.73. These are his worst returns against an active IPL team.

13:12 hrs IST

The Bhuvneshwar Kumar question

Will he play, or won’t he? Bhuvneshwar Kumar pulled up twice during his run-up in the previous game against Chennai Super Kings and walked off the field with the team physio. Skipper David Warner said he “wasn’t too sure” whether Bhuvneshwar will recover in time for Sunday’s clash, and if that is the case, MI will start off with a big advantage.

13:05 hrs IST

IPL 2020 MI vs SRH: Record in the previous five games

If the previous five matches are to be taken into considerations, it’s the Sunrisers Hyderabad who edge Mumbai Indians by a game, leading the score 3-2, including a hat-trick of wins.

12:58 hrs IST

The last time MI and SRH went at it...

It was Match No. 51 of IPL 2019, in which Mumbai Indians tied with Sunrisers Hyderabad with both teams ending on 162/6. Quinton de Kock’s 69 led MI to the total and in response, Manish Pandey top-scored with 71 for the match to end in a tie. Come the Super Over, Mumbai Indians held their nerves and beat Sunrisers Hyderabad with Hardik Pandya hitting a six and helping MI chase nine runs with three balls left.

12:51 hrs IST

MI vs SRH: Head-to-head

In all the editions of the IPL, Sunrisers Hyderabad and Mumbai Indians have faced each other 14 times, and as expected, there’s hardly anything to choose between them. SRH share a slight 7-6 record over MI, while one match ended in a tie.

12:44 hrs IST

Sunrisers Hyderabad not too far behind

The IPL 2020 campaign did not start on the best of notes for Sunrisers Hyderabad, who lost their first two matches to Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kolkata Knight Riders. But two wins from two matches thereafter, against Delhi Capitals and Chennai Super Kings have done their confidence a world of good, and the current team combination seems to be working for them. The 2016 IPL champions have shown early why they cannot be counted out at any time during the tournament.

12:37 hrs IST

Mumbai Indians’ story so far in IPL 2020

It will be tough to pick a favourite between these two sides, because there isn’t much to choose from their performance in the IPL 2020 so far. Defending champions Mumbai Indians started with a defeat to Chennai Super Kings before roaring back to comprehensively beat Kolkata Knight Riders. Against RCB, they lost a tight match in the Super Over and came back strong by defeating Kings XI Punjab by 48 runs. They haven’t allowed too many losses to build on them

12:30 hrs IST

IPL 2020, MI vs SRH live score

Hello and welcome, dear viewers! It’s time for the second double-header of the IPL as two rejuvenated sides, Mumbai Indians and Sunrisers Hyderabad face each other at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium. This venue, thanks to its small boundaries, have produced run-fests to far in the IPL, with teams effortlessly scoring 200. And with explosive batsmen up both MI and SRH’s ranks, another match filled with runs cannot be counted out. Rohit‘s MI have chased down big targets in the past and SRH have a history of defending small totals. The latter will take some doing given the history of teams batting first and putting up strong totals. Stay tuned, folks. We are just getting started.

Shardul Thakur raises his bat after completing a maiden Test fifty. (Getty Images)
Shardul Thakur raises his bat after completing a maiden Test fifty. (Getty Images)

'A natural ball striker and clean hitter': Moody on Sundar-Thakur counter-attack

By hindustantimes.com, New Delhi
UPDATED ON JAN 17, 2021 06:19 PM IST
  • Sundar and Thakur’s knocks were lauded by the entire cricketing fraternity with former Australia all-rounder Tom Moody highly impressed with their rearguard.
India's Shardul Thakur, left, and teammate Washington Sundar talk during play on day three of the fourth cricket test between India and Australia at the Gabba, Brisbane, Australia.(AP)
India's Shardul Thakur, left, and teammate Washington Sundar talk during play on day three of the fourth cricket test between India and Australia at the Gabba, Brisbane, Australia.(AP)

Sundar, Thakur lead India fightback but Australia still lead by 54 runs

UPDATED ON JAN 17, 2021 04:42 PM IST
Washington (62) and Thakur (67) added 123 runs for the seventh wicket after India lost four wickets.
Josh Hazlewood bowls on Day 3. (Getty Images)
Josh Hazlewood bowls on Day 3. (Getty Images)

'He plays a massive role for them': Hazlewood glad to remove 'key' India batsman

By hindustantimes.com, New Delhi
UPDATED ON JAN 17, 2021 04:58 PM IST
  • India vs Australia: Each wicket is special for Hazlewood but the fast bowler is highly content with one dismissal in particular.
Virat Kohli and Shardul Thakur
Virat Kohli and Shardul Thakur

'Tula parat manla': Kohli tweets for Shardul, Manjrekar explains story behind it

By hindustantimes.com
UPDATED ON JAN 17, 2021 02:36 PM IST
Virat Kohli used three words in Marathi towards the end of his Tweet to applaud Shardul Thakur. Explaining the meaning of 'tula parat manla', former India batsman Sanjay Manjrekar narrated an interesting story behind Kohli's choice of words.
India's Shardul Thakur, left, and teammate Washington Sundar talk during play on day three of the fourth cricket test between India and Australia at the Gabba, Brisbane, Australia, Sunday, Jan. 17, 2021. (AP Photo/Tertius Pickard)(AP)
India's Shardul Thakur, left, and teammate Washington Sundar talk during play on day three of the fourth cricket test between India and Australia at the Gabba, Brisbane, Australia, Sunday, Jan. 17, 2021. (AP Photo/Tertius Pickard)(AP)

Sundar breaks 110-yr-old record, Thakur top scores as Twitter goes crazy

By hindustantimes.com
UPDATED ON JAN 17, 2021 02:22 PM IST
Both Washington Sundar and Shardul Thakur registered many records to their names. Sundar broke a 110-year old record in Test matches in Australia. Here is how Twitter reacted to Sundar and Thakur’s records and their 123-run seventh-wicket stand.
South Africa return to training. (Cricket South Africa)
South Africa return to training. (Cricket South Africa)

South Africa squad clears Covid tests after arriving in Pakistan

PTI, Karachi
PUBLISHED ON JAN 17, 2021 10:37 PM IST
  • The South Africa squad, which includes 21 players, underwent their first Covid-19 tests soon after landing on Saturday.
The BCCI logo. (PTI)
The BCCI logo. (PTI)

BCCI remains undecided on Ranji or Vijay Hazare Trophy

PTI, New Delhi
PUBLISHED ON JAN 17, 2021 10:17 PM IST
  • A decision on Ranji Trophy was expected to be taken in the meeting on Sunday but the members could not find a consensus.
Washington Sundar (L) and Shardul Thakur during their partnership. (Getty Images)
Washington Sundar (L) and Shardul Thakur during their partnership. (Getty Images)

Ind vs Aus: ‘I knew that was coming,’ Sundar on Thakur’s six to get to fifty

By hindustantimes.com, New Delhi
PUBLISHED ON JAN 17, 2021 08:52 PM IST
  • India vs Australia: Shardul Thakur danced down the wicket to Nathan Lyon and dispatched the off-spinner over the ropes.
Shardul Thakur and Washington Sundar staged one of India's most admirable rearguard. (Getty Images)
Shardul Thakur and Washington Sundar staged one of India's most admirable rearguard. (Getty Images)

India vs Australia: The fight club finds new faces

By Somshuvra Laha, New Delhi
PUBLISHED ON JAN 17, 2021 07:51 PM IST
  • India vs Australia: Stronger teams have toured Australia, few as brave as this bunch.
Indian team coach Ravi Shastri,(AP)
Indian team coach Ravi Shastri,(AP)

'Ravi Shastri gets trolled just for the heck of it sometimes': Ex-Ind opener

By hindustantimes.com
UPDATED ON JAN 17, 2021 07:12 PM IST
WV Raman was not the only one praising India head coach Ravi Shastri after India’s fightback in the fourth Test against Australia. Former England captain Michael Vaughan too took to Twitter to applaud Shastri.
Jack Leach in action. (Reuters)
Jack Leach in action. (Reuters)

1st Test: Leach takes five as nervous England near victory

Reuters, Galle
PUBLISHED ON JAN 17, 2021 06:26 PM IST
England made a nervous start to their pursuit of a modest target of 74 and closed day four on 38 for three on Sunday.
Marnus Labuschagne appealing(Screenshot from Fox cricket video)
Marnus Labuschagne appealing(Screenshot from Fox cricket video)

'What planet he was on?': Waugh, Gilchrist roast Marnus for 'worst appeal'

By hindustantimes.com
UPDATED ON JAN 17, 2021 06:08 PM IST
India vs Australia: Marnus Labuschagne left former Australia cricketer Adam Gilchrist and Mark Waugh bemused with an outrageous appeal against India's Washington Sundar on Day 3 of the Brisbane Test.
Hardik Pandya with father Himanshu Pandya.(Twitter/Hardik Pandya)
Hardik Pandya with father Himanshu Pandya.(Twitter/Hardik Pandya)

'Rest in peace my king': Hardik Pandya's tribute for late father Himanshu Pandya

By hindustantimes.com
PUBLISHED ON JAN 17, 2021 04:30 PM IST
India all-rounder Hardik Pandya on Sunday said he will miss his father's presence each day in his life.
Shardul Thakur spanks a four. (Getty Images)
Shardul Thakur spanks a four. (Getty Images)

'Australian players were trying to have a conversation with me,' reveals Thakur

By hindustantimes.com, New Delhi
UPDATED ON JAN 17, 2021 03:59 PM IST
  • India vs Australia: Shardul Thakur's innings, on expected lines, seemingly got under the skin of Australia, with the fast bowler explaining that the opposition reacted by chirping away a few words at him.
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