Why buy when you can DIY: Recycled kites are flying high this I-day

Move over, retail kites! Delhiites are choosing to DIY kites this Independence Day.
DIY Kites are the new preference for Delhiites.(Shivam Saxena/HT Photo)
DIY Kites are the new preference for Delhiites.(Shivam Saxena/HT Photo)
Updated on Aug 18, 2018 02:59 PM IST
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Hindustan Times | ByAditya Dogra, New Delhi

Like every year, the kites at Lal Kuan are still a rage. But, what’s different this time is the city’s drive towards a more sustainable Independence Day, even when it comes to kite flying. Delhiites, in a bid to do their bit for the environment, are choosing to make DIY kites out of old newspapers and art sheets, and large plastic bags to re-use those.

Good on nature, good on pocket

Deepak Valecha, 27, Businessman
Deepak Valecha, 27, Businessman

“I saw a DIY video online and that’s what made me want to do this. I think that making your own kite is a good way to use old papers and doesn’t really require much expenditure. Plus, if you can help the city become more sustainable, small steps like these will bring the change,” says Deepak Valecha, 27, businessman.


Kavya Vermani, 21, architect.
Kavya Vermani, 21, architect.

“When one has the option to make something at home, that too on a budget, then why not take it. This is the best way to recycle and re-use, and will only result in a healthy change for our city if more people adopt the practice,” says Kavya Vermani, 21, architect.

Just an extension of the DIY lifestyle

Divye Solanki,26,Student
Divye Solanki,26,Student

“I’ve been recycling whatever I can for some time, and the idea of making my own kites was just something that came along. Frankly, I do not have time to go buy also, and this way I save that effort as well. It’s also fun to have your own unique kite in the sky,” says Divye Solanki,26,Student.

I’d rather fly a kite with my own design on it than one with politicians on it

Navleen Kaur Mehar,21, Student.
Navleen Kaur Mehar,21, Student.

“Most of the kites available in the market either have politicians on them or cartoons on them. I would rather have my own design on the kite, and thus decided to go the DIY way. The fact that I’d be doing the environment some good at the same time just makes it a greater joy,” says Navleen Kaur Mehar,21, Student.

Interested in making your own DIY kite? Here’s how you can do it.

Make your own DIY kite:

You would need a piece of paper (8.5x11cms preferably), tape, glue, scissors, ribbon, twine and two dowels/skewers/thin wooden sticks.

Cut your paper into a kite shape (preferably a large square), and crease it halfway so you have an idea of where to place the sticks.

Place you first stick along the crease line in the middle and tape it to the two ends.

Take your other sticks and run it diagonally to your other stick. Make sure you make an arch out of it that connect to the stick in the middle at about the 1/3rd mark of your vertical stick.

Tape the sticks firmly to the four corners and cut away excess tape.

Now glue you ribbons to the bottom of the kite for decoration.

Attach your twine on two sides of the arched stick and you’re good to go.

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