American TV comedy Friends ran for 10 years.
American TV comedy Friends ran for 10 years.

Friends cast discuss the casual 'no dating pact' the male actors agreed to: 'We are like siblings'

  • Ahead of the Friends: The Reunion special, the cast of the popular American sitcom discussed the 'unspoken' rule that the six of them would stay friends even off the camera.
UPDATED ON MAY 27, 2021 08:43 PM IST

Ahead of the highly anticipated Friends: The Reunion special, the star cast of show, including Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer, appeared for an interview to discuss the casual 'no dating pact' the male actors agreed to.

According to Fox News, the Friends stars had a conversation with Access. During the interaction, when asked whether the cast members made an effort to avoid hooking up with one another, the 51-year-old star Matthew said, "There was a rule that we had [that] was really important to the six of us that we kept a friendship, that we were friends."

"If we were hooking up or there was any strangeness going on, that might mess with things," added Matthew.

He continues to add: "So we kept a friendship, and we did become really good friends - and we are really good friends to this day."

The actor explained that it was director James Burrows who "initiated" the rule.

Talking on the same lines, the 54-year-old star David chimed in, "We didn't want to jeopardize any of the great relationships and friendships we were forming and had established. It was kind of an unspoken [rule]."

Added Matt: "We are like siblings."

As reported by Fox News, the trio had a hard time pegging who would have been a good pairing should that rule not have been in place.

"Me and Schwimmer probably," joked Matt.

They also dished on the show's historic guest stars, with the programme famously nabbing movie-level talent in a time when crossover between film and television was not terribly common.

Matthew admitted, "I think probably Sean Penn coming on and being really funny was the biggest surprise," noting that it was "intimidating" to work with the dramatic actor.

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He recalled, "He [Penn] happened to come on [during] a week when I was dressed as a pink bunny rabbit." David, who was dressed as a "giant potato" joked that he "wasn't intimidated at all by Sean Penn."

"It was kind of depressing that we were not able to exude our dramatic acting skills around Sean Penn, but it was fun watching him be funny," Matthew said.

Meanwhile, when Access asked Jennifer, Courteney, Lisa about the "pact," the co-stars said they did not remember talking about one, which led host Kit Hoover to joke that the guys made it up because the ladies "did not want any part of them."

"Quite possibly true," Jennifer said.

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