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If we're not inspired, we're God: Rajesh Roshan

Composer Rajesh Roshan speaks to Rachana Dubey on his forthcoming film Krazzy 4 and why his music is evergreen.
None | By Rachana Dubey
UPDATED ON JUL 17, 2007 09:24 PM IST

We met a year ago at his quaint Santacruz office. Time seems to have flown by.. yet he remains the same soft-spoken Rajesh Roshan.

The drawing room boasts of several film mementos and a humongous picture of his nephew Hrithik. In his newly done-up music room, over a cup of hot coffee, here's what we discussed:

Your music room looks different.
Oh, thank you. My wife Kanchan and I designed it.

Great. What's the update on Krazzy 4?
We've begun rolling. We intend to complete the shooting by December because I have sound mixing and dubbing after that. (Laughs) For once, we will get a break from the aliens. It was a much-required change. So far, we've recorded one out of six songs.

How come Hrithik Roshan is not a part of this project?
That's between Rakesh dada and him. We will miss Hrithik's company and inputs. Krazzy 4 has every element of a trademark Rakesh Roshan film. It's a comedy thriller. We'll be back with Krrish 2.

What is with the K factor in your brother's films?
A fan told dada to use alphabet K in his film titles because Kamchor had worked but its earlier and subsequent films hadn't. Dada tried it with Khudgarz and since then has stuck to it completely.

It's been a year since Krrish. Don't you think you're doing less work?
I've always taken things gradually. I once competed with the likes of Kalyanji Anandji and RD Burman. Today, it's the younger boys. I'm still around. I'm not complaining about the pace of work.

Frankly, sometimes, I do get into the introspection mode and ask myself, "Why am I not craving for more?" I don't get an answer. Quantity hardly matters after 30 years in the business.. quality does.

Krrish has missed all the awards.
Even Koi Mil Gaya did. People today come up to me and tell me how fond they are of the title track, five years down the line. Where were these admirers then? Anyway, I've moved on. I have a feeling that history may repeat itself with Krrish. I think so because my music is like wine.. older the better. People enjoy it more when it's old.

You mean your music is evergreen?
I don't know. Today, everything from food to music is instant. Something might instantly appeal to you but there's no assurance that you will like it five years hence.

People have loved my music more and more with the passage of time.. whether

Koi Mil Gaya

or any other album. Last year, the scores were fantastic but I hold


music as close to me as


Why don't you remix your father, Roshan's songs?

I love my father's music. I don't want to attach his name to something that's not his class. I don't want to remix his songs. Classics are classics.. they're best left untouched.

Recently Ismail Darbar on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa said ‘Mahaguru chor ko bhi kehte hain'. As an earlier Mahaguru on the show.. what's your take on this?
Did he really say that? If he did, it's an unfair and unjustifiable statement. I've known him from his struggling days. I also heard that there was a rift between him and Khayyam saab.

That wasn't good to hear. It's really shameful to see personal ego rise to such levels on camera. I had my differences too with him but we discussed it off screen.

What is your rapport with your brother, nephew and grandson like?
Dada and I have been like a man and his shadow.. always together. Hrithik is a superstar for the world.. for me he's my dear nephew. He's grown up today, has little time for family and social life. But he makes a good father.

We met a few day ago, shared a drink or two. He told me, " Chacha, I'm able to make time for things now." Hrehaan is the cutest kid in the world. He looks like a toy.. he's started walking recently.

What about your children?
Eshaan is in his final year. He was to join us on Krrazy 4 but dada insisted he complete his studies. My daughter Pashmina is in school right now. Eshaan may take up acting or direction.. his choice. He doesn't have Hrithik's greek God looks but hopefully, his talent will take him places.

What do you make of the plagiarism allegations commonplace nowadays?
To accuse a composer that he's stolen a song or a tune is incorrect. Everyone gets inspired. If someone claims he isn't, then he's God. I've been accused too for Dil na diya from Krrish. Inspiration is just the beginning.. there's more to do after that.

What's the worst criticism you've ever faced?
In the 1980s, it was said that I stretch one note too long. Now people say I only work with my brother and give him my best tracks. I'm used to this now. My doors are always open for anyone who wishes to work with me. Dada understands my music the best.

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