Saif Ali Khan’s debut production goes over-budget

Love Aaj Kal, which toplines him and Deepika Padukone, has supposedly burnt a hole in the financer.. Eros International’s pockets.

entertainment Updated: Apr 06, 2009 19:37 IST
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Flash and back
It’s been a hot week. Nah! Not in moviepur really.. there’s nothing that I want to watch in the multiplexes. I’d much rather stick to my slick DVD collection.. at least it promises entertainment. Baby from Bahrain got me some new ones.. DVDs.. what did you guys think?

Anyway, while I skim through my collection and decide what’s to be watched today.. since Vijjy’s on a trip and won’t meet me for a while and I have some time on hand to kill.. I’ll give you some update on the Cinematown folks.

Hmm, my new trade know-all had been calling me incessantly over the weekend. And moi being the sooooo very polite kind, returned the call after my beauty treatment. Know-allji says that my (but not just mine) Saif Ali Khan’s debut production has gone over-budget. Awww.. all this when there’s an economic slowdown everywhere.

Love Aaj Kal, which toplines him and Deepika Padukone, has supposedly burnt a hole in the financer.. Eros International’s pockets.
Know-all details that he’s heard that there’s some tussle between my Saiiinfu and Eroswallas.. though the shooting for the film.. which goes back and forth between the past and the present, is over.

And Saiinfuji is sooo professional (there are not too many of that variety these days) that though he was holidaying with his jaaneman Kareena Kapoor, he ensured that the shooting was stopped after he discovered that the finances had gone over the roof. The film’s patchwork has now begun at the JW Marriott in Juhu to get the flashback right. But is that really safe Saiiinfu? I’ll consult my other Trade Gurus on that.

Heroine ban gayi
Should I consider this to be a sign of good times for my darling Salman Khan or for his lady love Katrina Kaif? Once upon a time, when I was still in school, Lady Kaif didn’t know that the word ‘No’ existed in the dictionary. Hah! I’m not surprised.

So, Ms Kaif signed on for every single project that came her way.. every big producer left her home smiling.. that they had found a pretty face.. finally.. I don’t know about the actress bit. Now, a little birdie squeaks that Sallu bhai has advised his premika to go slow on the signing spree and take on fewer projects.

And guess what, she even listened to what he said. Mashallah! At least there’s hope for this couple.. methinks. Ms Kaif has made a resolution (a little late in the year but never mind the delay) that she will prove to the world that she can act! Yes, that’s the spirit lady!

Bahut shukriya..
We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving Day or even a Thank You saying day in our country.. do we? If we ever did, I know one Ms who should be profusely thanking another Ms for recommending her to one of her filmmaker friends.. when all she was delivering on the box office were successive colossal flops.

The first Ms is Kareena Kapoorji (who doesn’t mind sexist dialogue being addressed to her in a movie promo) and the other Ms is Priyanka Chopraji who pushed for her once upon a time sakhi Bebo’s name to Prem Soni for Main aur Mrs Khanna. So Bebo did the movie but without even a polite thank you to her good ole friend.. hmm?

That’s mean.. or is she just pretending to wait for the Thank You day to be celebrated in the country so that her just-about-polite thank yous don’t get singled out?

Vote’s this now?
My Sanju bhaiyya.. meaning Sanjay Dutt.. cannot contest the elections anymore. Tsk. Sad no? And he has ensured that all the faltu buzz about bhabhiji Manyata contesting the elections in his place also gets taken care of. Bhabhiji and he have made it clear to the world that neither of them will contest elections.

Bhaisaab has decided that he will earn for the home and bhabhiji will cook chicken, biryani and kebabs for him in the kitchen. She’s such a pativrata Aarya naari that she didn’t even argue with patidev on his decision. Such a precedent for some women who only know how to walk over their men.. seekho.. seekho.

Pic a boo
Now, everyone is filling my ears about this naya haseen (hardly) joda in Cinemapur. Hurman, Harman.. whatever he spells his name as.. this little Baweja boy has clearly moved over his old feelings for Priyankaji. His new-found love interest Urvashi Sharma and he have been messaging each other on this Chehrakitaab networking site.. quite too often at odd hours.

Sharma lady has been suggesting that Baweja boy should change his profile pictures. My god.. such interest in profile pictures.. I wish they’d take the same interest in their careers..they’d be flying high in the sky.. but they don’t do that.

Hmm.. but then such is life dearies.

First Published: Apr 06, 2009 18:39 IST