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Style in the city

We have had enough of the chhammak chhallos and champu chamans. HT City has pledged to save Delhiites from fashion hell with Style in the City — a 11-day campaign that brings to light the 11 biggest fashion sins and how to never commit them again.

fashion and trends Updated: May 19, 2012 01:19 IST
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We have had enough of the chhammak chhallos and champu chamans. HT City has pledged to save Delhiites from fashion hell with Style in the City — a 11-day campaign that brings to light the 11 biggest fashion sins and how to never commit them again.

After consulting leading fashion designers, stylists, fashion bloggers and the best dressed celebrities, we have devised a plan for you that will help you pull up your style quotient without much sweat. For the next ten days, every day you will see an ‘unfashioned’ HT City team member play a fashion offender on our pages, while the gurus tell you how you can save yourself from looking like that.

And there’s more — Our expert panel will conduct style workshops for you, and lucky ones will win free makeovers and goodies. You can also share your most stylish pics, and those of the best-dressed people in your circle, which we’ll feature. Style dilemmas, advice, disaster spottings — bring them on, join our cause!

BehenjiBehenji turned modern

if you’ve been dressing like the photo on the right, it’s time for some fashion lessonsDelhi is now gearing up to be the city of the fashion-forward. We kicked off our special series, Style in The City yesterday, and have already received a spate of mails from fashion offenders who want to pull up their style quotient.

Everyday, for the next ten days, our panel of experts will pick up one look full of fashion faux pas and tell you how to avoid such style bloopers. There’s more in store as we will hold style workshops and give you a chance to get a makeover by fashion experts. Join us now, in our mission to ensure Delhi rightfully claims its status as India’s fashion capital.

Meet the Behenji Turned Mod

HT City’s senior reporter Neha Sharma dressed up as a Behenji Turned Mod (BTM), so that we could recognise the walking fashion horrors around us. For a BTM, fusion means confusion. In a desperate attempt to look hip and upmarket, the Behenji Turned Modern gals commit a lot of fashion sins — and we just can’t help but cry ‘tacky’.

If you see a glimpse of BTM in yourself, it’s time for a makeover!

How not to be a BTM

Keep your look simple and casual. When wearing jeans and tees, avoid over-accessorising. A simple belt, bag and shades are enough. Avoid ethnic sandals, and go for ballerinas, wedges or

t-strap sandals.

2. Mixing is in, matching is out. So, don’t colour-match your look. Also, don’t team up traditional jewellery and accessories with casual-wear.

3. If you are wearing a salwar kameez, go for a long front- open cardigan, not a pullover. Skip the dupatta and replace it with a stylish stole or shawl. You can also wear quilted overcoats with a round neck, but say no to blazers or jackets with your kameez.

4. You don’t need heavy makeup when wearing casual. A single coat of mascara, lip-gloss and pink blush to flush your cheeks should be good enough. Avoid heavy kajal.

5. Hair tied up in a bun or a braid doesn’t go well with jeans and tees. Keep your hair loose, go for a ponytail or a French side-braid.

Inputs from designers Anupamaa Dayal and Anand Bhushan

HT City’s Neha Sharma as she looks everyday.

De-styled and turned into BTM

Fashion Gurus on BTMs

BTMs tie their hair in a long braid even when they are wearing jeans and tees. It looks odd. I have also seen BTMs treat an over-coat like a dress and wear it to a sit down dinner. Some BTMs also wear it over a salwar kameez or a sari, which looks very funny. Please don’t Indianise overcoats. They only look good with Western outfits

Rina Dhaka, fashion designer

It looks very funny when BTMs pull a sweater over their salwar kameez, with the dupatta flapping like a tail. Another favourite of the behenji trying to be cool is jeans with BEBE scrolled on the hip in diamante. Please avoid such tacky stuff

Ravi Bajaj, fashion designer

I hate to see BTMs wear jeans with weird embroidery and huge washed-patches. I wonder what they think. They need to know that nothing is as elegant and ‘cool’ as a pair of simple plain denims. Then why experiment and get it horribly wrong? Even tees with loud, garish prints should be banned

Purushu, fashion blogger

BTMs believe that piling on lots of jewellery, sunglasses with a loud frame, bright coloured belts and handbags is uber cool. They do many things together and end up looking very weird. The accessories, instead of complimenting the overall look, makes them stand out like a sore thumb

Rin Jajo, stylist

I have seen BTMs use a lot of makeup even when they are wearing something as casual and simple as jeans or shorts. They often match a yellow dress with a yellow bag or yellow eye-shadow with yellow nail paint, and end up looking ridiculous

Reshma Grover, stylist

Those who got the casual look right

We ran into these young fashionistas on the streets of Delhi and they got a thumbs up from us for their style. Their casual look is absolutely spot on.

Preeti Agarwal has kept her look simple, pairing black jeans with a summer jacket

Manisha Mahajan has kept her accessories minimal — a pink belt and a pink handbag

Sonja Krippendorf mixes vintage, high-street and designer wear for an effortless summer look

Style workshops

Want to turn fashionable but don’t know how to go about it?

We will soon launch our workshops where leading fashion designers, stylists, makeup and hair experts will tell you everything that you need to know to help pull up your style quotient. Watch this space and our Facebook page for more details.

Fashion queries

Don’t know which footwear you should team up with your outfits? Confused about how to find denims that are a perfect fit for you? Now shoot all your fashion queries on, and we will have our panel of experts clear all your doubts, and give you fashion tips.

Cool makeovers

Have you always wanted to look like a star? This is your chance to win a cool makeover. Mail us your details, and we will have our team of style gurus transform your look. Your pictures will also be published in the paper.

Grab fun goodies
Send us pictures of stylishly dressed people you know. The ones who will get featured on our pages will also get a chance to win fun goodies.
1. Tell us which is the worst fashion faux pas that you have spotted in the city
2. If you are a stylist, tell us how are you going to make Delhiites dress stylish
3. Take part in our daily fashion poll on our Facebook page
4. Complete the sentence: STYLE FOR ME IS...
on our Facebook page. All interesting responses will be featured in the paper.

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First Published: May 18, 2012 17:26 IST