How their hair changed over the years

These desi divas show us that they do not shy away from experimenting with their mane.

fashion and trends Updated: May 22, 2011 00:37 IST
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These desi divas show us that they do not shy away from experimenting with their mane.

Priyanka Chopra

Oct 2008: Actor Priyanka Chopra went for a wispy fringe look soon after she delivered a few Bollywood hits

Dec 2009: A year later, Chopra cut her hair in sharp razor waves. The new look wasn’t a big hit

Oct 2010: Priyanka must have used hair extensions as, within a year, she had long round waves, her signature style

May 2011: Priyanka now continues to sport her soft waves in below-the-shoulder length. After all the makeovers, she is now back to the hairstyle she started with

Bipasha Basu

Aug 2008: Bipasha Basu shocked her fans when she chopped her hair into a fringe bob with highlights

Dec 2009: Within a year the star was back to her below-the- shoulder, wavy, fringe look

Aug 2010: Basu experimented again when she cut her hair in a chiselled and slightly longer bob

Mar 2011: Bipasha is seen these days in long locks with frontal fringes and a demi-Goddess front puff that highlights her famous facial bone structure

Kangna Ranaut

Dec 2008:
Kangna Ranaut went for a sleek poker straight look
A marked difference from the curled hair look of her initial years

Dec 2009: Kangna was back to her curls but this time she went for tighter curls

June 2010: She ditched her noodle look once again and went for a tousled look with wispy waves

Feb 2011: Kangna has now opted for dishevelled waves with platinum blonde streaks. Her new look ensures that the focus doesn’t shift from her porcelain skin and bee stung lips

Lara Dutta

April 2008:
Lara Dutta wore her hair 'safe' below the shoulder with wispy front fringes

Nov 2009: Dutta went for a shorter curled crop that made her look years younger

April 2010: The experimental streak continued as she went for a chic, polished bob

April 2011: Now, Lara is back to her long mane look that is sleek, poker straight and is suitable for her new-bride status

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First Published: May 21, 2011 17:29 IST