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Gym motivation: Guys, here are some Instagram fitness accounts you need to follow

If you’re sweating it out in the gym, you need all the motivation to amp up your fitness game. And, these Instagram accounts will help you do just that.

fitness Updated: May 18, 2017 19:15 IST
Aditya Dogra
Aditya Dogra
Hindustan Times
These Instagram accounts will keep you going in the gym.

Gymming isn’t that hard, it’s keeping oneself motivated that requires all the effort. We spend countless hours watching motivational videos, browsing through celeb fitness feed, and often end up confused as to who really to follow (or what really to do). Be it yoga, crossfit, heavy lifting or just regular circuit training — we’ve curated a list of male Instagram fitness celebrities that you should follow as your single stop for all the motivation that you need.

Ready to smash those goals? Whether you’re working on achieving those perfect pectorals and washboard abs or just staying strong, these accounts will keep you going.

RICH FRONING (@richfroning)

A little #tbt via @roguefitness

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CJ KOEGEL (@cjkoegel)

DARIAN ALVAREZ (@darianalvarez)

KYLE CLARKE (@kyleclarke)

That time I practiced my no leg push-ups while my buddy worked on his levitation planks.

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LAZAR ANGELOV (@lazar_angelov_official)


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ROB EVANS (@robjamesevans)

TONY PANG (@tonypangpersonaltraining)

This over training malarky certainly won't help you grow but it's great for getting lean. 3rd sesh of the day done. Fasted Cardio this morning 60 mins of the treadmill, shoulder sesh this afternoon and then a full body circuit tonight. Definitely have put all those extra kcal and carbs to good use now. Don't feel as watery and starting to dry out again as my conditioning is coming back through. Anything that can help with full body circulation and allows you to get a sweat on is going to help clear that extra film of fluid under the skin. 4 weeks to go and feeling on top of the world after yesterday re-feed. Time for a good week of training and mental torture. Actually enjoyed doing a circuit for a change rather than the usual cardio especially when it's HIIT training which if I was to do it would always be after a weights session as I would want to preserve as many carbs for the weights session and then use whatever is left at night. I would never do fasted HIIT as LISS is better to oxidise fatty acids in a fasted state whereas HIIT is more glycogen dependant so using cardio at specific times for different uses and purposes as well as what you enjoy can make a small difference. Last thing I want to do in the morning is HIIT too. #TheDifference #PhDNutrition #PerformanceNutrition #teampang @phdnutritionuk @extremegymglasgow #Glasgow @preppedandpacked @prepfitnesskitchen #Aesthetics #UKAesthetics @sfnexpo @elitefitnessnetwork #follow #photooftheday #food #fitness #bodybuilding #comp #prep #marcos #flexible #dieting #foodprep #nutrition #bodytransformationcoach #thenextlevel

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JOE HOLDER (@ochosystem)

💥HOUSTON HUSTLE 💥 w/ @thenatebrown cc: @conditionjournal #Ochosystem #CONDITION #NikeTraining

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MIKE MARCHESE (@upyourfitness)

BRET “GLUTE GUY” CONTRERAS (@bretcontreras1)

GUNNAR PETERSON (@gunnarfitness)

Repost. Hard work.

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JEREMY SCOTT (@jeremyscottfitness)

HUNTER COOK (@hunterfitness)

ANDY SPEER (@andyspeer)

Know your limits, but never stop trying to exceed them. @performixdriven

A post shared by Andy Speer (@andyspeer) on

DYLAN WERNER (@dylanwerneryoga)

BJ GADDOUR (@bjgaddour)

MY FAVORITE SINGLE-LEG MACHINE EXERCISE! I absolutely love the single-leg leg press. It's super accessible and it can allow almost anyone to get full flexion at the hip for maximum glute development. It's also an excellent way to fix imbalances between sides and complement more functional moves like stepups, lunges, and Bulgarian split squats. The added stability also really allows you to dial in a mind-muscle connection and safely chase massive metabolic stress. It's great on any leg press but particularly delicious on the @keiserfitness Air300 Leg Press machine. This machine is designed for explosive concentric actions for a constant resistance throughout the full range of motion. Plus there's no bouncing weight stack at the top from momentum-based dead weight options. Here I'm doing 3 sets of 12 reps/side (about 90 seconds of work) with 250 pounds of air pressure and 30 seconds of rest between sides. I use a slow 4-second eccentric and pause in the hole before maximally extending my hips and knees. This eliminates the stretch reflex so that muscles are doing all of the work. Peak power was 1,337 watts and the goal was to maintain at least 90% of peak power on the first 6 reps and at least 80% of peak power on the final 6 reps based on the digital display. As always, use whatever option you have available and focus on the prescriptions instead of the exact equipment I'm using. You will not be able to go as explosively on the concentric phase but still lift with explosive intent to stimulate those fast-twitch muscle fibers. ALSO- THERE IS NOTHING DANGEROUS ABOUT FULLY EXTENDING YOUR JOINTS! WHAT'S DANGEROUS IS HYPER-EXTENDING THEM! #YouKnowNothingJohnSnow #FlexFriday #LegPress #KeiserFitness #AskYourGymToBuyThis #Legs #LegDay #Glutes #GluteExercises #Quads #TheHamstringGuy #BJGaddour #Air300LegPress

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GIDEON AKANDE (@getfitwithgiddy)

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First Published: May 18, 2017 19:15 IST