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Hair and skin guide for men

Opt for the messy and trendy look, if you have naturally wavy or curly hair. If you have long hair, pull it back and tuck it neatly behind the ears. Read on for more tips.

fashion and trends Updated: May 01, 2010 18:49 IST
Yatan Ahluwalia & Jojo
Yatan Ahluwalia & Jojo
Hindustan Times

Male polishHere's a hair and make-up guide exclusively for men.

Vanity Secrets
If you have long hair, pull it back and tuck it neatly behind the ears – tie a knot at the back to keep it from getting sweaty and sticky and falling all over your neck.

Headgear: During the day, wear a casual or sports (cotton) cap or a hat – not just because headgear is a strong trend this summer, but also because it protects you from the sun. Place the cap / hat at an angle that flatters your face. To avoid accumulation of sweat underneath, ensure you take it off occasionally, allowing the scalp to stay dry as well as to breathe.

Face and neck: Try and refrain from maintaining a shadow stubble or sporting any facial hair for that matter – this will keep you feeling less itchy and moist in that area.

Underarms: Trim or remove hair to prevent excessive sweating. To smell fresh through the day and to avoid sweat patches on your T-shirts and shirts, use a long-lasting and alcohol-free deo stick.

Elbows: Use an exfoliating scrub (once a week) to keep elbows looking clean and free of grime. Better still, when in the shower, use a loofah scrub (with some soap or shower gel on it) to remove dry and dead skin.

Arms: Removing the hair on your arms doesn’t just make them look wider, but also makes your skin feel lighter and softer.

Vest: If you tend to sweat excessively on your back and chest, wear a light coloured cotton vest under your shirt to absorb the moisture and keep you dry.

Hair Care
In summer, avoid using oil or heavy styling products on a daily basis. Having said that, ensure that you condition your hair with an application of a nourishing oil (Salon / Modicare – almond & vitamin E oil) no more than once a week.

Condition: To wash daily, use a mild frequent use shampoo (Fruit of the Earth – arnica and tea tree shampoo) followed by a good conditioner (Fruit of the Earth – almond and aloe vera conditioner).

The Styles
Under 20:
Wild & Rebellious
Hair Length:
Medium to long.
Sides: Very short, graduating and blending into medium to long strands. Slim, narrow sideburns.
Top: Uneven and ruffled in an upward and outward direction to look sharp and to add dimension.

Less than 25: Short & Sporty
Hair Length:
Sides: Flattened and pressed down. Thick but short sideburns.
Top: Messy – lifted at the back, then styled unevenly in all directions.

Over 25: Textured & Masculine
Hair Length:
Sides: Pressed down towards the ears and face. Long and bushy sideburns that end in a two day old stubble.
Top: Lifted at the top and centre.

Above 30: Even and Mature
Hair Length:



Short and flat, set in place without any product. Medium length and narrow sideburns.


Pushed forward towards the forehead.

Men's hairstylesThe Divide
Single parting: The Good Boy

Men with long or narrow faces. To create a youngish school-boy look, make a parting on any one side (left or right) and comb the bulk of the hair onto the other side of the head and onto the forehead. Instead of using a fine toothcomb to part and set your hair neatly in place, use your fingers to create breaks in the styling.

No parting: The Bad Boy

Hair styled without a parting works well to create a rugged and weather-beaten look. Use your hands to mess hair up and allow the strands to fall over the ears and all over the forehead. Create ‘filmy flicks’ at the back by lifting the ends outwards, so you can see the strands sticking out – even from the front.

The Contrast
Casual: Messy & Trendy
Opt for the messy and trendy look, if you have naturally wavy or curly hair and if your average hair length is under an inch all around. All you need is some hair wax on your palms – to push the hair away from the roots.

Formal:Spiked & Suited
Jazz up your formal business suit or tux, by spiking up your hair with an effective and long lasting water based gel.Attempt this look only if your hair is short on the sides and not longer than an inch on the top

How to put your best face forward
Crease-free skin:
Moisturise, hydrate and protect your skin by using water-based moisturisers, splashing cold water on a regular basis and using sun protection.

No dark circles: Drink at least four litres of water a day and get a minimum eight hours of restful and undisturbed sleep.

Clean ears: Use an ear bud to remove accumulated dirt and wax, as well as to clean the insides of the ears where dust and grime settle easily, especially in the folds.

Blackhead free nose: Steam your face once a fortnight or use a blackhead remover to remove blackheads. You may also use nasal strips or use hot wax (at a salon) to get rid of fine whiteheads. Wipe with an astringent to keep the surface free of excessive oil.

Bushy brows: Thick bushy brows for men are back – but that should not prevent you from trimming or plucking unwanted long strands or excessive growth specifically in the centre and ends.

Crystal clear eyes: Drinking plenty of water and washing the eyes regularly will keep them looking bright and clean as well as reduce puffiness around them.

No nostril hair: Pluck and trim the hair in the nostrils using either tweezers or a nasal scissor (that has blunt ends).

Fresh red lips: Avoid smoking, drink sufficient water, exfoliate regularly and use a nourishing lip balm at night to keep lips looking healthy and kissable.

How to keep your skin looking (and feeling) fresh
Clean it:
Wash your face daily with cool or room temperature water, then with a face wash (Vichy – purifying cleansing gel), followed by a gentle natural soap (Fresh Lime – Aromatherapy range) or an intensive shower gel (L’Occitane – verbena shower gel) for your body.

Shave, then nourish it: Always shave after a shower (Velocity – blades and shaving cream). End your shave with an application of a cooling and soothing after shave gel (Mary Kay Men – cooling after shave gel) that has been formulated for sensitive or very dry skin.

Apply – going out: We recommend a heavy application of a moisturiser and sunscreen with a high SPF (Mary Kay – SPF 30 cream) to protect you from exposure to the sun, twenty minutes before you step out.

Apply – staying in: Before you call it a night, rehydrate and restore moisture to the skin with an effective water-based moisturiser (Nivea).

(The authors are Directors, Y&E STYLE MEDIA PVT. LTD – a fashion styling, grooming and corporate imaging company);

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First Published: Apr 30, 2010 15:28 IST