Fashionistas' secrets to their beauty

The ramp models share those little beauty tricks they use to get back that flawless skin and healthy hair after slapping tonnes of rouge and pancake and baking their hair in blow dryers for the shows. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to get ‘model’ look...

fashion and trends Updated: Nov 08, 2010 17:11 IST
Aaron George
Aaron George
Hindustan Times

The fashion week just got over in town and with it the fashion season, which was on a frantic pace during the past couple of months seems to be coming to a brief pause. So, we got talking to a few models who walked the runway, faced the arclights and glided up and down numerous fashion shows during all these days to tell us how they plan to rejuvenate. And more importantly how do they plan to go on a beauty rehab.

Here, they share those little beauty tricks they are now resorting to get back that flawless skin and healthy hair after slapping tonnes of rouge and pancake and baking their hair in blow dryers for the shows. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to get ‘model’ look with these easy to follow tricks of the trade.

Fashion WeekHida Siddiqui

Hida made her debut this season at the Wills Lifestyle India fashion Week and after walking the runway for most of the shows, she says the first thing on her mind was to get a massage. She says, "I will go for regular pedicure sessions because walking the runway in high heels have given me sore feet. Fashion weeks, though a lot of fun, are also very hectic. Models need to go for hair spa sessions after using all that hair gel and spending hours getting the hair blow-dried. I will also go for a nice facial to get that glow back. I will take vitamin supplements to beat the ill-effects of using big amount of make-up in the past one week. Eating healthy will help too."

Sanea Shaikh
Sanea has been walking the ramp for a few seasons now. Right after WIFW, she walked the ramp for the India Bridal Week in Mumbai. After such an exhausting schedule, she plans to head straight to a spa and resort to a ‘no make-up’ routine. “You need to pamper yourself a bit. A beauty detox doesn’t mean you start to ignore your body. I personally would head straight to a spa and opt for treatments, which nourish the body. So, a full body scrub and oil massage, and a refreshing organic face pack are the treatments you need to go for. Then follow this up with a no make-up routine to help my skin and hair recover from all the products,” she says.

Erika Packard
For Mumbai-based Erika, who after spending close to 10 odd days in Delhi doing the fashion grind, the first step to a beauty re-boot was sleep. “Yes, the best means to an instant system and beauty re-boot is an uninterrupted, healthy sleep cycle. Make sure you get at least 8-9 hours of sleep everyday and ensure you drink lot of water,” she says. But besides sleep, the next best trick is working out. “Nothing like a good workout to tone the body, ease the muscles and also to allow your body to shed all the toxins. But remember to take it easy. Don’t push yourself too hard. Cardio works quite well. So stay away from weights” she says.

Diva Dhawan
Diva Dhawan, who is quite popular on the Indian runways, and also happens to be the Garnier girl, says the trick lies in her diet. “Home-cooked meals not only nourish the system, but is an instant detox for all the junk in your system you tend to eat when you’re terribly busy. So, remember your system needs a beauty re-boot and the best way to do this is by sticking to a healthy diet. A daily diet rich in veggies, oil-free meals and light spices will immediately start to show on your skin, giving you the healthy glow, which make-up tends to wash out. Also, eat a lot of vegetables, which haven’t been cooked much. Such a nutritious rich diet also helps in watching that waistline,” she adds.

Arshia Ahuja
For Arhsia Ahuja, who has walked in WIFW and a host of other fashion weeks, the best beauty fixes are home remedies. “Use tomatoes to tone your skin and even out any blemishes. Also use multani mitti as a natural scrub for the skin. Stay away from cosmetics, even toners, scrubs, etc. You need to go as organic as possible. Don’t skip out on any vitamins. If the need be, go for vitamin supplements to add to your daily intake. It’s very important to give your system a break from everything artificial and that means beauty products too. So, use egg as a hair conditioner, use cucumber slices on your face and similar home fixes to manage your beauty routine,” she says.

First Published: Nov 03, 2010 18:39 IST