Mahima Chaudhry stepped out for a visit to the dentist with her daughter Ariana.
Mahima Chaudhry stepped out for a visit to the dentist with her daughter Ariana.

Fans can't get over Mahima Chaudhry's 'cute and pretty' daughter Ariana in new video. Watch

Mahima Chaudhry was spotted by the paparazzi in Mumbai as she took her daughter to the dentist. Her fans showered the young one with comments.
PUBLISHED ON APR 10, 2021 12:15 PM IST

Actor Mahima Chaudhry made a visit to her dentist in Mumbai on Friday but what caught everyone's attention was her daughter Ariana. As pictures and videos of the mom-daughter duo made their way online, fans gushed about how her daughter looked like a 'doll'.

Mahima was seen in a black dress with dark sunglasses and a white hat, carrying the dentist's prescriptions. Ariana, who needed the visit after she fell on her face and broke her tooth, was seen in a white T-shirt, cream pants and a matching jacket. They were accompanied by the actor's sister and nephew.


Commenting on a video of the mother-daughter duo, a fan wrote, "Her daughter is beautiful." "She is so cute," wrote another. "Her daughter is very beautiful," wrote a third. A fan even called her a 'kaanch ki gudiya (glass doll)'.

Mahima also took to her Instagram page to share a video of herself and the kids in their car. She told her fans about how they were all going to the dentist after Ariana broke her tooth. She added that her nephew got upset on seeing his cousin hurt.


Mahima married businessman Bobby Mukherji in 2006 and had Ariana with him. The couple got divorced in 2013.

While Mahima was seen in a bunch of film in the early 2000s, she took a break from acting to raise her daughter. Talking to Pinkvilla about being a single mother, she said, “Frankly, there isn’t anything coming my way. That is much of it. I have been keeping myself busy with events, live events, promotions, and of course, you have a child to raise and it takes an entire village to raise one, and I am a single parent."

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“I came back and started living with my parents and you depend a lot on your parents. That was the time when my mother was diagnosed with an illness; she needed help and she could not be of that great help for raising my child. So, when I left for work, it was like leaving a toddler, and leaving my mother who needed assistance as well, so I had to completely depend on my staff. My dad had to live in Darjeeling. Then I had a sister who had a child too and she was single. So, it almost became like we both were raising children together,” she added.

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