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BTS’ V and IU's Love Wins All MV decoded: Bridal attire to nemo and camcorder, details run deeper

ByAditi Srivastava
Jan 24, 2024 01:03 PM IST

BTS's V and IU collaborate on a dystopian sci-fi music video that explores themes of love, discrimination, and freedom through symbolic imagery.

BTS' V and IU recently collaborated on their first official music video titled Love Wins All. This cinematic masterpiece isn't just a music video; it's a five-minute dystopian sci-fi short film brimming with hidden layers. Amid the plethora of fan theories circulating online in an attempt to decode the song, few are aware that director Um Tae Hwa, famed for Concrete Utopia has provided explanations regarding the video's meaning and concept. In the video, the two K-pop icons take on the roles of lovers, but this isn’t just the typical love video. The MV was released on January 24 midnight KST.

BTS's V and IU collaborate on a dystopian sci-fi music video Love wins all(MV STILL)
BTS's V and IU collaborate on a dystopian sci-fi music video Love wins all(MV STILL)

BTS’ V and IU Love Wins All MV explained

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The video depicts the tale of IU and BTS V, a couple who are hurt and escaping from an unidentified cube object in the woods. They arrive at a chilly, empty building with mounds of worn-out clothing all around it. V finds a dusty camcorder in a restaurant while looking for signs of other people. After peeping into the camcorder their world changes and the MV looks more like going back and forth from present to past.

What is the Cube like object in BTS’ V and IU's Love Wins All

As per the director Um Tae Hwa, the cube-like object is called Nemo. Some assume it's a zombie infected by a virus; others fear it's an alien power. However, “The square symbolizes discrimination against the main characters and can also be seen as representing various forms of discrimination and oppression prevalent in our daily lives.”

What’s up with the camcorder in the MV

Now, let's talk about the mysterious camcorder, which shifts the entire feel of the music video. According to the creators, the video's time background is in the present, but the scene displayed on the camcorder's screen shows a world that was good before it got ruined. “The lens of the camcorder means the filter of love. It can also be seen as an important device to see the beautiful things of the world beyond the inner or outer appearance of the characters.”

Characters look and feel

Symbolic details add depth to IU and V's struggles. The subtle chain around IU's lips evokes restricted communication, while V's oceanic eyes foreshadow unseen obstacles. But in their messed-up world, they're stuck together like glue.

Why the bridal attire and tuxedo

But everyone is wondering why they decided to wear the bridal dress. “In the final scenes, IU and V wear wedding dresses and tuxedos found amidst the ruins, symbolizing the fruit of love." As the two partake in things that would be difficult for them to perform in their everyday life, such as singing and taking pictures, these traditional symbols stand for freedom and happiness.

The ending explained

Sadly, the cruel cube destroys their bodies, and only their clothes are left. In the last video, it looks like they're flying, showing they're free. The falling dresses and tuxedos make us wonder what's truly important in reality.

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