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Hey, I’m the Hobo Champ

If ‘cool’ to you means dressing shabby, dirty and bizarre like the guy on the right, it’s time you learned your fashion fundamentals again...

fashion and trends Updated: May 24, 2012 01:19 IST
Hindustan Times
Style in the City,Champu Chamans,Gabru Jawans

If ‘cool’ to you means dressing shabby, dirty and bizarre like the guy on the right, it’s time you learned your fashion fundamentals again...

Delhi is taking its fashion lessons seriously! It’s only the seventh day of our special series, Style in the City, and hundreds of Champu Chamans have promised to ditch the school bags, Gabru Jawans have pledged to find a T-shirt that’s their size, and BTMs say they are not colour matching their looks anymore.

For the next six days, you will see HT City staffers posing as a fashion disaster each day to help you avoid fashion faux pas. A few lucky readers will also win fabulous makeovers from style experts this week.

Join us and help Delhi dress better!

Yo! We call him Hobo Champ

The term ‘hobo’ literally means vagabond, but dressing up all dirty and unkempt is also a style statement for some. Our assistant art editor, Shiv Kumar hows you how ‘hobo chic’ can also go horribly wrong. Torn and crumpled shirts, stained lowers, muddy shoes and shabby hair don’t rock anymore.

The hobo champ believes that it’s unmanly to use a deo and that girls like rough and unkempt looks. Sorry dude, they think you just escaped from the rehab!

How not to be a Hobo Champ

* Hobo-chic means looking good effortlessly, and not dirty. Never compromise on personal hygiene.
* Balance the look by mixing and matching different elements without going overboard. If you like wearing beads and lockets, don’t wear them on your hands and neck at the same time.
* Team your cargo or harem pants with a plain T-shirt, which is not tucked-in. You can wear your jacket with badges, trinkets or chains. Kurtas are a big no-no as they don’t go well with the hobo look.
* Never team checked shirts with checked pants, or even with striped ones. Opt for earthy, neutral colours such as white, beige, grey, forest green, and brown.
* Go for plain bandanas instead of printed ones. Sport a dishevelled or unkempt look for your hair, but it should not look wild. Avoid tacky hair-extensions.
- Nikhil Mehra, Fashion designer

Style gurus on Hobo Champs

Hobo Champs think that torn, dirty clothes and mud-stained shoes make them look cool. But, such a look can never be stylish. It’s just plain unhygienic and a big put-off -Anupamaa Dayal, designer

Many Hobo Champs believe that not getting a haircut is something to be proud of. They wear torn, unwashed jeans and ill-fitted, bizarre clothes to attain an image of a ‘rockstar’- Jattinn Kochhar, designer

I saw a Hobo Champ wearing a ripped T-shirt that showed off his hairy chest. He also wore weird looking skull shaped pendants. I don’t understand why good looking guys turn themselves into such horrors -Rimple Narula, designer

I have seen Hobo Champs sport the bizarrest of hairstyles. I saw one guy who wore cheap, artificial hair-extensions that looked like dread locks, and made him look really scary -Aakanksha Jain, stylist

Thank you, Dear Readers

Priyanka Dhir: Superb feature! The best thing HT City ever did! Now all the people who fit into these prototypes will take some fashion advice and hopefully improve.

Nidhi Newar Birla: Fabulous! Gabru Jawans are to be found everywhere in the city

Ragini Khullar: Great job HT! Keep up the good work. For a fashion disaster free Delhi

Nostalgic Soul-out Ind Dark: Very funny..these guys can easily be seen on Delhi streets. Well caught HT City

Abhinav Thareja: The desi munda trying to flaunt his tweaky muscles in skinny tees and that too of a much smaller size. Lord, save us from such disasters

Vandana Chadha: Ill-fitted tees look bad on both girls and boys.

Arun Raheja: I I like it..These tips are actually useful

Shivangi Sharma: This is a very nice column and thumbs up for HT people who decided to start this. Now Delhi would be safe from fashion blunders

Abhinav Thareja: Fashion awareness in the city of fashionistas! Really helping people to prevent fashion blunders. Keep it up guys

Sushma Bagri: HT City is doing a great job in all aspects. Your Dilse column, hot tips etc are rocking..and now this Style in the City column! It’s just amazing

My style icon is

Katrina Kaif, She is simple yet classy -Rishi Jagdev

Ranbir Kapoor, He wears what looks good on him -Krithviraj Singh Rathore

Sonam Kapoor, She dresses up elegantly -Shikha Raheja

Kareena kapoor. Perfect is the word for her -Zeba Khan

Sarah Jessica Parker, She wears what suits her Body and Mind -Karishma Kambo

Blake Lively, She look simple yet classy, both on and off camera -Kajal goel

Michelle Obama, Her style turns thousand of heads - Neelima sharma

Make me Stylish

Hi, I am 25-years-old, 5 ft 1, and overweight. I’m bored of wearing salwar kameez and I want to try western outfits. Please suggest something that would look good on me?
-Anupama Singhvi

Dear Anupama,
If the problem area is your belly, go for A-line dresses and if you have heavy hips, opt for tailored tuxedo jackets to cover the flab. Wear narrow necklines like V-necks and non-flared skirts in monochromatic shades that will make you look slimmer. For example, you could wear a light-grey top over a pair of dark grey jeans or trousers. If you don’t want to go for plain fabrics, opt for small-print patterns and textures, dark colours, vertical stripes, non-shiny fabrics and stretchable fabrics. -Gautam Gupta, Fashion designer

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First Published: May 23, 2012 17:12 IST