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Food memories of showtown

Showtownies share their khaana-peena memories of Holi with Rachana Dubey.

entertainment Updated: Mar 10, 2009, 18:31 IST
Rachana Dubey
Rachana Dubey
Hindustan Times

Showtownies share their khaana-peena memories of Holi with Rachana Dubey...

Mugda Godse (actress)
I remember.. as a kid, Holi food used to be the most exciting thing in the household in the year. I used to feast on my favourite puranpoli laden with ghee. In fact, the young brats of the house would have contests to see who eats the maximum number of puranpolis. I always lost because I could never eat more than one and a half. But the taste of those puranpolis still lingers.

Milind Soman (model)
I don’t celebrate Holi.. never allow anyone to smear gulaal on me. And in terms of food, I don’t eat really except having loads of bhang. And that is not just restricted to Holi. I have bhang twice or thrice a year. It’s a drug.. so everything that happens after having it is special and it all happens in the head.

Madhur Bhandarkar (director)
Ek baar bhang chadh gayi thi. It was almost 12 years ago. I was hungry when someone offered me thandai. I didn’t stop with one. I ended up having some four-five glasses. And then, I went ballistic. I cried and cried for hours, after which I laughed for hours. The hangover lasted over three to four hours. That was the most remarkable Holi bingeing I’ve done in my life.

Purab Kohli (TV host)
Think Holi.. think jalebis. For me, this festival of colours is synonymous with hot jalebis. It’s the best sweet meat I’ve eaten. I have loads of childhood memories of eating piping hot kesari jalebis at one of our family friends’ homes in Lonavla.

Also, Holi food cannot be complete without thandai. It is one mast combination . with jalebis . Khanekhaas in Bandra serves thandai and jalebis.. and I go there every year to have it.

Intoxicants are allowed during this festival. So a lot of people I know go full throttle on them. A few years ago, I had bhang during Holi on someone’s terrace. And bhang naturally drives on crazy. I don’t remember how much I drank. But my head was heavy for hours. I stay away from the intoxicant now.

Sumeet Raghavan (TV actor)
Holi generally is spent on the sets because we don’t have a holiday on Holi. If we get lucky, we get a day off and spend it
with family.

My wife makes amazing puranpolis with dollops of ghee on it. That makes the day absolutely sweet for us.

Mithai and bhang complete the Holi fare but personally I haven’t tasted bhang yet. Mithai is fine but I’m a bit skeptical about having bhang because I’ve heard it has side effects.

Arjan Bajwa (actor)
I remember after playing Holi, either we would have a barbecue at home, or go to a decent South-Indian joint. My cousins, friends and I even indulged in roadside food on the Rang Panchmi day. We would look like hooligans sitting on the roadside or inside our cars eating idli sambar with our colour-tainted hands.

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