Addite Shirwaikar Malik (Photo: Instagram/additemalik)
Addite Shirwaikar Malik (Photo: Instagram/additemalik)

Addite Malik shares why she started formula feed for her baby: 'Making this process of motherhood happier'

  • Addite Malik, who recently welcomed her first child, son Ekbir, has said that it should be a mother's choice whether breastfeed or formula feed is better for her child.
PUBLISHED ON JUN 08, 2021 09:46 PM IST

Actor Addite Malik, who recently welcomed her first child, son Ekbir, has opened up on her views on the never ending debate of breastfeeding versus formula feeding for babies. In her latest post on Instagram, Addite has revealed that she has started formula feed for her baby.

Addite shared a picture with her newborn and wrote, "Motherhood Diaries, Chapter 2: Breast Feeding Vs Formula Thank you for showering the love you have on Motherhood Diaries. For me its therapeutic to have these conversations with all of you, to write out my motherhood journey. As I was going through all your comments a lot of you were asking about Breast Feeding Vs Formula, what’s the right way? Honestly, I say choose your path and don’t go on what others tell you." The picture only showed a hand of the infant. Addite is yet to reveal the complete face of her two-month-old son.

Revealing that she chose to supplement her baby's diet with formula feed, the actor added, "Like I told you in my last diary, there’s nothing greater than a mother’s instinct. I felt that my child wasn’t fulfilling his needs with just breast milk and hence I’m a mother that’s chosen supplementing. And trust me a lot of judgements may start with this….No formula is not good for your child! Please show me science that says that! I say that my child gets antibodies through breast milk but with it if he needs more, why shall he stay hungry? Let him have formula which is slightly heavier, keeps him sleeping for a few hours as he doesn’t cry out in hunger and that’s what suits me."

She added that her choice also gave her less things to worry about, mainly because she knows that her child has his stomach full. "I’m less worried about what happens if I have to step out ever for a few hours of work, I’m less worried about whether my child’s stomach is full or not, I’m just overall making this process of motherhood happier," she said.

She also said that while postpartum depression exists, the right kind of support system has the ability to make the journey of motherhood a happy one. "Yes a lot of women talk about postpartum depression and it exists but with the right of support system (Family and partner) and the choices you make, motherhood can be a beautiful journey. Lots of sleepless nights (yes I was up from the last two nights) but there is no complaining because my baby and I, we are happy and that’s what matters," she wrote.

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Addite and Mohit welcomed their first child in April. Right from pregnancy days, both the actors have been sharing their journey of parenthood with fans on Instagram. Announcing the arrival of her son, she had written in April, "Dear Universe, Thank you for this blessing! Thank you for these midnight cries and all that comes with it, because we truly feel lucky to welcome our little baby boy into our world of love! He's Here and He's Truly Magic From 2 to 3, Happily Ever After….Yours Truly, Parents of #BabyMalik Mohit & Addite."

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