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I do look forward to marriage: Saif

Saif Ali Khan gets candid with Roshmilla Bhattacharya on the success of Race and Kareena Kapoor.
Hindustan Times | By Roshmilla Bhattacharya, Mumbai
UPDATED ON APR 14, 2008 02:31 PM IST

Saif Ali Khan gets candid with

Roshmilla Bhattacharya

on the success of


, Kareena Kapoor and more.

Okay, you must be pretty pleased that


has been declared the first hit of the year. But apparently, during its shoot you had problems communicating with Abbas-Mustan and vice versa?

Now, where did that come from? On the contrary, both of them contributed a lot to my character.


was not a boy’s role, it was aman’s role. Did the role really call for acting-acting?

I’d say itwas a more underplayed performance than the one in


. Actually Abbas-Mustan had a more senior actor in mind for this part. I’d been offered an equally fantastic ‘acting’ role. But I liked the strength and control the more senior role demanded.

You’ve been saying Kareena Kapoor has brought you luck. One didn’t think you were superstitious.

I’m not overly superstitious but luck is important. It’s the ‘X’ factor that we keep talking about.



your ‘big body’ look has become quite a fad.

Really? I thought I looked fat. If anyone wants that kind of a look, all they have to do is eat loads of junk food and

guzzle colas.

But you’re always in the gym.

Yeah, I’ve lost a lot of weight but I’m still plain lazy.

There’s been a lot of talk about Kareena’s size zero figure and that she’s anorexic.

She’s not, nor is she starving herself. She’s on a scientific diet. She’s extremely fit and eats healthy. I think she’s looking


Your next release


is obviously special because of Kareena.What makes her different?

I’ve loved working with her. It wouldn’t be fair to compare her with anyone else.. because I don’t feel the same way about any other girl.

You refused

Garam Masala

because you didn’t want to play second fiddle to Akshay Kumar. So, how come you accepted



I’m not playing second fiddle to Akshay Kumar in


and I didn’t refuse

Garam Masala

for that reason either.

I’ve done several films with Akshay in the early stages of my career, I’ve always benefited by working with him. Both of

us are successful leading men today, we have clearly defined roles.

It’s rumoured that after the release of Tashan, Kareena and you will get married


(Wryly) Thanks for breaking the news to me. But actually, we do look forward to marriage which will happen only in the future. Right now, we’re career-focused. There’s too much going on.We’re so busy, individually, that we hardly have time for a weekend together, forget marriage.

Don’t the endless speculations about how long this relationship will last, bother you?

I’m used to such speculation. Most often, they don’t affect me but when I hear stories about trouble between Kareena’s mom and me, it’s annoying. I met Babitaji just three-four months ago and we get along fine.

So is the tattoo on your arm for real?

Of course. Getting it done caused me some amount of pain but it was something I wanted and needed to do. It’s very personal and I’m proud of it. It’ll be there longer than I am. The tattoo is forever.

When you married Amrita Singh, there was quite a lot of talk about the age difference. That issue has come up even today, only this time you’re older at 38.. and Kareena is 28.

All of us consider the age factor at some point, So why shouldn’t the general public? But it isn’t a reason for a couple to be together or grow apart.

Do you meet Amrita?

That’s too personal to discuss.

Have you seen her TV serial






No, but I have seen her other work. She’s one of the best actresses we have.

Are Sara and Ibrahim showing signs of following in your footsteps?

They are showing signs of following in the footsteps of both their mother and father. But it’s still too early. My sister Saba used to be a major movie buff. But she went in for jewellery designing.

It must help that your children accepted both Rozza and Kareena so easily?

Yes, their feelings are important to me.

Your mother, Sharmila Tagore, has said that the actors who played her sons on screen have been far more polite than you everwere. True?

She must have been joking. Or perhaps she was angry because I hadn’t called her in a while. I’m extremely respectful towards my parents. I call my mother amma and greet her with an



One would have thought you’d jump onto the IPL bandwagon too?

There have been endorsement offers. Negotiations are on. It’s a business decision eventually, the pros and cons have to be weighed.

Which team will you be rooting for?

May be the teams of Shah Rukh or Preity since they are friends. Or the team I represent. I’ll make my choice soon. These T20 matches are bringing in more viewers and money to the game but frankly, thanks to my father, I’m a purist and prefer five-day Tests.

Has your father seen Race?

He’s not a film buff but he saw


and sent me a message, saying he liked it.

Apparently you were keen to remake



Yes, it had the right blend of the supernatural and the romantic and Dilip Kumar’s character was so mature. But

OSO in

parts was a lot like


, so..

What’s your say on the Soha gun issue?

I can’t comment on that. But Soha’s innocent.

As a protective big brother, how do you feel about the Soha-Siddharth relationship?

Soha is an extremely intelligent and balanced girl. So, I’ll always stand by her decisions.

You’ve been turning down corporate Rs 30-crore offers.Why?

The script and the project have to be right. Eventually one accepts the offer of a film, not the money.

You’re considered the biggest brand ambassador after Shah Rukh Khan. Now you’re even endorsing Airtel


Shah Rukh is still a part of Airtel. I’m just a new member of the family.

And Pepsi?

I have endorsed Pepsico products in the past but I haven’t renewed my contract with them.

You’ve turned producer too with a film being directed by Imtiaz Ali.

It’s surprising that even though Kareena introduced the two of you , Deepika Padukone has been signed for your first production.

I was really looking forward to working with Kareena. I did suggest her name to Imtiaz a couple of times. But casting is the director’s job, he felt Deepika suited the role better. Kareena and Imtiaz will definitely work together. We’re in talks for another film.

Will Kareena be in the Sriram Raghavan-directed

Agent Vinod


I hope so since I’ve had her in mind. But the script’s still being written.

Wasn’t Homi Adajania supposed to direct a film for you too?

Yes, he’sworking on it.



, you have another Yash Raj production being directed by Kunal Kohli, with Rani Mukherji who doesn’t really figure on your ‘friends’ list.

Rani and I may not spend a lot of time off the sets but we have a great working relationship. Over the years I’ve developed a healthy

respect for her.

There’s also Jugal Hansraj’s animated feature,

Roadside Romeo

, for which you’ve given the voice for a dog?

Yeah, that was fun.

And was it also fun to refer to critics as ASSimilators at a recent awards function?

It was a joke. The idea was to be funny and entertaining. But if I’ve offended anyone I apologise.

And lastly, why did you opt out of the Bachchan world tour?

I felt it might affect the future of the other world tour that I’m planning.

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