Eijaz Khan kisses Pavitra Punia at a bash. (Varinder Chawla)
Eijaz Khan kisses Pavitra Punia at a bash. (Varinder Chawla)

Eijaz Khan said he 'will never go near a woman' on Bigg Boss, then he fell for Pavitra Punia: 'I have to eat my words'

  • Eijaz Khan, who earlier said that he would never fall for a girl on Bigg Boss, has said that after developing feelings for Pavitra Punia, he is left with no choice but to eat his own words.
PUBLISHED ON MAR 24, 2021 07:23 AM IST

Actor Eijaz Khan, who found love on Bigg Boss 14, has explained how he came to eat his own words. Prior to entering the house, he'd said that he'd never fall for anyone, and had made peace with being single. But during the show, he fell in love with co-contestant Pavitra Punia.

In a new interview, Eijaz said that the lockdown changed his perception of life. He said that he had decided that he'd be alone, and for company he'd either 'dote' on his sister's kids, or visit his friend in the US.

"I had spent eight months living alone and I realised the fragility of life. I am 45 now and had been single for quite some time. When you live alone, you become set in your patterns and want to live life a certain way," he told a leading daily.

Insisting that he is 'not a difficult boyfriend', Eijaz said, "I am a mixed bag of sometimes going to one extreme and being an understanding boyfriend. We live in unpredictable times and all that anxiety that had started last year at this time, has returned due to the current situation of the pandemic. But nevertheless, it is a beautiful feeling to be in love and I am not keeping any deadlines each month for our plans."

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After Bigg Boss ended, Eijaz and Pavitra began living together. They've been chased with questions about marriage. Eijaz had said in a recent interview that he does not want to talk about his personal life anymore, because he has already revealed too much. "Whatever happens and whenever it happens, you will all get to know. Because there is nothing to hide, but I just do not want to talk about it so much," he told Bollywood Hungama.

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