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Of delicate fabrics and frills

Fashion gurus share with Alice Pereira some tips on the upkeep of expensive designer wear.

fashion and trends Updated: Apr 25, 2007 15:18 IST

A stain of wine spill, an unavoidable tear while getting off your car, harmful fabric conditioners and even Mumbai's humid weather! Whew, at times it's unavoidable to protect your expensive designer clothes. Manish Malhotra, Laila Lamba and Gayatri Ruia — share tips on how to take care of your to-die-for clothes.

For touch-me-nots

Manish Malhotra:
If the heavy embellishments on your lahengas get damaged, take it back to the designer immediately Normally design . ers are supposed to provide extra beads with the garments. If they haven’t, ask for them.

Laila: You best bet is to wrap each garment in a thin muslin cloth. I usually wrap them individually in pillow covers. Use high quality cottons only Plastic can be damag . ing for clothes in the long run. Avoid it.

Weather report

Manish: The minute a garment is made at my factory we ensure that they are stored correctly. The area has to be clean and dry and . should have windows to air a storage area.

Laila: It’s a tip passed on by my grandmother. Air the rooms in which you store your clothes. Mumbai monsoons can spoil your clothes. Also hanging clothes in the sun once in a while helps.

Gayatri: During summer keep clothes out of direct sunlight. Clothes tend to fade in the harsh sun. And during monsoons, clean and air your leatherwear. Make a sachet with cloves and keep it amongst your clothes. That will banish the musty smell. Organisation is the key

Manish: We ensure that our karigars keep their hands clean. They are trained on how to take care of a contingency. Heavy clothes should never be hung, they need to be folded.

Laila: Prompt attention is half the battle won. I always advice on taking immediate action if you tend to stain your garment. It's always better to do a wet dab on the garment instead of attending to it after coming back home. Also, not every outfit needs to be drycleaned. At times dry cleaning can also call for further damage if the garment is extra sensitive.

Gayatri: Before taking clothes from a designer. I do a thorough check. It’s always better to avoid problems that can be dealt with immediately. We also run heavy dry cleaning bills. Even if clothes are hanging in a store for 15 days, then tend to look and feel dirty.

First Published: Apr 25, 2007 12:27 IST