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Wanted: Indian brides

An increasing number of men from foreign countries are looking for Indian brides on the Internet.
Hindustan Times | By Girija Duggal, Mumbai
UPDATED ON APR 12, 2008 12:36 PM IST

Rob, a 38-year-old from Washington DC, has advertised for a bride on www.delhi. craigs condition is that she should be from India.

Another ad from a 32-year-old Californian asks for, “on the lookout for a beautiful dark-haired Indian princess.”

Online hunt
An increasing number of men from the U S, Canada, Switzerland and Italy seem to be looking for Indian brides on the Internet. Reason: Some are ‘fascinated’ by the stereotypical image of the Indian woman.

Charles, an advertiser claims that Indian women are the “only realwomen.” He adds, “The colour and texture of their skin, the silkiness of their hair, the way an Indian woman moves is so feminine.”

A 40-year-old from California says that he is“mostly attracted to dusky women.”

Culture curry
“I want a woman with traditional values,” writes a 31-year-old businessman from Atlanta, on www.mumbai. craigslist. com. Rob is hoping to find a bride who can provide him with $ 50,000 needed to purchase land.

“In exchange, I will marry her and bring her to the US,” his ad reads.

Let’s talk money, honey

Thirty-one-year-old Tony from Canada admits that the motive is purely financial — to help him open a restaurant. In return, the woman he marries will get a Canadian citizenship. He adds that Indian women are the most beautiful on the planet. But love doesn’t come for free. Oh well..

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