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Anupamaa written update Sept 29: Kinjal goes back home with Vanraj, leaves Anupamaa worried

Sep 29, 2022 08:20 PM IST

Anupamaa written update September 29: Kinjal goes back to the Shahs' house after Vanraj and Leela's persuade her. While it leaves Anupamaa and Anuj worried about Kinjal, Rakhi Dave blames Anupamaa for Kinjal's decision.

Anupamaa and Anuj are heartbroken in the latest episode of Anupamaa. Vanraj and Leela succeed in convincing Kinjal to return home with them. Anupamaa and Anuj get upset over Kinjal's decision but their real problems begin when Rakhi Dave comes home and lashes out at Anupamaa for letting Kinjal go. Keep reading this article for the full story. Also read: Anupamaa recap: Vanraj tries to convince Kinjal to come back to Shahs' house

A still image from the latest episode of Anupamaa.
A still image from the latest episode of Anupamaa.

Kinjal goes back to the Shahs' house with Vanraj

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The previous episode ends with Vanraj and Leela emotionally blackmailing Kinjal to return to the Shah house with them. Anupamaa, who has promised Anuj that she will not meddle in their issues, breaks her promise and ends up arguing with Leela and Vanraj against pressurising Kinjal. Amid this, Kinjal decides to give in to Vanraj's pleadings and goes with them. She assures Anupamaa that she will not let them pressurise her into forgiving Toshu and added that she is only going back for Pari. Anupamaa lets her go but continues to worry for Kinjal's wellbeing. Meanwhile, Barkha tries to take advantage of this sensitive situation and gain Anupamaa's trust but Anupamaa sends her off.

Back at the Shah household, the family members get excited about seeing Pari and Kinjal return. Toshu expresses his gratitude to Kinjal but she makes it clear that she hasn't returned for him and doesn't want to hear his fake apology. Hasmukh assures her that she will not be bothered by Toshu or anyone else in the family and that he himself is responsible for her sanity in the house. Kinjal prepares herself for the struggle but it remains to be seen if she can handle the trauma.

Rakhi admonish Anupamaa for letting Kinjal go

Anuj and little Anu return from school; but, Anu is immensely upset over Kinjal and Pari leaving. Anupamaa also expresses her worries to Anuj but all hell breaks loose when Rakhi overhears their conversation. She blames Anupamaa for putting Kinjal back in that hellhole again where the man who broke her trust is also present. She worries if Toshu will repeat his actions and hurt Kinjal again. She also worries if Leela will pressurise Kinjal into making a decision. Anupamaa comforts her but even she can't deny that her worries aren't irrational.

Leela and Toshu are capable of hurting Kinjal more but Anupamaa asks Rakhi to trust Kinjal and that she will be able to handle the situation on her own. Rakhi doesn't listen to Anupamaa and plans to do something terrible to keep her daughter away from the Shah family.

The upcoming episodes are going to further the turmoil in Anupamaa's life. Toshu will plan on taking revenge on Anupamaa and it's going to break Anupamaa's family apart. Watch this space for more written updates.

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