Shilpa approaches ex-beau Akki to cheer for her IPL team

Ms Shetty has approached her ‘good old days’ friend Akshay Kumar to cheer for the team. It’s for time to tell whether King Kumar relents or does what everyone else is doing.
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Updated on Feb 23, 2009 02:45 PM IST
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Her wicked wicket ways

Good morning my strawberry lollipops.. how goes it this morning with you guys? I’m still in my satin sheets.. thinking if I should call for cardamom-flavoured kawah or should it be black tea with a dash of lemon.

While I think and thaw, I won’t deprive you, my folks, of some mirch-masala gossip which just caught my ears. A near-and-dear sakhi visited me last night. She filled my ears with something ‘juicy’ about Shilpa Shetty. No sillies.. she’s not getting into the nectar business.

Instead, she’s trying to make all the right moves to draw as much star attention towards her IPL team Rajasthan Royals as possible. She’s trying to be sugar-sweet with all and sundry in show nagariya.. so that they pour down to all the matches to cheer her team.

My saheli says La Shetty’s actions look hugely inspired by Shah Rukh Khan. No one’s impressed.. maybe everyone gets her ‘inspired’ moves. My saheli also told me that Ms Shetty has approached her ‘good old days’ friend Akshay Kumar to cheer for the team. It’s for time to tell whether King Kumar relents or does what everyone else is doing.

Weight and watch
Oi.. oi guys.. hear this. Sameera Reddy is still around. And I’m told by my jasoos that the lady has put on excess kilos. So? So now, she wants to lose weight and make a healthy comeback. How? How? I’ve heard she’s chosen to go the yoga way. The actress now wants to feel fit and weigh just right. She’s been advised to go that route. About time Sam!

Big momma!
Now this is something I would rather see than believe. But a social titli swears that Amrita Rao is upset over reports that her mother has to be spoken to first, before she can be approached. Seems Amri is gradually trying to come out of Momma Rao’s shadow. In fact, the petite actress was seen at a recent award ceremony.. but her mommy wasn’t. Hmm!

Now, now, if only my darling Genelia D’Souza would take control of her life too. For eons, I’ve been hearing about Momma D’Souza’s interfering ways. Genei baby was at the screening of Delhi-6 at PVR, Juhu on Friday evening.. and big momma was there too. And didn’t let Genei baby out of her sight for even a nano-second. Sigh!

If that’s not enough, friends found it difficult to engage Genelia in a conversation. Kyun ki Momma D’Souza kept on adding her two bits to the baat-cheet every two minutes. Now isn’t that a bit too much.

Paani puri party
What’s wrong with Madhu my Mottu Maid today? She’s just sashayed in with a platter of bhelpuri and paani puris instead of my cuppa claiming the snack’s made from branded spices and mineral water. Huh? She says she got the idea from Atul Kulkarni, whom she bumped into recently.

Seems he and the cast of Delhi-6, in particular my dahling Waheeda Rehmanji, had a sudden craving for paani puri after seeing chaatwallas in action on a set of Old Delhi in Jaipur. But they were worried about the hygiene factor.

So Atul went shopping for packaged atta, branded oil, fresh mint, packets of masala, Bisleri water.. you get the drift. And handed his supplies to a chaatwalla on the sets and they had a paani puri party. Oof! Wonder what is Mottu going to come up with next?

Main producer banna chahta hoon
Mottu hasn’t finished with her chhota-motta types. I shooed her away but she was back in minutes announcing with pride that Rajpal Yadav is getting into movie production now. Oh yeah? Maybe that’s because he doesn’t have many films in his kitty and plenty of time to twiddle his idle thumbs, I tell her.

Mots goes on to say that Yadav will also be acting in the film. How predictable is that now, considering he’s making a movie for himself? But she continues to be impressed, adding that after this one, he is planning a couple more films for later. Yeah.. sure, if he finds any takers. Kya karun is Motti ka? She’s such an earful! But then, such is life dearies.

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