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Imran talks about Avantika, romance and more...

That’s exactly what Imran Khan did... even designing the engagment ring he gave Avantika Malik himself.

entertainment Updated: Jan 18, 2010 20:03 IST
Roshmila Bhattacharya

imranImran Khan in HT

‘I got engaged to get engaged’

Excerpts from: 7 september, 2009
A whirlwind week has come and gone (I like alliteration. You’ve probably figured that out by now) and I find myself putting pen to paper (actually fingertips to keyboard, but that doesn’t sound as creative) once again. Those of you who have been with me since the very beginning will remember that my first column had been a roundup of my week. It’s been a while since I’ve done that, so I thought I’d fill you all in on the action so far. Buckle up.

First, I got engaged. Well, actually I got engaged to get engaged. We haven’t done the ceremony, and I haven’t got a ring yet, but you know.

I’ve managed to confirm that she likes me and is amenable to the idea of getting married to me. Took seven years to verify that, but time well spent!

Avantika gets along with all my heroines. She’s very cool with all of them. She’s friendly with Genelia. Minnisha became her friend in the course of shooting Kidnap. I’ve known Shruti Haasan for long, so has she, through me. So, Avantika is never jealous of the women I share screen space with.

Avantika is another critic I have apart from my mamu (Aamir Khan). She sometimes is tougher on me than my mamu is. She tells me outright when I do something well and screams when I mess up. She always checks my promos online and tells me immediately what she thinks of them.

Exerpts from an interview:

So how do you romance Avantika?
I’ve only done one romantic thing in my life. I filled her room with 200 candles, all lit up… and proposed to her. With the windows shut tight and the fan off, it was stifling hot. But she accepted.

Do you sing Jaane tu mera kya hai to her?
(Smiles) How I wish I could sing… Or play an instrument. I can’t.

Unlike Aamir, you haven’t hidden your girlfriend…
Aamir didn’t want to either, but since so many careers were at stake in the case of Qayamat se Qayamat Tak, my nanaji (Nasir Husain) suggested that he should keep his marriage a secret. Two weeks later, he came out in the open with Reena. Hiding Avantika would be disrespectful to her and Aamir agreed.

Is she your first girlfriend?
No, I’d been through four-five heartbreaks before I met her at a party. We got talking. We met again and talked some more. Over five-and-a-half years, the relationship developed.

Do you fight?
The only time I had no arguments with a girlfriend, the relationship ended badly. I think it’s healthy to disagree occasionally.

What makes Avantika special?
She’s very intelligent. She’s a creative executive with Studio 18. She reads scripts and handles projects.

Do you debate on career decisions together?
No, that’s entirely my call.

Has Studio 18 picked up your next movie, Kidnap, because of the Avantika connection?
I don’t think a corporate company would take a decision based on whom I’m dating.

What did she think of Jaane Tu..?
She liked it but she knows me too well to be objective. She could see all my flaws. I cringe when I watch that scene with Aditi’s parents when they’re talking of marriage and I think they’re offering me a job. It’s not a good performance. I’m okay in intense scenes but the lighter ones stump me. I also lack flamboyance… and I don’t know how I fared in Pappu can’t dance saala.

Imran so far

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