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Gossip corner: Akki-Katrina's 'wet' shots

De Dhana Dhan's climax is set in water and the actors rush to their (separate) vans after the wer-wet shots.

entertainment Updated: Dec 23, 2008 19:53 IST your daily dose of gossips with Honey. She writes on the glamour world and the spicy scandals of Bollywood celebs

Chennai check-in at Lokhandwala

Howdy, aloha, holla, hello, oho aha my pistachios (salted). See, I have to take a final call on this right now. My research assistant, Dimwit Mirza, has been lighting up so many cigarettes in my domestic helps’ villa that the others are ganging up against her.

Now, it’s either the smoking chimney or my sweet kachaloo Madhu my Mottu Maid. Meanwhile, Vaziran bua has gone off for a spin with a nawab type.. just hope he isn’t into kababs and sharab. Bua is enough for shabab.

Sigh, everyone’s having a blast actually. Except Asin and moi. Like me, I’m told, the hottie from Chennai hasn’t gone out on a serious date for the last three years. Imagine three years!

I do have my Vyjjy for light entertainment but Asin doesn’t even have that. It’s only to the studio and back to her Lokhandwala home. The word on her dad, her business manager, isn’t all that vallah kya baat hai in the trade, preventing many producers from ringing the doorbell at Asin’s home. Oh well.

Actually, my old school buddy Manya Ratnama called in from Chennai to tell me that Asin won’t be in the 50th film of Vijay, SRK of the south. Manya says that this hasn’t gone down well with the south trade as well as Vijay who’s pretty peeved.

Manya Ratnam, a feisty woman director incidentally, has made such hits as Bhoja (about men as burdens on border town families), Yuvi (about three young women including Viveika) and Puru (a biopic on Raaj Kumar’s son). And so I don’t have any reason to disbelieve her that two other Chennai imports may end up making bigger waves than Asin. One is Nayantara (she was in the original Ghajini, in the role now done by Jiah Khan) and the other is someone called Sada. Neat without whisky?

Nayantara, it seems, is just friends with ace cinematographer Neerav Shah who’s planning to launch her in Bollywood. And there’s Soda Sada, who might turn out to be the surprise fizz of the decade.. well with so much info given to me by Manya Ratnama, I think I’ll just go and yell my head off at the smoking chimney Dimwit. Yelling’s my great stress-buster, daaaaa.. hlings.

Just around the corner
After the endless reports on Rani Mukherji lording it over at the Yash Raj studio-cum-canteen, talk is that she’s found a quicker drive from her Juhu home to Aditya Chopra’s home at Vikas Park. Cool, petrol bhi bachega and all that.
Meanwhile, Payal Malhotra Chopra is keeping a low profile in the apartment given to her in the Juhu high-rise where Shashi Kapoor also resides.

If you ask me, I’d rather have a cup of tea with Payal, any day than.. well.. a heroine, who hopefully, has stopped her gaali galauz now at least.. oof, my ears still burn with the choicest expletives she
uses. Eeeee.

It’s a mudh mudh mudh world
Now Mottu’s singing Yeh kya hua.. kaise hua.. and it’s not because there’s a strange new Rajesh Khanna movie showing in town. It’s because Mottu’s just heard that there’s been no progress on the Himesh Reshammiya movie Mudh Mudh ke Na Dekh.. in which he was portraying a male version of the glorious Nadira (she sang the number in Shree 420, Dimwit is sending out smoke signals).

According to Mottu’s investigations there was a fall-out between the film’s producer brothers over the project. Then the financial crunch, then the bhai-bhai ka milaap.. and as a consequence, no Mudh Mudhzzzzz.. Bach gaye bosszzz!

Wet! Wet! Wet!
Aachhoo. That’s not me. The sound effect’s fresh from Film City gup that practically every star participating in the climax of Priyadarshan’s De Dhana Dhan (ewwww, what a title) is sneezing, coughing, wheezing or is stuck with a thermometer in the mouth. Why why? Because the climax is set in water and everyone’s freezing by the evening.

Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif rush to their (separate) vans after the wet-wet-wet shots. But my heart goes out to seniors like Asrani saab, Paresh Rawal sir, Rajpal Yadav super sir and Suniel Shettyji who are also going through the paani scenes. Must be more challenging than watching EMI, no?

Now, I must send my family doctor over to check out the seniors.. the snag is that my doc refuses to bring down his Rs 73 crore fee. But then.. aachhoo such is life, dearies.