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Drake and Kendrick Lamar feud complete timeline: Big 3 to ‘certified paedophile’

ByAditi Srivastava
May 06, 2024 12:41 PM IST

Rap titans Drake and Kendrick Lamar engage in bitter feud with diss tracks and personal attacks. Complete timeline.

Drake and Kendrick Lamar, two legendary titans of the genre, are locked in a bitter feud that's raising eyebrows. Their animosity, escalating from subtle digs to vicious diss tracks, has reached a boiling high with Lamar dropping a bombshell accusation - calling Drake a "certified paedophile." But how did this all start?

Kendrick Lamar and Drake are dominating Grammy Awards 2019 with most number of nominations. (AFP/Reuters)
Kendrick Lamar and Drake are dominating Grammy Awards 2019 with most number of nominations. (AFP/Reuters)

Triggered by a recent string of Lamar's diss tracks, Drake fired back with The Heart Part 6 this past Sunday, vehemently denying the disturbing allegations. This latest exchange marks a chilling escalation in their rivalry that has left even fans too stunned to react. Let's explore deeper and dissect the feud, track by track, to understand the history behind this shocking clash.

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Drake And Kendrick Lamar feud timeline: How it started

Oct 6, 2023, Drake and J Cole’s First person shooter

On October 6, the Canadian rapper and J Cole released their ‘Very Unharmed’ collaboration track First Person Shooter. The song was well received and the line where the She Knows singer refers to him, Drake and Lamar as the “big three” of rap soon became the centre of the feud.

March 22, 2023: Lamar fires back

Referring to the "Big Three" verse, Lamar called himself the undisputed king of rap and subtly jabbed at Drake and J. Cole's collaboration. In Metro Boomin and Future's Like That, he slammed the rappers for "sneak dissing" and rejected their concept of the "big three," instead saying: “It's just big me.”

April 5, 2023: 7 Minute Drill

The real beef intensified when J. Cole dropped the bombshell 7 Minute Drill, leaving fans eager to see what would come next. The track, part of his mixtape Might Delete Later, accused Lamar of being an "attention seeker" and criticized Lamar's latest release as "tragic." Cole fired off multiple warning shots in the song but later deleted it.

April 13, 2023: Drake's response to Lamar with Push Ups

The gloves came off on April 13th when Drake's leaked track Push Ups aimed at his rival, Kendrick Lamar. In a low blow, Drake mocked Lamar's height, calling him a "pipsqueak". "How the f--- you big steppin’ with a size-seven men’s on?" This wasn't just a personal jab, though. Drake also threw shade at Lamar's collaborations with pop artists Taylor Swift and Maroon 5. "Maroon 5 need a verse, you better make it witty/ Then we need a verse for the Swifties.”

April 19: Taylor Made

Drake released a track called Taylor Made where he threw shade at Lamar. The track featured voice imitations of Snoop Dogg and the late Tupac Shakur and dissed Lamar. However, Drake faced legal trouble after Tupac's estate sent him a legal notice to take down the track, which he promptly did. One of Tupac’s voice verses: “Kendrick, we need ya, the West Coast savior / Engraving your name in some hip-hop history. If you deal with this viciously / You seem a little nervous about all the publicity.”

April 30, Euphoria

Kendrick Lamar's comeback with Euphoria in 2024 was nothing less than remarkable. The song set streaming records and became one of the most streamed rap songs in a specific time frame. In response to the ongoing beef, Kendrick made sharp and direct comments, rapping, "I know you're a master manipulator and a habitual liar too. But don't spread lies about me, and I won't hesitate to expose the truth about you." He referred to Drake's "Taylor Made Freestyle" in his ‘harsh’ remarks, suggesting that Drake's actions would make Tupac “turn in his grave.”

May 3, Lamar launches scathing attack on Drake at 6:16 in LA

Lamar released a follow-up track titled 6:16 in LA, which caused a stir on the internet, not just because of the track itself but due to Jack Antonoff's involvement. Antonoff, known for producing Taylor Swift's songs, worked on 6:16 in LA, another diss track aimed at Drake. Netizens dubbed the track a literal Taylor Made. The track opens with “I think someone’s lying. I smell somebody lying.” And went on to call out the whole team of Drake and every point made from the very start of the rap beef.

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May 4, 2024: Drake says ‘Family Matters’

Drake dropped a new single Family Matters. The new single dragged Kendrick's relationship with his fiancée Whitney Alford and accused the Compton singer of Cheating and mistreatment. “You the Black messiah wifing up a mixed queen/ And hit vanilla cream to help out with your self-esteem/ On some Bobby sh—, I wanna know what Whitney need,” he raps before adding, When you put your hands on your girl, is it self-defense ’cause she’s bigger than you?”

May 5, 2024: Meet the Grahams

As a direct follow-up to Family Matters, Lamar released Meet The Grahams, in which he challenges Drake’s legal name (Aubrey Drake Graham) and accuses him of being an absentee father and hiding another child (his daughter).

May 6, 2024: Not Like Us

Lamar drops another title, Not Like Us where he calls Drake a “certified Paedophile.” “Say, Drake, I hear you like ‘em young,” warning his rival a jail time, he goes on, “You better not ever go to cell block one.”

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May 7, 2024: The Heart Part 6

Referring to the Paedophile remarks, Drake raps, “I’m way too famous for the sh*t you just suggested, but that’s not the lesson.” Venting out his frustration through fiery verse, he went on, “I never been with no one underage, but now I understand why this the angle that you really mess with.”

“Just for clarity, I feel disgusted / I’m too respected / If I was f**kin’ young girls, I promise I done been arrested / I’m way too famous for the shit you just suggested, but that’s not the lesson / Clearly there’s a deeper message / Deep cuts that never healed and now they got infected.”

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