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Omelettes in all shapes & sizes

This eatery has taken the one liner Sunday ho ya Monday roz khaao andey a tad too seriously: thanks to the owner of the joint. Karan Choudhury finds out why...
Hindustan Times | By Karan Choudhury, New Delhi
UPDATED ON JUL 03, 2008 12:18 AM IST

This eatery has taken the one liner Sunday ho ya Monday roz khaao andey a tad too seriously. Thanks to the owner of the joint who loves eating eggs in different permutations and combinations.

If you love your omelettes and can have it any time of the day then this eatery in the busy street of Kamala Nagar Market would be a virtual heaven for you. Simply called ‘Omelettes A Speciality’ the name might not have anything distinct about it but it sure gets the message across all the egg lovers.

Omelettes of every conceivable size and shape are available here. The varieties are mind-boggling and the price is just right. Dilmeet Singh an alumni of Khalsa College and the owner of the outlet said, “Me and my brother just love eggs. We can have them anytime of the day. While we were in college we could not find any nice and hygienic joint to have eggs. There were just small kiosks where all one could find was boiled eggs or onion filled omelettes. So five years back we came up with the idea of an outlet which specializes in just omelettes.”

Tired of eating in the messy mess and canteen food this was a pleasant change for the North Campus students as well. The concept became an instant hit with students. Till date students turn up to have the hot selling chicken omelettes and cheese omelettes. There are different types of egg concoctions available here. For example, egg uthapam which has absolutely nothing to do with its south Indian counterpart other than the fact that it just looks like it.

Square shaped omelettes, which are only available here, are also a rage among students. The outlet also sells other items like pizzas, burgers, sandwiches and kathi rolls, which are also quite popular among the DU crowd. “Our USP is that everything is cooked right under the eyes of the customers. We also make sure every ingredient is fresh.”

Keeping in mind that the target customers are DU students the prices have been kept reasonable. Two people can easily have a hearty lunch in less than hundred bucks.

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