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The woes of being Mithun Chakraborty’s sexy son!

Mimoh Chakraborthy says that girls find his dad sexy and him cute, in conversation with Rachana Dubey.

entertainment Updated: Oct 19, 2009 19:59 IST
Rachana Dubey

Mimoh Chakraborthy says that girls find his dad sexy and him cute, in conversation with Rachana Dubey.

So Mimoh, do girls hit on you?
I’m not a party animal, I prefer staying home. So, they don’t get a chance.

You’re kidding, right?
No, I’m serious. There was just this one girl…

Go on.
I had gone for the success party of Corporate. Dad (Mithun Chakraborthy) and Madhur sir (Bhandarkar) were chatting and I was quietly standing by their side. Suddenly, I noticed this girl staring at me from a distance. When I moved away from dad, she came up to me. She was so gorgeous. I don’t remember what she said.

Don’t girls ever proposition you?
(Sighs) Sadly, no. Right from my school days, I’ve been very popular with girls but they all treat me like a brother. On Raksha Bandhan, they would all tie me rakhis. After a point, I stopped stepping out on that day.

The tragedy is that I actually liked a few girls romantically and they were the first ones to come and tie rakhis on my wrist. So now, I tell me sister to tie a rakhi and I stay indoors that day. I’m rakhiphobic.

What do girls find attractive about you?
(Laughs) Let them answer that. It could be my confidence. It’s inflated a little now. May be my great sense of humour.
Do your female co-stars end up falling in love with you?

That’s bound to happen if you work together. But I’ve learnt to be wary now. I got carried away with some of the compliments a few of my colleagues paid me, and paid heavily for it. Now I know where to draw the line.

But if you want to spark off any kind of on-screen chemistry, you need to gel well with the person off screen as well. That doesn’t mean I will kiss a girl in public to make her feel comfortable on camera. But I will talk to her and make her laugh.

Did teachers pay you special attention when you were in school?
Never! Dad never let any of my teachers give my siblings or me special treatment. We were punished like the other children if we didn’t do our homework or faired badly in class tests. But I’ve met many girls and boys through school and college who wanted to be my friends because I was Mithun Chakraborthy’s son.

What is it that your father has that you lack?
Everything. That’s why I’m Mimoh and he’s Mithun Chakraborthy. He made tall, dark and handsome popular in India. He made dark skin sexy. All the girls in my gang are his fans. They say, “Mimoh, you are cute but your dad is hot!”

All of them want to meet dad and when they compliment him in front of me, he says, “See I’m still in the game. I have more women going bonkers over me.” I think he’s got the right mix of oomph, which drives women crazy!

When was the first time someone recognised you as an actor?
I was working on a film that was subsequently canned. This was before Jimmy. I was doing my second or third photo shoot with Dabboo Ratnani. My photos had recently appeared in the newspapers.

After the shoot, we zipped off to Subway in Bandra. There, a bunch of collegians asked me if I was Mimoh. Whoah man, I told myself, I’m famous!

Where have you been hiding since Jimmy?
I was s working on my look. Jimmy wasn’t a bad debut, it worked in the small centres, but it wasn’t a great debut. These days everyone wants to look sexy. So, I too have been working on my body and looks.

I’ve been practicing yoga and dance. I’m a regular at the gym. Lot of people have written to me on various networking sites and my personal id saying I’m looking a lot better and more mature. I’m 70 per cent there.

As an actor?
As an actor I haven’t grown much. There’s room for 100 per cent improvement. For now, I’m focusing on two projects, Loot and Spaghetti 24x7. There are some other projects too but you’ll have to wait for the official announcements.

Before I say goodbye, give me a nice pick line that was used on you?
Sorry, don’t have any. I’m waiting for the day!