To save money in little ways

You can also cut back the amount of money you spend in little ways. Here's how.

entertainment Updated: Nov 15, 2010 01:15 IST
Hindustan Times

1 Quit Smoking: Instead of spending on a stick or a pack of cigarettes, why not put it in your coin bank? Every night, make it a ritual to put away the amount of money that you would have spent on smoking. At the end of the year, you might just save enough money for a trip to London!

2 Stock first and save later: Since food consumes the biggest amount on your budget, the best way to save money on food is to lessen your purchase. The trick here is to stock first and save later. And keep others away from your food cupboard!

3 Keep the condiments: You can also cut back the amount of money you spend by saving all the condiments from fast food deliveries.

4 Save the game: Are you into golf? Save by picking up stray golf balls at the course. With that, you can save money on significant expenditure.

First Published: Nov 14, 2010 16:27 IST