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USA vs CAN Match 1 Results

Match 1, Dallas, June 02, 2024, ICC Men's T20 World Cup, 2024
USA beat Canada by 7 wickets
Canada194/5 (20.0 overs)
USA197/3 (17.4 overs)
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USA vs Canada Commentary

4:23 AM IST Right then, that will be it from us for this contest. We hope you enjoyed the coverage. Do join in for the second game of the T20 World Cup which features the co-hosts, West Indies and Papua New Guinea. That game will start at 8.00 pm IST (2.30 pm GMT). But you can join early for all the build-up. Take care and cheers!
4:12 AM IST Aaron Jones is the Player of the Match for his match-winning knock. He says it isn't easy to put into words and it is a big rivalry but he is just happy to take his team over the line tonight. Adds that he knew anything around 200 was chasable and they backed themselves to do it. Mentions that he practices hard and then backs himself in the game. Reckons that he has been with the side for a while now and they have been under pressure, yet again iterates that he is happy to get his side home.
4:12 AM IST Presentation time...
4:09 AM IST Not a lot to talk about Canada's bowling performance. They started well with the ball but once the USA counter-attacked, it all went downhill for Canada. Kaleem Sana, Dilon Heyliger, and Nikhil Dutta took one piece but Canada were outplayed in the end as USA chased the score with more than 2 overs to spare. Earlier in the day, Canada made 194 for 5 on the back of attacking fifties from Navneet Dhaliwal and Nicolas Kirton while Aaron Johnson and Shreyas Movva also made handy runs.  Harmeet Singh was the standout bowler for USA with an economy under 7 and took a wicket as well. Canada will face harder challenges against stronger teams but they will hope to put up a better show in their upcoming games.
4:00 AM IST WHAT A DOMINANT WIN!  A thumping victory for the co-hosts USA, who start their tournament with a BANG. Chasing a massive score of 195 for the win, USA started tenatively and lost Steven Taylor for a golden duck. Monank Patel and Andries Gous stuck around for a while and added 42 for the second wicket. Monank Patel departed for 16 in the seventh over and in came Aaron Jones. He stuck the ball cleanly from the start of the innings and tilted the momentum in his team's favor. Him alongside Gous, added a brillaint 131 for the third wicket in less than ten overs. Jones peppered boundaries at will and never allowed Canada the chance to get back. Gous started slowly but stuck around and made 65 off 46 to support Jones. It was Aaron Jones, who was the star of the chase with an unbeaten 94 off just 40 and gives USA, their first ever win the T20 World Cup.
End of over 17.416 runs
USA: 197/3CRR: 11.15
  • 4
  • 6
  • 0
  • 6
Nikhil Dutta:2.4-0-41-1

Nikhil Dutta to Aaron Jones, 6 runs

SIX! That's it, Aaron Jones has done it and what a way to get USA its first ever T20 World Cup win. Flighted delivery on off and middle, Jones yet again sets himself up for the slog-sweep and smokes the ball high and handsome over deep mid-wicket for a biggie. Jones finishes unbeaten on 94 off 40 balls with 10 sixes as USA beat Canada by 7 wickets!


Nikhil Dutta to Aaron Jones, no run

Slower and on a dragged length around off, Aaron Jones plays it off the back foot but can't get it through covers.


Nikhil Dutta to Aaron Jones, 6 runs

SIX! Oh, that has been parried over the fence! Tossed up on the stumps, Aaron Jones gets inside the line and slog-sweeps it flat towards deep square leg. The man from backward square leg runs across to his left from deep backward square leg and sticks out a left hand on the run but the ball goes over the ropes.


Nikhil Dutta to Aaron Jones, 4 runs

FOUR! That was hit really crisply! Flighted delivery, full and on the stumps, Aaron Jones pre-meditates a bit and waits well before flat-batting the reverse sweep over short third for a boundary.

End of over 177 runs
USA: 181/3CRR: 10.65RRR: 4.66
  • 0
  • 1
  • 1
  • 1
  • 0
  • 3(3WD)
  • 1

Kaleem Sana to Aaron Jones, 1 run

On the fuller side and around off, played away on the up to covers for one.


Kaleem Sana to Aaron Jones, 3 runs

THREE WIDES! Poor line and sloppy work from the keeper as well. Full and aimed at the pads, Aaron Jones comes forward and misses the flick as the keeper dives to his left. Shreyas Movva lets it through his gloves and the batters get an extra couple of runs.

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USA vs CAN Venue Details

Grand Prairie Cricket Stadium, Dallas, USA
Grand Prairie Cricket Stadium, Dallas
PitchBatting friendly
Matches Won
Batting First0 Won (0%)
Bowling First4 Won (100.00%)
Temperature, 22.92C, Clear
Humidity - 83%Wind Speed 2.57 meter/sec
  • 146Average 1st Innings
  • 148Average 2nd Innings
  • 67.39%PACEPercentage of wickets takes by pacers
  • 32.61%SPINPercentage of wickets takes by spinners
  • 197-3By USA vs Canada Highest Total
  • 106-10By Netherlands vs Nepal Lowest Total
  • 94* Runs Aaron JonesHighest Individual Score
  • 4/18Nuwan ThusharaBest Bowling Figures