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Controversy in vogue

Drugs, brawls, rape charges. Fashion and controversy go hand in hand. Kabeer Sharma digs up more juice.
None | By Kabeer Sharma (HT City), New Delhi
UPDATED ON MAR 16, 2007 06:14 PM IST

"Everything in fashion has been done before." Surprisingly, it translates into more than Dolce & Gabbana's rape simulation ads and '20s style flapper dresses. This also means sitting on a hair trigger, ODing on coke, falling out of cars, getting into brawls or in the case of New York-based fashion designer Anand Jon getting involved in a rape case.

Back home, too, we have a fine share of our brat pack.

Model Muzammil Ibrahim allegedly got into a brawl and spent a night in black and white. Model Shivani Kapur's drug inhibitions apparently got so out of hand that she's said to have mopped the floors of Mumbai's Leelavati Hospital.

But thankfully, Shivani is getting rid of her past. American designer Marc Jacobs, recently, checked into a rehab for alcohol and drug relapse.

High on notoriety: The problem with fashion though is that even as the Betsey Johnsons of this world indulge in runway antics bordering genius and lunacy, John Galliano sent out models with tam- pon strings hanging inspired by the Highland rape case.

As they say there's a thin line between genius and lunacy. However, falling out of cars is by no means a trait reserved for the 'Indians' - our designers may have mastered the art before they could learn to hold the scissors, but it was Yves Saint Laurent who collapsed on the streets of Paris. And no, show reviews had nothing to do with it!

Fashionably stormy: Last year, rumour mills went overboard with gossip that a Delhi designer had allegedly groped actor Fardeen Khan's derriere at a party hosted for Will Smith! The matter was obviously hushed up - not so much for the designer as for the actor.

While it is fairly easy to shake your head disapprovingly and say, "these are really bad days" for fashion, it certainly seems some are on the edge. Probably fame comes for a prize.

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