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RCB vs KKR Highlights, IPL 2020 Match Today: Royal Challengers Bangalore defeat Kolkata Knight Riders by 82 runs

IPL 2020 Highlights, RCB vs KKR: Virat Kohli-led Royal Challengers Bangalore defeated Dinesh Karthik’s Kolkata Knight Riders by 82 runs in the 28th Indian Premier League (IPL) match today in Sharjah. Follow the highlights of RCB vs KKR IPL 2020 match...

By | Oct 12, 2020 23:46 IST

IPL 2020 Highlights, Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) vs Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR): Chris Morris and Washington Sundar were among the wickets after AB de Villiers top-scored with 73* as Royal Challengers Bangalore defeated Kolkatat Knight Riders by a huge margin of 82 runs. After opting to bat first, RCB posted 194 for 2 in their quota of 20 overs. Aron Finch (47) and Devdutt Padikkal (32) provided a terrific start. Post their dismissals, Virat Kohli (33*) and de Villiers stitched a 100-wicket stand for the 3rd wicket. In reply, KKR were restricted to 112 for 9. Morris (2/17) and Sundar (2/20) picked up two wickets each. Navdeep Saini (1/17), Siraj (1/24), Yuzvendra Chahal (1/12) and Isuru Udana (1/19) settled with a wicket apiece.

Follow the RCB vs KKR IPL 2020 Highlights here:

23:07 hrs IST

Match ends - RCB win

That’s it form the match. Kolkata Knight Riders finish with 112 for 9 in 20 overs, lose to Royal Challengers Bangalore by 82 runs.

23:04 hrs IST

Chahal’s impressive figures in IPL 2020

Top 5 economical spells at Sharjah in an innings with 4 overs bowled this year

22:58 hrs IST

100-up for KKR

KKR manage to notch three figures in the 18th over. RCB bowler did an exceptional job to cause Kolkata Knight Riders’ downfall in Sharjah. Win awaits for Virat Kohli & Co.

22:53 hrs IST

Siraj to Rahul Tripathi - OUT!

OUT! Siraj bowls it in the pitch but a late pull froom Rahul Tripathi causes the damage. Miscued, goes straight up in the air and Morris takes a diving catch at long-on. RCB on top, KKR tumbles - 99/8 after 17 overs.

22:48 hrs IST


Fewest runs conceded at Sharjah in first 10 overs of an innings in IPL 2020

22:44 hrs IST

Morris to Cummins - OUT

OUT! Cummins goes after a wider delivery, lofts it to long-off and Devdutt Padikkal takes an easy catch. RCB inches towards a massive win. KKR - 89/7 after 14.5 overs.

22:37 hrs IST

Isuru Udana to Russell - OUT!

OUT! Andre Russell departs. That’s the wicket RCB wanted desperately. A wide low full-toss and Russell hits it towards the off-side. Mohammed Siraj at extra-cover grabs a dolly and celebrates with his captain.

22:30 hrs IST

Russell dropped on 1 by Padikkal

A slower ball from Morris and Russell hits it hard in the air towards long-off. Devdutt Padikkal slides across and the ball pops out of his hands. Dre-Russ gets a life.

22:24 hrs IST

Sundar to Morgan - OUT!

OUT! Eoin Morgan departs, Isuru Udana takes an easy catch at short third-man. Morgan wished to glide it over extra cover but the back of a length delivery does the job perfectly. Morgan departs for 8, RCB - 64/5

22:20 hrs IST

Chahal to Karthik - BOWLED

BOWLED! KKR skipper goes this time. Karthik goes after leg break and drags the towards the stumps with a thick under-edge. Wickets rattled, Dinesh Karthik departs for 1, KKR - 62/4 after 10.4 overs

22:17 hrs IST

Sundar to Morgan - FOUR

FOUR! Morgan goes inside-out, connects it perfectly and slams it towards extra-cover. A much-needed boundary for KKR.

22:13 hrs IST

Shubman Gill run-out

OUT! That was completely a poor judgement of a run when there was fielder at the cover. Morgan called for a single and Shubman Gill paid the price. Isuru Udana picks the ball on time, throws at the strikers ends and de Villiers does the rest. KKR - 55/3 after 9.3 overs

22:10 hrs IST

Lowest powerplay at Sharjah - KKR: 43/1

22:07 hrs IST

Sundar to Rana - BOWLED

Bowled! Sundar continues his bowling prowess. Rana tried to slog sweep but failed to connect. Sundar continued his wicket-to-wicket bowling and now gets the prize. KKR - 51/2 after 8 overs.

21:56 hrs IST

Washington Sundar into attack

A tidy over to start off his spell. Sundar conceded just 4 runs in the over, reducing KKR’s run flow in the Powerplay. Amazing over this.

21:51 hrs IST

Siraj to Gill - FOUR, SIX

Shubman Gill impresses again. Struck beautifully - first got a boundary over mid-on and then plays a ramp shot to get a maximum over third man. Gill moves to 24, KKR - 39/1 after 5 overs.

21:48 hrs IST

Siraj to Nitish Rana - FOUR

FOUR! Rana off the mark with a four. A beautiful shot to begin his inning in the run chase. A shorter delivery directed towards leg and Rana clips it away for a four towards square leg.

21:45 hrs IST

Saini to Banton - BOWLED

Bowled - Saini gets the breakthrough. Bowled a good length with lot of pace. Banton gets an inside edge that struck the stumps. Saini celebrates, Banton departs for 8 on debut, KKR - 23/1 after 4 overs

21:33 hrs IST

Stat Alert :

First 100 runs stand for RCB in IPL 2020

21:28 hrs IST

Morris to Gill - FOUR

FOUR! A poor delivery from Morris. Shubman Gill picks it beautifully and plays it towards short fine leg for a boundary. Welcome boundary for KKR during the run-chase

21:25 hrs IST

IPL 2020 LIVE Score: Shubman Gill, Tom Banton out to bat

Shubman Gill and Tom Banton out to bat for Kolkata Knight Riders. Chris Morris starts the attack for Royal Challengers Bangalore.

21:16 hrs IST

100-run stand to set Sharjah on fire


21:12 hrs IST

End of RCB ininngs

Virat Kohli manages to take a single off the last ball. Royal Challengers Bangalore finish with 194 for 2 in 20 overs.

21:07 hrs IST

Russell to de Villiers - SIX

SIX! Another maximum off ABD’s willow. His sixth one tonight against KKR. A fuller one from Russell and AB de Villiers slaps it over the long-off boundary.

21:03 hrs IST

Prasidh Krishna to Kohli - FOUR!

FOUR! Kohli just slammed his first boundary after facing 25 balls. Unbelievable but true. Not the way he plays in the shortest format of the game. But it’s never late for the skipper. A fuller delivery, an outside edge and a boundary towards third-man.

20:57 hrs IST

Russell to de Villiers - FOUR, SIX

AB de Villiers suddenly recalled that he is batting at Sharjah stadium and unleashes some of the fireworks to welcome Russell. A boundary over mid-wicket and then an 85-plus-metre six over long-on to bring up his fifty.

20:53 hrs IST

Cummins to de Villiers - SIX, FOUR, dot,dot, SIX

That’s how you bat in the death overs, that too, against a world-class bowler. Virat at the other end claps while everyone in the RCB dugout are jumping off their seats to laud ABD’s marvel. RCB - 148/2 after 17 overs

20:45 hrs IST

Nagarkoti to de Villiers - SIX,SIX

AB de Villiers goes after Kamlesh Nagarkoti and tonks back-to-back sixes. Both launched over mid-wicket. The first one travelled 85 metres while next one went 86 metres away. Mr 360 ensures an award for his powerhitting.

20:40 hrs IST

100-up for RCB

100 runs on the board for RCB. Sharjah happens to be a batsmen’s paradise but today it seems to be favouring the bowlers. Kohli and de Villiers are forced to deal in singles against the KKR attack.

20:36 hrs IST

Prasidh to de Villiers - FOUR

FOUR! An overpitched delivery from Krishna and new man in , AB de Villiers smashes it towards the long-off boundary. ABD opens his account against KKR with a four .

20:32 hrs IST

Krishna to Finch - BOLWED!

BOWLED! A fuller from Prasidh Krishna that ripped off the middle stump. Finch tried to play on the off-side and gets completely beaten. Misses out on a fifty as well. RCB - 94/2 after 12.2 overs

20:21 hrs IST

RCB vs KKR Highlights: Till 10 overs

RCB scored 78 for 1 at the end of 10 overs. They managed to muster 37 runs in the last five overs and lost a wicket. Andre Russell dismissed Devdutt Padikkal (32) in the over.

Highlights: RCB innings, 5th-10th over

20:17 hrs IST

3 overs gone, no boundaries for RCB

Neither Finch nor Kohli could score a boundary since Devdutt Padikkal’s dismissal.

9th over (Varun Chakravarthy) - 3 runs

10th over (Kamlesh Nagarkoti) - 6 runs

11th over (Varun Chakravarthy) - 8 runs

20:13 hrs IST

Time for some spin

Varun Chakravarthy comes in attack and it’s time for some spin at batsmen’s paradise. Skipper Virat Kohli, who had just come in, will face the first ball.

20:07 hrs IST

Russell to Devdutt Padikkal - BOWLED!

BOWLED! Andre Russell draws first blood for KKR. He bowled a fuller delivery that rammed into the wickets, beating Padikkal completely. The youngster departs for 32 after providing an excellent start to the team. RCB - 67/1 after 7.4 overs

20:05 hrs IST

Russell to Padikkal - SIX!

SIX! A cracking shot from the youngster. A change of pace from Russell and Padikkal goes for a one-handed shot. Could have been a chance for Prasidh Krishna at long-on. The ball was over his shoulder but couldn’t pull off.

19:59 hrs IST

RCB vs KKR Highlights: First 5 overs

Devdutt Padikkal and Aaron Finch provided a massive start to RCB, scoring 41 for no loss in the first five overs. By the 5th over, Padikkal remained unbeaten on 22 off 17 balls while Aaron Finch 18 off 13 deliveries

HIGHLIGHTS: RCB innings, till 5 overs

19:57 hrs IST

Russell To Finch - Dropped

FOUR! A short ball from Russell and Finch pulls it towards short fine leg. The ball came straight to Kamlesh Nagarkoti and he drops the fireball. Finch gets a life, Russell is obviously fuming.

19:53 hrs IST

Russell into attack

Andre Russell comes to bowl- that means he has recovered from the knee injury he picked up while fielding against Kings XI Punjab. Russell has been pretty well with the ball in the tournament so far. Let’s see in what capacity he contributes tonight.

19:49 hrs IST

Pat Cummins makes a comeback

A good over from Cummins. Conceded just fours runs along with two dot balls. Didn’t give a chance to either of the batsmen to go after him. RCB - 37/0 after 4 overs.

19:44 hrs IST

Prasidh to Padikkal - FOUR, FOUR

Padikkal is on fire and Prasidh Krishna faces the blow. Another flurry of boundaries from the youngster. Flicked the first one over mid-wicket and then over backward square leg. Padikkal is simply enjoying his outing in Sharjah.

19:40 hrs IST

Cummins to Padikkal - FOUR, FOUR

Back-to-back boundaries from Padikkal. One over the cover and the other over square point - Padikkal is opening up gradually as Finch is already on a roll.

19:37 hrs IST

Prasidh Krishna to Finch - SIX

SIX! The first one for RCB tonight in Sharjah. A fuller delivery from Krishna and Finch clubs it finely over long-on for a maximum. Finch looks so positive with the bat tonight.

19:34 hrs IST

Prasidh Krishna into attack

Prasidh Krishna comes to bowl and Dedutt Padikkal faces his first ball. Krishna produced a terrific spell in the previous game against KXIP. The same will be expected from him tonight.

19:31 hrs IST

Cummins to Finch - FOUR

FOUR! It’s just the second ball of the game and Aaron Finch launches it for a boundary. He just took a step down the line, gets in the line of the ball and flicks it over mid-wicket. Great start for RCB.

19:29 hrs IST

IPL 2020, RCB vs KKR Live Score: The game begins

Devdutt Padikkal and Aaron Finch walk out to bat for Royal Challengers Bangalore. Pat Cummins begins the attack for Kolkatat Knight Riders.

19:15 hrs IST

In-match stats

• 3: Gill is 3 runs away from reaching 1000 runs in T20s.

• 1: Pat Cummins is 1 wicket away from completing 100 wickets in T20s.

• 1: Andre Russell is 1 wicket away from completing 300 wickets in T20s.

• 53.83: Russell’s batting average vs RCB, his best against any opponent in IPL.

19:12 hrs IST

Dinesh Karthik at toss

KKR captain Dinesh Karthik said, “I’m happy to have lost the toss. We might have batted first as well. It’s important that the bowlers believe in themselves, like it happened in the KXIP match where they dominated us for almost 39 overs.”

19:09 hrs IST

Virat Kohli speaks at the toss

RCB skipper Virat Kohli speaks at the toss: “We will bat first. A high scoring ground, the pitch might become slower and slower - scores are coming down in the last couple of games. There’s no grass on the surface, so it can get scuffed up. We’re confident in our bowling, it’s important to execute our plans, Chris Morris was a huge plus.”

19:06 hrs IST

RCB vs KKR: Changes in Playing XI

RCB: Mohammad Siraj comes in for Gurkeerat Singh Mann

KKR: Tom Banton makes debut, replaces Sunil Narine

19:03 hrs IST

RCB vs KKR: Playing XI of both teams

Royal Challengers Bangalore (Playing XI): Devdutt Padikkal, Aaron Finch, Virat Kohli(c), AB de Villiers(w), Washington Sundar, Shivam Dube, Isuru Udana, Chris Morris, Navdeep Saini, Yuzvendra Chahal, Mohammed Siraj

Kolkata Knight Riders (Playing XI): Rahul Tripathi, Shubman Gill, Nitish Rana, Eoin Morgan, Dinesh Karthik(w/c), Tom Banton, Andre Russell, Prasidh Krishna, Varun Chakravarthy, Pat Cummins, Kamlesh Nagarkoti

19:00 hrs IST

IPL 2020 Live Score, RCB vs KKR: Toss

Royal Challengers Bangalore win toss, elect to bat first

18:55 hrs IST

Will Virat Kohli roar against KKR?


18:48 hrs IST

Pitch Report

“The wicket looks quite dark and it means it could play a little bit slower. There was quite a lot more spin in the last game compared to the games that were played before in this venue. It’s just not spin but the seamers will have a role to play. Toss might not prove to be a big factor today,” reckons Kevin Pietersen on Star Sports

18:40 hrs IST

Things to worry about

* 17: Gill’s average vs RCB, his worst against any team in IPL

* 37: Chahal’s average vs KKR, his worst against any current opponent in IPL.

18:35 hrs IST

A look at the Sharjah track


18:30 hrs IST

RCB pacer Chris Morris speaks ahead of the game

“I have got butterflies flying around in my stomach. I get nervous before every game, but playing for a new franchise, you want to do well. Happy to be contributing in any way possible, really enjoying myself at RCB so far. It’s our first game here (Sharjah), we watched quite a few exciting games. We just need to stick to our basics today and stick in as long as we can till the end of the game, hopefully we can come out on top today. It’s going to be a big challenge today because KKR are hitting a bit of form too, so we have to be good,” said Chris Morris.

18:25 hrs IST

Andre Russell all set for the match!


18:20 hrs IST

Dinesh Karthik vs RCB bowlers

vs Chris Morris: 8 innings, 30 runs, 3 dismissals

vs Yuzvendra Chahal: 4 innings, 29 runs, 0 dismissal

vs Dale Steyn: 7 innings, 14 runs, 3 dismissals

18:12 hrs IST

Milestone alert for Yuzvendra Chahal

Chahal continues to be effective for RCB in this season. The wrist spinner has scalped 9 wickets from 6 matches thus far. If he manages to pick 2 more against KKR, he will have 200 wickets in T20 cricket.

18:06 hrs IST

Sharjah Cricket Ground - Points to consider

* Sharjah has turned from a batting paradise to a tricky wicket in a matter of 3 innings. 1511 runs were scored in the first 7 innings played at Sharjah at a strike rate of 178.8. Whereas, only 496 runs were scored in the last 3 innings at Sharjah at a strike rate of 137.4

* 5.4 wickets fell per innings in the first 7 innings. These figures went up to 8.3 wickets per innings that fell in the last 3 innings.

* 4 out of the 5 matches played at Sharjah have been won by the team batting first. Thus, it will not be a surprise if the team winning the toss opts to bast first.

18:01 hrs IST

RCB vs KKR, IPL 2020 Live Score

Virat Kohli vs Dinesh Karthik - Here are some stats between the two captains:


17:55 hrs IST

Virat Kohli vs KKR Bowlers

vs Sunil Narine: 99 runs, 2 dismissal

vs Andre Russell: 75 runs, 1 dismissal

vs Kuldeep Yadav: 37 runs, 1 dismissal

vs Prasidh Krishna: 38 runs, 0 dismissals

17:50 hrs IST

RCB bolwers struggle in middle overs

Despite having the 4th best economy in the middle overs, RCB bowlers have picked 9 so far. This is the the joint least along with KXIP this season. Their strike rate of 36.11 is the 2nd worst amongst all teams in the middle overs. Also, their inability to pick wickets in the middle overs have hurt them in the death overs.

17:45 hrs IST

RCB vs KKR: Head to head stats

* Total Matches played: 24

* Matches won by RCB: 10

* Matches won by KKR: 14

* Most Runs for RCB: Virat Kohli - 674 Runs

* Most Runs for KKR: Andre Russell - 292 Runs

* Most wickets for RCB: Yuzvendra Chahal - 11 Wickets

* Most wickets for KKR - Sunil Narine - 16 Wickets

* Best Bowling Figures for RCB: 3/16, by Yuzvendra Chahal- April 23, 2017

* Best Bowling Figures for KKR: 4/20, by Sunil Narine - May 22, 2014

17:40 hrs IST

Points table

A look at the points table ahead of RCB vs KKR clash


17:35 hrs IST

Rahul Tripathi’s brilliant numbers against RCB

Innings: 196

Runs: 196

Average: 98


17:30 hrs IST

RCB’s struggle in middle overs.

RCB might have won 4 out of their 6 matches but there is still room for improvement, especially their batting the middle overs. They have scored 423 runs in the middle overs, which happens to be the least this season. Their strike rate of 117.50 is also the least among the teams thus far.

17:25 hrs IST

Under-fire Pat Cummins

Pat Cummins has now gone wicketless in 4 out of his 6 IPL matches. He has overall picked up just 2 wickets from 6 matches, at an average of 92. The issue with Cummins in IPL 2020 is his inability to bowl well outside the Powerplay, outside the Powerplay Cummins has an economy of 12.28 from 7 overs without taking a wicket.

17:20 hrs IST

KKR predicted XI vs RCB

KKR predicted XI vs RCB: Shubman Gill, Rahul Tripathi, Nitish Rana, Eoin Morgan, Dinesh Karthik (c&wk), Tom Banton, Sunil Narine, Pat Cummins, Shivam Mavi, Prasidh Krishna, Varun Chakravarthy

17:15 hrs IST

RCB vs KKR Live Streaming: When and where to watch

Wondering where to watch Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Kolkata Knight Riders match. Here is all you need to know about the clash between the two teams:

RCB vs KKR Live Streaming details

17:10 hrs IST

RCB predicted XI vs KKR

RCB predicted XI vs KKR: Devdutt Padikkal, Aaron Finch, Virat Kohli (c), AB de Villiers (wk), Moeen Ali, Shivam Dube, Washington Sundar, Chris Morris, Gurkeerat Singh, Navdeep Saini, Yuzvendra Chahal

17:05 hrs IST

KKR’s Statement on Sunil Narine

“Mr. Sunil Narine was reported for suspect action by the match officials after KKR’s match vs KXIP held on Oct 10, 2020 in Abu Dhabi.

This came as a surprise to the franchise and Mr. Narine, considering he has played over 115 games in the IPL since 2012 and as many as 68 games since 2015, when he was last reported during the IPL season for a suspect action before being subsequently cleared completely by SRASSC, an ICC accredited facility.

Furthermore, he was playing his 6th game this season, with no concerns expressed formally or informally by the match officials so far.

Having said this, we are respectful of the process that the IPL has put in place to have his action reviewed, and are working closely with the IPL in this matter. We are hopeful that there would be an appropriate resolution quickly. We appreciate the cooperation being extended by the IPL in expediting this matter.”

16:53 hrs IST

Will Andre Russell play tonight?

A knee injury against Kings XI Punjab forced Andre Russell to leave the field. While the fans are still in doubts, the franchise has hinted his appearance against RCB through a tweet.


16:47 hrs IST

Virat Kohli - Stat Alert

* Virat Kohli needs 7 more boundaries to reach 500 4s in IPL

* Kohli needs 26 runs to reach 700 runs vs KKR. Will become the 4th player to do so.

* Kohli needs 3 sixes to reach 200 maximums in IPL

16:42 hrs IST

Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) vs Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) – Head to head stats

Matches – 24

KKR Win – 14

RCB Win – 10

16:35 hrs IST

RCB vs KKR: A look at squads


Royal Challengers Bangalore Squad: Devdutt Padikkal, Aaron Finch, Virat Kohli(c), AB de Villiers(w), Washington Sundar, Shivam Dube, Gurkeerat Singh Mann, Chris Morris, Isuru Udana, Navdeep Saini, Yuzvendra Chahal, Moeen Ali, Pawan Negi, Adam Zampa, Pavan Deshpande, Mohammed Siraj, Josh Philippe, Shahbaz Ahmed, Umesh Yadav, Dale Steyn, Parthiv Patel

Kolkata Knight Riders Squad: Rahul Tripathi, Shubman Gill, Nitish Rana, Eoin Morgan, Dinesh Karthik(w/c), Andre Russell, Pat Cummins, Sunil Narine, Kamlesh Nagarkoti, Prasidh Krishna, Varun Chakravarthy, Kuldeep Yadav, Sandeep Warrier, Siddhesh Lad, Nikhil Naik, Chris Green, Lockie Ferguson, Rinku Singh, Ali Khan, Tom Banton, Shivam Mavi, Manimaran Siddharth

16:30 hrs IST

IPL 2020, MI vs DC Live Score and Updates

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the 28th IPL 2020 match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kolkata Knight Riders. This face off between two evenly matched sides will pit Virat Kohli and Dinesh Karthik against each other. Currently placed third and fourth respectively, KKR and RCB would look to continue their winning run at the batsmen’s paradise – Sharjah.

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