Himesh Reshammiya should have been honest, I wrote Jumme Ki Raat: Kumaar

Lyricist Kumaar, who’s upset about Himesh Reshammiya not giving him credit for Kick's song Jumme Ki Raat, says, "Himesh should have been honest that I have written the whole song and Shabbir wrote only the hook."

entertainment Updated: Jul 03, 2014 19:20 IST
Dibyojyoti Baksi
Dibyojyoti Baksi
Hindustan Times
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Singer-composer Himesh Reshammiya recently made a statement about the song

Jumme ki raat

from Sajid Nadiadwalas’s directorial debut Kick (starring Salman Khan), which has irked the song’s lyricist, Kumaar. The latter believes that the way his contribution has been mentioned undermines his effort.

During an interview with a tabloid, Himesh had said that lyricist Shabbir Ahmed had written the hook line of the song and Kumaar wrote the


(verses). The lyricist believes that it’s not the right way to put it. "He (Himesh) should have been honest that I have written the whole song and that Shabbir wrote only the hook. I don’t want to take away credit away from him, but he has only written the first four lines and I have written the rest of the song. It took me five attempts to reach the final version," rues Kumaar.


He also argues that he was called upon by Sajid and not Himesh to write the song, which has been picturised on

Salman Khan

. He adds, "They had the first four lines, and I think they were not able to write the rest, so I was lucky to get this film. Himesh shouldn’t have made that statement. Proper credit should’ve been given to both writers."

When contacted, Himesh clarifies, "Both of them have been given joint credit by producer-director Sajid Nadiadwala. I had only stated that the mukhda (catch lines) — Jumme ki raat hai, choome ki baat hai, Allah bachaaye mujhe tere vaar se — was Shabbir’s contribution. The rest of the song is by Kumaar, so I have only defined in detail the exact contribution of each one of them in the song."

First Published: Jul 03, 2014 12:51 IST